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Friendly Enemies

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All she wanted was to love and be loved but all she got was hate. Daisy Louis was an actress, an A-listed celebrity in the whole of Australia and also the daughter of a billionaire. But then she fell in love with Edward, a poor, struggling and upcoming artist. She was just a simple and kindhearted girl in love. She loved her best friends so much up to even giving up her life for them. Unfortunately, she was betrayed, ruined and almost destroyed by the people she loved and trusted so much with her life, including the man she was in love with. Till she was saved by the stranger she accidentally had a one-night stand with.

Chapter 1: I love him

"Urrggh Daisy! That guy is way below your league. Enough with the staring now!"This was the tone of disgust Cindy Auston had used to hush Daisy from staring at this average-looking artist who had just climbed up the stage to perform. Well, you wouldn't blame her. Daisy Louis is the daughter of a billionaire in Australia. Her father was the CEO of Louis Cooperation Limited, a billionaire company. Not only that but she was an A-listed artist and actress in the whole of Australia. Cindy, also a popular and wealthy artist has been a friend to Daisy since they were in High school. And since they were best friends, one could say she was simply looking out for her friend. Why would she let her friend even mistakenly get carried away by a lowly artist with zero background? It was that time of the year again when Daisy would travel all the way from South South Yarra to Collingwood for one of those average shows she genuinely enjoyed. And this time around, her best friend, Cindy had decided to go with Daisy to see what exactly Daisy enjoys in these types of shows. As expected, for someone like Cindy, she was highly disappointed, especially as she did not expect the settings to lack luxury. But Daisy was seemingly enjoying the show so all Cindy could do was remain sitted in the VIP boot with her friend and endure the torture of the show.On this fateful night, Smith Street in Collingwood, which is usually packed with lively restaurants and bars, only had the gallery at the street end filled with noises of people. Something known as a music talent hunt, one of Melbourne's music scenes was happening live on this street in Collingwood.Daisy was seated right in front in a VIP’s boot where she could uninterruptedly view what was happening on stage. Beside her was her friend Cindy.And one after the other, these untamed singers came out to perform.Out of over a hundred groups of people performing, only five would each emerge as winners and go home with twenty million Australian dollars and a brand-new car.Among the people who had come over to try their luck were Mark Edward and Chris James, two talented but struggling artists who really wanted recognition in Australia, not only in the local town they were coming from. "I'm Chrizzy Kiss," Edward's cousin, Chris introduced himself into his microphone."...and I am star Eddy," Edward cheerfully introduced himself too. They both introduced themselves by their stage names."And we go by the joint stage name, Eddychrizz," Edward added.Immediately after their short introduction, Edward began to rap a particular song with Chris and surprisingly, they captivated the audience. There were sounds of cheers from the crowds even making the two young artists enthusiastic about performing and putting in their best. But unknown to them that there was an A-listed billionaire celebrity who had been smitten and captivated right from when they had stepped on stage and even now, she was totally enthralled. In fact, she had been staring at Edward so long and hard that she totally forgot herself and even got lost staring.There was nothing wrong, but Cindy had hushed her. She should never feel this way for a nobody but Daisy had fallen in love. The love at first sight kind of love. And while watching Edward perform beautifully on stage with his brother, she wanted him to get recognized.This music festival could seem like a genuine talent hunt, but it isn’t. The winners all had to do with connections which means people like Edward and Chris who came from a small town like Mungallala with no connection can never even get to the top twenty."I'll get them recognised," Daisy muttered to herself. Following that, she signalled to one of her assistants and whispered something to his ears, who in turn went to deliver her message to the directorates, boards and judges of the event. Being one of the event's top sponsors, she could also tamper with the results.When the event was over and the winners were called, Edward and Chris emerged in fifth place and won the prizes. It was a dream come true as the two supper stars were so joyous, unknown to their knowledge that Daisy had pulled some strings. And to top it all, they barged a collaboration deal with Dave, one of the most popular pop singers in Australia. All were arranged by Daisy Louis. "Give me every info you can get about them, the Edward guy especially," Daisy secretly said to her assistant and soon, a text message was sent to her. All along, Cindy watched her on the side with an irritated expression."What exactly are you doing Daisy?" Cindy scoffed but Daisy would not reply. "All I know is, as long as I'm your friend, I won't allow you to be with someone that lowly." But then, Daisy would not listen to her friend. She was totally smitten and in love. Ignoring Cindy, she went ahead to read the text that had been sent to her. There she found out she was even a year and a half older than the two. She was twenty-five, while these duos were just a little over twenty-three years old. But she was in love already and that can never be a problem. On the lawn, Daisy walked over to meet the two who were still in jubilation."Congratulations on your winning," she stretched out her hand to Edward for a handshake. Edward was talking with Chris when he suddenly saw Daisy Louis, his favourite actress and idol approach him. He was shocked and in a daze. He had always only seen these people on the screen and never thought he would meet them one day. Immediately, Edward took the handshake, not hiding his admiration for her. "I can't believe I'm standing right in front of Australia's idol," Edward held her hand tightly as he looked at her with his best smile. She laughed. "You did great back there," she said to him. "And trust me, you just got yourself a fan."When Edward heard this, he thought it was a dream and he was overwhelmed. 'Did I hear well??'"Oh. My God. Thank you so much, Miss Louis," Edward was ashen. "You can just call me Daisy," she immediately said to him and Edward grinned."Please, can I get a hug?" He immediately tried his luck with the actress and Daisy, liking that he was also being that way with her let him take her in his arms. The embrace was short, but a little long and soulful. It felt like when two lovers madly in love met again after missing eachother for years. Even Chris was slightly jealous. After all, he and Edward look so much alike, except that Edward was a little taller, handsome and more masculine. Chris is also very handsome but he was more of a cute guy. But Edward was the one who caught the attention of this billionaire actress. Their lives changed afterwards cause Daisy would not stop pulling strings for them, which they never knew about. They thought they were just lucky barging features, deals and endorsements. They thought it was simply their time to shine. For more connections and versatility in this new fame they had gotten, the duo moved to Collingwood but kept taking care of their families in Mungallala. They would bring his family to join them when they were more capable. Things were going smoothly. Soon, they had become really close friends and Edward was beginning to get infatuated with this lady, falling out of love for his girlfriend he never told Daisy about. But he was too scared to ask her out or tell her about his developing feelings for her. Six months later, seeing Edward wouldn’t make a move, Daisy decided to ask him out. On that faithful day, while they were hanging out again, she directly told him her intentions to be with him. "I've always liked you Edward and I don't know if you'll like to go out with me," she said to him shyly and exhaled. Edward was stunned and who was he to say no? He was so excited that he rose to his feet and hugged her tightly. "I love you so much Daisy, but I've always been so scared," he replied. The new couple shared a passionate kiss and began seeing eachother. Their love story began and was surprisingly accepted by their fans. Everyone loved their union except her friend Cindy, and her parents who did not really appreciate her new relationship. Things were going smoothly for the young hearts in love.If only Daisy knew that she had just taken away someone's man and caused the heartbreaking end of an eight-year relationship. She had unknowingly brought upon herself her ruin and downfall.

Chapter 2: Suddenly

"Are you still dating this guy, Daisy?" Cindy asked as she walked into Daisy's vast bedroom one cool afternoon. Daisy raised her head and rolled her eyes. "Not today again Cindy," she said to her friend and the later chuckled. "You dad does not even like him," Cindy went on. "But mum is cool with him," Daisy responded immediately while glaring harshly at her friend. Cindy bursted out laughing. "That your mum is cool with him does not mean she likes him," she said."Cindy," Daisy called her warningly while glaring at her and the other shrugged. "Alright alright, I'll say no more." Following that, there was a brief silence between the two. While Cindy decided to get busy with her phone, Daisy exhaled and just stared ahead. "Edward isn't bad. He has got talent. The only thing is his background and look just how things have improv


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