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Fatebound with my vampire CEO

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Synopsis Lucian Knight, a wealthy vampire is only living to avenge the death of his first love and his loved ones from Karl Koiso, a bloodsucker vampire that causes rampage in the city. According to the prophecy seen by the most powerful witch in the land of Ezra, a girl is going to be born and only her blood can give Lucian the strength to kill Karl. The girl will have to fall deeply in love with Lucian before the blood can function well. Karl is also waiting for her to be born so he could kill her. In the long run after waiting for four thousand years for the girl to be born, Lucian eventually meets her, Naomi Banks, and he finds ways to get close to her. He eventually buys the largest shares in C&J formerly owned by Naomi's father who is Karl's puppet. He becomes the CEO and he makes Naomi his secretary and he later becomes drawn to her. In the long run, Karl meets Naomi in the walls of C&J and he finds her attractive and wants to keep her by his side at all cost, not knowing she is the key to his downfall, his nemesis. What would Karl do when finds out that she is his nemesis? Would kill her and also destroy Lucian so that he could rule the world for eternity? What about Lucian? What would he do when he falls in love with Naomi Banks? Would he abandon what he'd been longing for all his life? What about his first love? Would he be able to avenge her death, even if it means killing Naomi?


The​ bed is so soft and wide," Naomi wondered as she spread her arms wide on the bed, feeling its texture. She opened her eyes admiring the beautiful room she found herself in. The view of the room was beyond explanation to Naomi. She got up from the bed admiring herself in the clear mirror hung in the room.

“This is what I have always wanted, but wait…” she murmured to herself.

Then, she noticed the lingerie that she was wearing. It was so beautiful and it matched the color of the room. She opened the door of the room she found herself in and saw the beautiful paintings on the wall and the 3D tiles in the hallway.

“This house is just too beautiful, this must be a mansion,” she thought to herself.

“But where am I? Am I dead? Is this heaven?” she asked herself with fear in her heart. She saw a woman emerging from the opposite end of the hallway. Naomi paused in fear praying silently till the woman reached where she stood and stopped right in front of her.

“Good afternoon Miss,” the woman said calmly. Naomi wondered If she was the one the middle-aged woman called "Miss.” She looked back, Maybe the miss was behind her because she couldn’t understand why the woman would call her Miss.

Miss Naomi” the woman called again drawing back her attention. “I’m referring to you,” the woman spoke calmly.

“Where is this? Am I dead? Is this heaven?” She asked in a calm voice expecting an answer from the middle-aged woman.

“Follow me, Miss,” the woman said turning back to the direction she came from. Naomi obediently followed her in silence. As they got to the middle of the hallway, the woman turned following a grand staircase that led to the dining. Naomi gasped as she saw the grand staircase glittering like gold. She dusted her feet before she stepped on the staircase in order not to dirty the golden staircase. She walked gently on the stairs counting her every step. When she got to the dining room, she gasped seeing the dining table made of pure glass. She could perfectly see herself in it, the dining table was so long that it had twenty-six chairs around it in total.

She pulled out a chair and asked Naomi to sit on it. She wondered why they were treating her like royalty that she was not. She obediently sat on the chair and waited. She had more questions to ask the woman but she didn’t because she knew the woman won’t answer her. Another lady who seemed to be in her late twenties came with a tray of food with water and wine in the tray and set it before Naomi.

This young lady was also wearing the same outfit as the middle-aged woman which seemed like a uniform but they wore different caps.

Her stomach started growling. She had gotten to her peak. She opened the fancy cover and the aroma of the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich filled the air. Her mouth began to water and she dug in like a hungry beast that had not been fed for days. The two women left her to eat her food in silence. Naomi enjoyed the food and kept eating

“You are awake,” she heard a familiar voice from the opposite double door of the dining room.

“Mr. Whales,” she said in a hushed tone raising her head gently with food stuck in her mouth. She scanned him from head to toe and she managed to swallow the food in her mouth so that it won’t fall.

“This man is so breathtaking, a special being,” she said to herself. His beauty in casuals was beyond explanation to Naomi. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t notice when he pulled out the chair right beside her and sat on it.

“Naomi,” he called drawing her attention back.

“Uhmm ?” she answered in shock, surprised to see him right beside her. “Bu-bu-but how did you get here so quick?” she asked stammering.

“How would you know when you were lost in thoughts?” he replied to her in a harsh tone.

She always wondered how the way the man could complete her every sentence. Sometimes she even wondered if he was human or maybe something else.

“So welcome to my little abode and you will be staying here in the meantime because it is dangerous for you out there,” he said focusing on his mobile phone.

The word “little abode” rang in her head again as she scanned the dining room. Her mood changed as the thought of her younger brother came to her mind.

“What about my brother?” she asked, her voice reeking of fear.

“Ohh Rex?” he looked at her. He noticed the tears in her eyes. “Rex is fine you don’t have you worry about him, you can call him if you want.” He added that last part because he knew she wasn’t satisfied with the answer he gave her.

“My phone,” she muttered checking the pocket of the nightie she was wearing.

“The company owes you one,” he said in a calm tone staring at her.

She fixed her eyes on him looking confused. “But what happened? How did I get here?” She asked in a confused manner, more like she was trying to remember something.

“So you can’t remember anything?” he fixed his eyes on her expecting an answer.

“The only thing I remember is your car. Yes, we were together in your car.”

He looked at her and laughed. Immediately, a devilish smile played across his face. She looked at him in confusion, trying to figure out why her boss was laughing like the devil himself.

“You must be joking,” he said in a serious voice. Naomi looked at him in confusion. She was sure of what she said.

“A psycho got in and almost kidnapped you in the office rooftop yesterday and you passed out in the process but he was able to escape. It was also reported that some masked men broke into your home yesterday and scattered everywhere but luckily your brother wasn’t around, and we don’t know what they are after, so you should stay here in the meantime. I don’t want rumors about my secretary and my company.”

She was shocked by what she heard from her boss. She couldn’t put everything together. She remembered she had to check up on Rex to be sure if he was fine but she remembered her phone was nowhere to be found.

“Mr. Whales” she called him in a fearful tone.

“Yes,” he answered focusing on his phone.

“When will the company be getting me a new phone, I need to reach Rex.”

“Soon,” he replied still focused on his phone


“You know I hate questions. I already said soon. Any other thing? I have a lot of stuff to do.

“Ehmm,” she swallowed hard.

“I need to stop by my apartment to get some stuff,” she answered him.

“What stuffs?” he turned his gaze towards her, expecting a reasonable answer.

“My clothes,” she said turning her face down.

“What clothes?” he asked as he fixed his eyes on her.

“M-my clothes,” she replied still placing her head down.

“Naomi, what clothes?” he questioned her in confusion.

“I mean to say some of my important stuff,” she said, her expression unnerving.

“I think you are hiding something. What is it you are not saying?” he asked as he drew the chair he was sitting on closer to her.

She swallowed hard when he drew his chair close to her. “I mean, I need to get my underwear, my panties, lingerie and all,” she said in embarrassment.

“Was that what you couldn’t say?” he stared at her and burst out laughing, making her feel more embarrassed, “We’ll get everything you need soon, any other thing?”

“No,” she murmured.

“Well I have things to do, make yourself feel comfortable.” He stood up and turned around, leaving Naomi on the dining table. He stopped as soon as he reached the double door out of the dining room and turned back to face her.

“We will go to the office together, tomorrow,” he said calmly as he left.

“I just wonder, this so-called CEO of mine is just annoying and mean, also very inquisitive,” she said in annoyance as she kept on digging her fork into the empty plate annoyed.

“Most times Lucian, I just wonder the way you cope here in this room of yours,” Kai said, staring at Lucian who was looking like the devil himself.

“Cut the crap Kai, you coming to my room is weird, and the way you appear unexpectedly any news?”

“Karl,” Kai grunted, his voice showing his anger.

“What damage did he cause again?”

“I found the dead bodies near the underground channel but I took care of it. He has Naomi's brother too. We have to act fast Lucian. By the way, how were you able to tame Naomi?


Naomi trekked home depressed, thinking of how she and her 18-year-old younger brother would survive. She had just lost her job as a hotel waitress because she slapped one of the VIP’s in the hotel when he was trying to harass her. Her dignity was something she never joked with. Tears dropped from the corner of her eyes as she remembered her mother's words about her body.

"Never sell your body to men and always try your best to keep your virginity for your husband,” their mother would always say. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered their mother. Things were good for them until their mother passed away. Their mother use to work in the C&J pharmaticles before she died in a ghastly motor accident on her way to Naomi's graduation from college. Naomi waited anxiously that day for her and she was happy because her mother found a way to create time for her out of her busy schedule. When the ceremony was about to start Naomi who was still hoping for her mother's arrival


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