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Forbidden Embrace: Entangling with a Towering Tycoon

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Synopsis: The once obscure actress Su Qingqing finds herself reborn five years in the past. Determined to rectify her life's regrets, she devotes herself wholeheartedly to acting, eschews fleeting romances with young idols, and strives to fulfill the dreams left unachieved in her previous life. Fate intervenes when she inadvertently saves the life of a wealthy and handsome CEO during a car accident. Bound by a deep sense of gratitude, she pledges her allegiance to him. With the influential CEO as her patron, Su Qingqing's career in the entertainment industry soars to new heights, making her a celebrated figure across the land.

Chapter 1

As the night unfolded, the outdoor pool shimmered, casting a kaleidoscope of light and shadow across the room. By the floor-to-ceiling window, two figures intertwined in a complex dance.

The man leaned nonchalantly against the sofa, his features finely chiseled and handsome, his expression stoic. His deep, dark eyes, however, betrayed a tumult of restrained emotion.

The woman, delicate and supple, clad in a bikini, was draped over him, igniting a flame with her ineffectual but nonetheless impactful actions.

Chi Xiao, holding her chin, pushed her back slightly, compelling her to look into his eyes. His voice was deep and hoarse, “Say your name.”

She answered with a hint of impatience, tinged with inebriation, “Shen… Zhaixing…”

“I am Chi Xiao,” he insisted, firmly controlling her restless head.

Shen Zhaixing, with seductive eyes, was fixated on the tempting “delicacy” before her. Oblivious to the gravity of the situation.

“What is my name?” he asked through gritted teeth, his tone both forbearing and forceful. Seeing the reddish mist in the corners of her eyes, he softened his voice, “Answer correctly, and you shall have it.”

Unable to respond, she let out a frustrated hum.

He repeated his name for her.

“…Chi, Xiao,” Shen Zhaixing murmured, her eyes fixated on his lips, a mix of wateriness and slight grievance in her gaze as she obediently followed his lead.

As soon as the words left her lips, the world seemed to spin around them.

"Remember who I am."

His tone was domineering, his words direct. The woman beneath him shivered, letting out a soft moan.

The balance of power shifted as the night deepened.

When consciousness returned, it was the middle of the night. The sound of running water from the bathroom startled Shen Zhaixing awake.

She found herself in a luxurious yet unfamiliar room, permeated with a hazy, chaotic ambiance. Her body felt as if it had been trampled by an army, followed by a rush of vivid, sensual images flooding her mind.

Shen Zhaixing pressed her palm against her temple, her head splitting with pain.

Slightly sober from her drunken state, she recalled fragments of what she had done.

She was in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, one of the wealthiest emirates. She had taken a part-time job as an interpreter, accompanying a client on this trip.

Having recently graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, she had been accepted into a graduate program at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, one of the top art institutions in the world. She came to the scorching Middle East in July, in the peak of summer, to earn money for her studies abroad.

The evening of her arrival in Abu Dhabi, Shen Zhaixing received a shocking message: a chat record and a photo of her boyfriend, Zhou Yutao, arranging a casual sexual encounter. The sender was his college classmate and close friend, and someone Shen Zhaixing had considered a friend from the art academy — He Yilu.

The twist was that Zhou Yutao's partner in the affair was He Yilu herself. It was a melodramatic turn of events, something straight out of a soap opera.

This betrayal unfolded as a secret admirer, who had harbored feelings for Shen Zhaixing, chose to confess to her just as she was about to go abroad for her studies. This was all because Zhou Yutao had hesitated to break up with her, and He Yilu wanted Shen Zhaixing to step away on her own.

Disgusted and hurt, Shen Zhaixing responded with just five words: "Trash, I give them to you." After that, she received a barrage of desperate calls and messages from Zhou Yutao, which she found repulsive and promptly blocked.

Shen Zhaixing had known Zhou Yutao for four years. He was a senior when she first entered university, and he had been attentive and earnestly pursued her since her freshman year. Zhou Yutao was known as the golden boy of the school, coming from a wealthy family with a billionaire businessman father and a strong, influential mother who was a senior executive in a state-owned enterprise. He himself was talented and handsome.

Shen Zhaixing's parents had passed away in a car accident seven years prior.

After Shen Zhaixing's parents passed away, she spent half a year living with her uncle. Finding it difficult to adjust, she opted for boarding school life. This change meant that for a long time, she hadn't experienced the kind of attentive care and concern she once knew. Consequently, during her junior year in college, she accepted Zhou Yutao's persistent courtship.

Zhou Yutao treated her exceptionally well. He pampered her, accommodated her, and protected her fragile and sensitive self-esteem, never letting her feel the gap in their material circumstances. He even took a job as a designer after graduation, adopting a regular nine-to-five routine, seemingly a significant change from his previous affluent lifestyle.

Memories of their shared dreams for a bright future still lingered vividly in her mind. His words, "From now on, I need to work hard and earn money because I have to provide for my star," and "My star isn't easy to care for. She looks like a delicate flower, but she's actually quite precious... Okay, okay, you're not high-maintenance. I just want to pamper you," echoed in her thoughts. He had even asked, "Star, will you marry me after you graduate?"

But even then, Shen Zhaixing had been contemplating studying abroad.

When Zhou Yutao learned of Shen Zhaixing's acceptance to the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, they argued for the first time. He expressed his frustration about having already waited for two years, claiming that no other man could be as patient as him. He declared that two years was his limit and he couldn't possibly wait another two.

Was this his justification for infidelity? Because He Yilu was willing to sleep with him when Shen Zhaixing wasn’t?

With swollen lips, Shen Zhaixing formed a bitterly mocking smile. Whether it was out of despair or a desire for revenge, she had deliberately let herself go that night.

Struggling to find her clothes and nearly collapsing due to weakness and burning pain, she remembered oscillating between resistance and pleasure. The intense experience had accelerated the metabolization of alcohol in her system.

In her mind, she pictured a face expressionless but with intense eyes – a face of abstinence. He was persistent in making her remember his name, forcing her to repeat it over and over again – Chi Xiao. He seemed to enjoy watching her, not missing a single reaction or expression, and then tirelessly tormenting her.

Feeling a numbness in her thighs, Shen Zhaixing quickly gathered her bikini and lace cover-up scattered on the floor and sofa. She dressed hastily and fled from his luxurious suite.

Moments later, Chi Xiao, fresh from the shower, paused as he saw the empty bed. His eyes, satiated and lazy, narrowed slightly, a dangerous, bloodthirsty curve playing at the corner of his lips.




Eat and run.


Quite bold.

Chapter 2

Upon returning to her room, Shen Zhaixing hastily took a shower. She was irked to realize that no safety precautions had been taken, but since it was she who had initiated, she couldn’t really blame him. If blame had to be placed, it was on their strangely intertwined “fate.”

After checking into the hotel with her client that afternoon and finding herself with no scheduled work, Shen decided to visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Stepping out of the hotel, she immediately noticed a striking Lamborghini parked on the seaside promenade, its license plate boldly reading "ZEUS." As she snapped photos, she mused that the car's owner must be a domineering, authoritarian, and confident man, perhaps even slightly arrogant. And then, he appeared.

Standing nearly 190cm tall, he was the embodiment of virility, his muscles bronzed to perfection. Even behind sunglasses, his Asian features exuded an undeniable handsomeness. Accustomed to the muscular nudes of European Renaissan


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