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Falling for my Ex- Fiancé’s Best friend

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Demelza was heart broken after being betrayed by her Fiancé and ended up in a pub where she had a one-night-stand with a stranger. However, he wasn’t just any stranger. That was Nathan Storm, the most influential Lawyer in the country! But worst of all, he was her Fiancé’s Best friend! Nathan Storm knew who she was before ending up in the hotel room with her; His Best-friend’s docile tag- along whom he has secretly coveted for himself since the first day, until that very night when she gave him the opportunity. However, did she really give him the opportunity? Seeing as his friend has flopped and he had gotten a taste of her, Nathan was determined to have her now by all means even if he has to go against his very principles or worse, betray his childhood friendship.

Chapter 1


Demelza s*ck*d in a deep breath as the stranger's finger flicked across her n*ppl*s, sending cold shivers surging through her bone marrow. 

She stilled her breath, angling her head to allow him adequate room to her slender neck, quite certain she had never felt like this with any man before, not even her stupid ex. Yes. her ex, that was the reason she was here in the first place. After five years of dating Hampton, she got the shocker of her life when she walked into his house this evening to see him f*ck*ng Abigail-a girl whom he always lied to her was just his family friend.

Demelza, unable to stomach the betrayal, had run from the scene in abject heartbreak with tears pouring down her face in pain, not believing Hampton would do something like that to her. They talked about their future and how they were going to get married that Christmas and yet without a thought to her emotions he broke her heart without a second thought.

She didn't know where she was going after that and had she ended up in a pub.  Suddenly drunk from taking so many tequila shots, Demelza became so audacious that when this stranger walked into the bar, without a thought, Demelza seduced him and asked him to f*ck her. Luckily for her, the stranger didn't hesitate to take up her offer and just like that, they ended up in his car.

After all, if Hampton could betray her after giving everything to him, why should she not let go and have a wonderful time with this man? She deserved it. That was what she thought.

"Yeah!" Demelza flung her head back, starting to grind her hips on his hand that had wandered to her panties. She s*ck*d in her lower lip, panic rising, and the next thing she squealed, "Please, wait!"

The man hand's fell away from her and she quickly came to her senses, the sexual euphoria leaving her instantly. Oops! What had she done?

 The man let out a loud sigh, reaching out to switch on the car light, almost blinding Demelza who abruptly squinted her eyes, and shielded her nudity. When her bright blue orbs adjusted to the lightning, she finally took her time to catch a glimpse of the man she had nearly given her body to and a loud gasp left her lips.

Nathan Storms.

What a great fate she had!

Nathan was the country's most prominent lawyer. A force to reckon with in the courtroom among his peers and only found among the d' la creme due to his enormous wealth and charisma.

However, the problem was Nathan was not just any hot famous Lawyer in the country she had nearly f*ck*d, he was the best friend to Hampton, her ex-boyfriend. The same Buffon who just stabbed her in the back.

Demelza felt so dirty. She couldn't believe she almost f*ck*d the best friend of the b*st*rd that used her. How could she have allowed herself to fall so low? What would this man think of her?

As if reading her mind, Nathan pushed away from her, buttoning his shirt. His fingers brushed through his brown mane, his hypnotizing brown eyes skimming her as his well-shaped cupid lips quirked and he said in a timbre yet subtle voice, "I never made you out to be this spontaneous, Miss Thorpes." He looked away only for a second before he flickered his eyes back to her to add, "Do you now hate Hampton so bad you were willing to f*ck me just to get back at him?" 

Demelza rapidly shook her head, her honey-brown hair scattering in different directions. She didn't think Nathan would recognize her. She assumed he had his nose too high in the air to be able to notice someone like her. They have only met twice and even then, they weren't introduced. Nevertheless, since he did, she needed to correct the impression.  "It's not what you think, N-Mr.Storms. I didn't mean to. It-it was the alcohol." She bit her lower lip for such

 a silly excuse. He must really think her dumb and stupid now.

Nathan's response was to shake his head once, pick up the suit he had discarded in the heat of their kiss, and thrust it at her. "I'm taking you home."

Demelza's heart broke again. Why couldn't she allow herself to have fun this one time instead of crying wolf? 

On their way home, Demelza took time to study his profile. Even with his jaw locked in a frown, it was undisputed that Nathan was a rare species of hotness. He had defined squared jawlines, broad proud shoulders, and God help her, too beautiful face for a man. His black shirt clung to his skin like a second skin, neatly pressed, and from a glance, one would tell that everything the man wore oozed riches. Only his cologne was close to rendering Demelza crazy and from time to time, she took a deep breath to have the scent engraved in her head as she might never have the opportunity of being this close to him ever again.

No wonder the magazine kept talking about how women openly threw themselves at him. Which woman could easily resist such handsomeness?

After a pregnant silence that seemed to last forever, they finally got to their destination. Nathan pulled up in front of her apartment, died the engine, and eventually faced her, for a while losing himself as he intensely took her in.

Demelza looked down at her fingers, becoming self-cautious at his close scrutiny, the tension at the pit of her stomach increasing again. Nathan straightened, cleared his throat, and asked, "May I come inside?"

Demelza quickly gaped at him, trying to dissect his personality. Obviously what they did that night was a mistake.  Was he insinuating they do it again even after knowing who she was? 

Nathan was very hot and everything a girl like her could ever wish for. F*ck, any woman would die to be with him. But, Demelza knew better than to think anything good would come from entangling with someone like him. He was Hampton's best friend, a rake by nature, and would never take her seriously. So, as much as it irked her, Demelza very slowly shook her head,  forcing her mouth open to gently say, "I'm sorry, Mr. Storm, but I don't think that is a good idea."

To her greatest dismay, Nathan smirked darkly, shrugged nonchalantly, and without batting an eyelid, grunted, "Suit yourself, Miss Thropes." 

Demelza flushed red, feeling utterly dumbstruck. What kind of man is this? Not even a little persuasion. Was he that proud? Before she could open her mouth to reply, he left the car and went around to throw the door open for her. She couldn't believe the extent of his arrogance. Just like Hampton!  Birds of the same feathers. 

No sooner was she out of the car, was he back in and zoomed off without another glance at her. 

Standing there watching the back of the car disappear, Demelza snorted, draping her arms around herself, and suddenly realized she had forgotten to give his suit back to him. She sighed loudly, hanging her head. How was she going to return this? She mused. 

A bird chirped loudly somewhere, catapulting Demelza to the present. She darted towards her apartment, sensing her parents might be watching from the window right now. 

She hurried along. The moment she opened the door and went in, she saw Harriet, her stepmother looking miserable on the couch and rushed to her. "What happened, Harriet? Why are you crying? Where's father?" 

Her stepmother looked up and broke down in tears. "Your father has been arrested, Demelza."

Chapter 2

Become my mistress or…

"Who took him, Harriet? What has my father done?" Demelza inquired, terror flashing in her eyes.

"It's that bastard boy, Hampton. He said he was going to punish him for your sins." Harriet grabbed Demelza's hands, her body shaking. "We have to do something to save your father. He didn't do anything..."

Mr. Thorpes married Harriet after the death of Demelza's mother when she was seven years old. Since then, Harriet has loved Demelza and taken care of her like her own. They were not a wealthy family, but they could afford bread, shelter, and clothes and were content. 

 Demelza's blood boiled in rage, not believing Hampton would dare want to hurt her family after what he did to her. After everything she had done for him. He broke her heart and now he wanted to destroy her family?

"He is an ungrateful wretch, that boy!" Screamed Harriet, falling back on the couch to sob. "I thought he was a good lad, but see what he has done."



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