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Domination Billionare Female President

Domination Billionare Female President

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What makes this story interesting is the strong and dominating female character with the help of the system. This is a new element in a billionaire novel where the former is the dominant male. so I'm sure this novel will attract a lot of female readers who want to read a strong female figure in business to compete with men. the impression of the equal rights of women and men will be very strong in this novel. revenge, business trips, getting rich, maybe this is what everyone in the world dreams of. anything is possible and it is very interesting to see someone get rich, let alone a woman.

Chapter 1. The rebirth of a domineering female president.



The girl held her head in pain as if it was going to burst. He passed out, however just then the young man in matching clothes wanted to throw him at the medical staff who were summoned. The girl opened her eyes suddenly.

"What happened? Where am I? This,..."

The girl slowly looked around her and found a familiar party atmosphere. He felt dizzy again.

'Did I dream the impossible in my life? How is it possible, a Female President like me to be bound in such a lowly marriage? This must be just a dream! Aaahh, ...'

The girl wanted to hold her head and massage it gently, hoping to relieve her head which was still dizzy.

But suddenly, his hand was held by a strong and delicate palm.

"Aisyah spoiled girl! Don't make unnecessary trouble!" whispered the male voice softly to the girl who was dizzy.

Being held with such a strong force that his hand ached, he realized that this wasn't a dream.


The system has been successfully installed!

Quest triggers detected!

Rilis Quest!


Complete the wedding perfectly!


Starter package.

Hearing the ringing ringing in his head, he finally felt that the pain was gone. Slowly his brain filled with the memories that belonged to the body's previous owner. His head hurt again, but it wasn't as bad as before.

Suddenly, when he had not had the chance to see all those memories clearly, that cold voice resounded near his ear.

"Remember, this marriage contract is only 5 years. During that time, you are prohibited from falling in love with me and causing trouble for me!"

This time the girl named Aisyah could hear clearly the whispering voice of the young man in clothes that matched her.

He finally looked at the young man standing beside him and said:

"Arrogant handsome young man! Since when did a Great and Honorable President like me bow down to you?!"

The handsome young man looked at Aisyah with a look that was hard to describe. Even though her voice was low, her ears still clearly heard it! Violent veins of anger appeared on his temples.

The handsome young man thought, did this girl hit her head on something that made her go crazy?

That was why he had decided, if this girl was allowed to talk too much, it would embarrass her!

While Aisha was unaware of the trouble she had caused, she still looked at the extremely arrogant young man in front of her carefully.

'Despite being very handsome, I've seen many youths like this before. However, I have to admit that he is the most handsome of thousands of handsome young men I've ever seen. But his EQ towards a beautiful woman like me must be improved! Wait for me? ...'

He suddenly found that his lips had been kissed by the youth in front of him, while he was still grumbling inside his heart and looked around.

He was caught unprepared!

The kiss was very stiff, but it is undeniable that the kiss was what made this wedding end faster.

While Aisyah was still in shock with what had just happened. The handsome young man was still randomly throwing flowers at the audience present. Before making an apology and saying that his wife's body condition was not well. So he begged to resign first.

He immediately carried Aisyah like a princess, which made everyone present cheer with joy and not suspect what was really going on. After all, they all knew that just recently the bride had almost fainted. So they thought, it's all as the groom reported.

Ding! Mission successfully completed. Congratulations, you got the starter package!

The system ring came back to her mind, but Aisyah wasn't focused on it at all. Now what he wanted was an explanation of the handsome young man's actions just now.

In her embrace, Aisyah asked with probing sharp eyes, "How could you kiss me all of a sudden? Shouldn't you have asked my permission before doing it? Is your EQ really not well studied? Aaah, young people nowadays really lack EQ ."

She continued to grumble while in the arms of the handsome young man, even though she knew that the two of them were legally husband and wife, she had to criticize him for the problem of this young man's lack of EQ.

At least, she doesn't want to have a handsome husband who lacks EQ!

The young man dropped his hand that was holding Aisha. Aisyah did not know that the young man had a grudge against Aisyah during the wedding. It was because Aisha was causing a lot of unnecessary trouble for her!

Aisyah was not ready, in an instant Aisyah's buttocks collided with the hard cold marble floor.

He's in pain!

"Au... What are you doing all of a sudden? Can your EQ work like most handsome boys who treat women with the utmost respect?"

Aisyah grumbled again with her small lips, while massaging her painful buttocks. He really hated this person!

This person really lacks EQ!

"Aisyah! Looks like you've grown the guts of a tiger because you managed to have me right? You think that I'm soft tofu because you can have it? Huh! You spoiled girl! You remember, our marriage is just a 5 year contract, nothing more! If it wasn't for people That stupid old man forced me, I will not marry a spoiled girl like you! You better remember carefully, don't expect to get love from me, and never fall in love with me, or the consequences will be arrogant for you, as well as your family!"

After saying all the emotions he had, the young man left Aisyah who fell and sat stroking her painful buttocks.

But when the handsome young man passed Aisha and just walked one arm away from her.

Aisha said with a grumbling look,

"You stupid young man who lacks EQ. I'm afraid, if it wasn't for me who was kind enough to marry you, you'll be an old virgin for the rest of your life. No, calling you a virgin is still too kind. I'm sure the title lone dog would be very suitable for you who lack EQ." to a pretty girl like me!" Aisyah said while slowly standing up and smoothing her dress.

Immediately, the young man's emotions were ignited when Aisyah called him a lone dog. He turned around and snapped at the girl in front of him. He really wanted to slap this girl's dirty mouth. He knew, no good words, came out of this girl's mouth!


The handsome young man had already stretched out his strong hand. He wanted to slap this girl's dirty mouth to give her a stern warning.

But suddenly, his vision reversed and he didn't know when or how, he was already lying on the cold marble floor. He felt a sharp pain in his back.

He wanted to stand up immediately. However, the sharp high heels had pressed against her chest.

It's Aisha! The spoiled girl he wanted to slap before.

"Now, esteemed handsome Young Master. Why don't you divorce me now? That's better for both of us."

The handsome young man who was enduring the pain from being stabbed by Aisyah's high heels said with a cold look, "Keep on dreaming! I will make calculations with you after this!"

Aisyah: "Tch, you youth lack EQ."

After getting the young man's response, Aisyah knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.

Aisyah lifted her leg from above the young man's chest, then kicked him once and said, "Young Master, you better prepare your weak body well. Otherwise, you might become a suitable living bag to train my fists!"

After saying that, Aisyah trudged off while lifting the long dress which made it difficult for her. He left as if nothing had happened before.

Meanwhile, the handsome young man slowly got up and sat down, staring at his wife who had just left. He felt like his wife's previous attitude was just a camouflage. But, when he recalled his wife's harsh treatment towards him earlier, he felt his emotions burn like fire.

"You damn informer! What's a spoiled girl? A spender on the family's money? A suitable candidate for a contract wife to inherit her father's assets? Damn it! They are really swindlers! Are they blind and can't see that this girl is so fierce?!"

For a time, the young man regretted having entered into a contract marriage with the fierce girl who was his current wife.

"I can't give up. In order to maintain my cold CEO image, I must endure and tame him! Yes, I am a man! A man can't lose to a woman!"

Next, the handsome young man went to his car. He was really tired.

However, when he opened his car door he was shocked.

'How could this girl be here?'

He shouted inwardly, but his appearance remained calm and he sat down beside her. Don't know what these two were thinking.


Chapter 2

A black limousine car with a luxurious long body costing around 1 billion drove to the Jakarta Nusa Elite Community. The car then entered the courtyard of a luxury villa in the community, before finally stopping at the entrance.

Sensing that the car stopped, Aisyah immediately got out of the car and rushed to find a room for herself to think.

The entrance of the villa was decorated with flower garlands and a very luxurious red carpet. Really like a real wedding.

But Aisha doesn't care!

He immediately stepped in, suddenly he remembered, the owner of the previous body did not know anything about this place. So with a feeling of stooping, Aisyah waited in front of the entrance.

He waited for the handsome young man who lacked EQ to come in and ask him.

To that end, he leaned against the wall like a thug.

'Why is this person taking so long. Does he need to be taught another lesson? Is the previous lesson still lacking?'



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