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Elizabeth's Return: Hello, Romeo!

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Elizabeth believed and opened her heart to Romeo. She thought that everything the man showed her was true but after their marriage, the man's plan was carried out, to kill and take all of Elizabeth's wealth. In an unexpected event, Elizabeth's soul ended up in the body of a beautiful young woman, Eliza Alcantara. At first, Elizabeth was confused by what happened, but later, she found out about all these dangers, that her soul had moved into someone else's body. Because of this, Elizabeth had the opportunity to return to her husband Romeo, and took back everything he had taken. "Now that I'm back, Romeo, I'll take back everything you took! You'll pay double for everything you did!"

Chapter 1

Elizabeth gazed around her home, her eyes distant, and her hands clenched because of anger.

"I might not fully grasp the situation, but given these circumstances, I'm ready to confront my husband once more," she whispered to herself.

"Now that I've returned from the death, I'm resolute in reclaiming everything he's unjustly taken from me!"

"I'll recover all that's been taken from me and ensure he faces the consequences of his actions."

**Chapter 1**

"Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Miss Elizabeth A. Morales, the CEO of Alpha's Group of Companies!"

The audience erupted in applause as Miss Morales gracefully ascended the stage, holding the microphone with authority.

The hall shimmered with resplendent lights for the Alpha's Group of Companies' Victory Party, a major company in the airline, hotel, restaurant, and mall industries, while uplifting music filled the air.

"First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for joining us in this celebration tonight," she said, her warm smile captivating the audience.

Before her stood a diverse crowd, including members of the media, politicians, and prominent figures from various business sectors.

"For five decades, Alpha's Groups and Companies have thrived across diverse business domains," Miss Morales began.

"In our fiftieth year, Alpha is poised to reach new heights. We're launching Alpha Telecom, providing fast and affordable nationwide internet services!"

Her announcement was met with applause and surprise, as many guests hadn't expected such news.

Miss Morales, a household name in her home country and internationally recognized, had been named Woman of the Year by a popular magazine for three consecutive years and earned the title of Face of Women abroad.

"Secondly, the company is venturing into the Automobile Industry, introducing vehicles powered by magnetic fields, eliminating the need for fuel or electricity. These cars are designed in collaboration with the largest European Automobile Industry, and the details are closely guarded."

Miss Morales' second revelation left the audience in awe, pondering the possibilities of magnetic field-powered cars.

Miss Morales continued, "You may wonder how I've achieved all this. Before my parents tragically lost their lives in an accident, my father trained me to lead Alpha."

She paused, her audience hanging on her every word.

"To divulge my secret to success, it's simple: Dedication, love for your work, and intelligence in all that you do. That's the recipe!" she concluded with a beaming smile.

"Once again, I extend my warmest greetings to all of you. Enjoy the celebration of Alpha's Groups and Companies' fifth decade!"

The guests erupted in applause as Miss Elizabeth descended from the stage, greeted by numerous politicians and business leaders.

"Congratulations, Miss Morales!" well-wishers chimed in repeatedly, and she graciously reciprocated their smiles.

The party continued as Alpha marked its fiftieth year. Conversations between business leaders and politicians buzzed with energy.

Miss Morales engaged with various individuals about business opportunities, promising to consider each proposal, investment offer, or partnership opportunity.

Shortly afterward, journalists approached her for interviews. They knew her time was precious.

"Miss Morales, could we have a word with you?" a reporter requested.

"Of course, I'm available for an interview," she replied with a warm smile.

"We are just curious, Ms. Morales, what is your inspiration to achieve all of this?" The questions were personal and profound. Journalists delved into the motivation behind her remarkable success.

"We are just curious, Ms. Morales, what is your inspiration to achieve all of their questions were personal and profound. Journalists delved into the motivation behind her remarkable success behind her remarkable success.

Miss Morales responded with grace, "My inspiration? It's simple. I did it for my parents. Though they're no longer with us, I know they'd be proud to see me succeed."

"As for my reason, it's to make my own mark in this world, to prove myself in our society," she added.

One question prompted her to reflect, "Why haven't you considered marriage?"

With a wistful smile, she recalled a painful memory, "Marriage? Well, with the kind of life I lead, I've never really had the chance to start a family. Love is said to come when it's meant to. For me, it never arrived, so I let it go. They say love finds you, but it never found me."

"What if someone came into your life? Would you be open to it?" another journalist inquired.

She chuckled at the thought, "At fifty-five, you think there's still room for romance in my life?"

"Well, who knows? Love knows no age," the journalist countered.

A voice from behind interrupted, "They're right, Miss Morales."

Startled, she turned to see a man smiling at her.

"Who could possibly be interested in someone my age, Mr. Ignacio?" she retorted.

Mr. Ignacio approached her, unfazed. "You know the answer, Miss Morales. Don't you?"

Elizabeth shook her head, seemingly surprised by his persistence. "You're quite something, Mr. Ignacio. Find someone else to jest with."

"I'm not jesting, Elizabeth. You know that," he replied with a smirk.

Elizabeth's smile wavered, her past coming back to haunt her.

Ignoring the journalists and Romeo Ignacio, she excused herself and headed to the restroom.

"Mr. Romeo Ignacio, are you courting Miss Elizabeth Morales?" a journalist inquired.

"Yes, I am. I've been courting her for over a year, and I'm determined to get an answer," Mr. Ignacio confessed.

"Excuse me, I'm just going to the Comfort Room," Elizabeth said goodbye to them.

She ignored the Journalists and Romeo Ignacio. She walked to the Comfort Room and faced the mirror.

"Are you really courting Miss Elizabeth Morales, Mr. Romeo Ignacio?" a Journalist asked Romeo again.

"Yes and I'll make sure I will get her answer!" he answered them with a smile.

"If that's the case, I am certain that your wedding will be big!" a journalist gave her insight.

"I will make sure that she will be happy if that will happen. I will do everything for her no matter what!" Romeo ensured.

The journalists smiled, "We will looking forward to that, Mr. Ignacio!"

When the journalist was gone, Romeo cracked a smile, "I will do everything to get Elizabeth! If I will succeed, our plan to take all what she has will be mine!"

Chapter 2

"At nine o'clock this morning, you will go to A&C Merchandise for the new products that they will introduce to Alpha Mall," Elizabeth's secretary said while looking at her notes.

"At eleven o'clock, you have a meeting with investors for the implementation and planning of Alpha Telecom at the Alpha Hotel," she continued.

Elizabeth was seriously listening to her secretary.

"Two o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. de Ayala will come to meet and talk with you."  continuation of her Secretariat.

"Later at six o'clock in the evening, Senior Rogelio Magnus, the designer from the Bush Company, will come to make models of the cars."

Her secretary stopped for a moment to see if there was anything else she missed to tell her.

"Mr. Romeo Ignacio also called earlier and asked if you have free time, madam."  She concluded.

Elizabeth l


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