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Xalia had always had a dream of getting married to Kyle Harrison. She lived that dream till the day she would finally be his bride but things take a weird turn when she saw her fiancée getting married to his step-sister and a stranger was waiting for her at the altar!

Chapter 1

Xalia smiled nervously as she stood in front of the mirror and stared at her reflection, she placed her hand on her stunning dress and took in a deep breath. It is her big day, the day she has always been dreaming of since she met him.

She couldn't help but giggle at how beautiful she looked, she couldn't wait to see the look in his eyes when he sees her, and she couldn't wait to say her vows and be with him for the rest of her life. She really did not doubt taking this step, she is ready for this.

“Hey, are you ready?” She heard a familiar voice ask and she turned to see her mother walking in.

“Yes, mum.” She replied with a smile and her mother hugged her lightly.

“You look so beautiful honey, your wedding dress is amazing.” Her mother complimented and she smiled widely.

“I know right, Kyle picked it personally.” She giggled in response and her mother laughed.

“Mum, you look kind of worried, is everything okay?” She asked noticing a hint of fake in her mother’s laughter.

“It's fine dear, it's nothing. It's just that I haven't seen your father since last night.” She replied and Xalia rolled her eyes.

“So? Are you surprised?”

“Not really but it is your big day, he should be here.” She sighed and Xalia held her hand.

“Mum, it's okay. We don't need him and I don't want to be sad today.”

“Right, sorry, my bad.” Her mother laughed and she smiled. She has been dealing with this right from childhood, it is something she is used to. Being born into a polygamous family isn't such a good life but with time, you will get used to it and learn to live with it.

The door to the room suddenly opened and her best friend walked in with a smile.

“Hey.” She called with a burst of nervous laughter and Xalia gave her a questioning look.

“I’m I that late already? We should get going then.” She said trying to adjust her gown but her friend laughed and held her hands.

“Xalia, I think you might want to calm down a bit... “

“Huh?” Xalia’s mother asked confused and she laughed nervously again.

“Is everything okay?” Xalia asked and her friend, Allision shook her head.

“Oh my God, is Kyle okay?” She asked in fear.

“Yes, Kyle is okay, nobody is hurt, everything is fine.”

“So what is going on? We have to get to the church.” Xalia’s mother said and Allision stuttered thinking of the best way to break the news to them.

This isn't going to hurt Xalia alone, it is also going to bring shame and ruin things for her family, they are highly respected in Atlanta alongside Kyle’s family, it's not just a wedding being ruined, it is a public disgrace.

“Allison, tell me what is going on right now!” Xalia snapped and Allison sighed.

“Turn on Channel 9.” She exhaled with a worried expression and Xalia’s mother picked up the remote from the huge bed, she turned to the television and turned it on, Xalia waited nervously to see what was going on on Channel 9.

As it came on, Xalia watched what was happening and she raised her brow in confusion.

She could see her father locking arms with her step-sister and walking her down the aisle, she was confused and her expression slowly turned to a frown, she didn't know her step-sister was having a wedding today, today is her day.

They got to the altar where the groom was and Xalia felt her heart stop beating as she stared at the groom. She felt her head spin and started to feel dizzy, she slowly sat on the bed still in shock and her mother gasped.

That is her husband to be up there and he is getting married to her step-sister, she watched them hold hands and say their vows with smiles on their faces, Allison hurriedly turned off the television and turned to Xalia.

“Xalia, I am so sorry.”

“Mum.” She called breaking down and her mother rushed to her, she sat next to her and wrapped her arms around her, she felt her heart shatter into a million pieces as she kept replaying to the image of her step-sister getting married to Kyle in her head.

“Get this dress off me!” She screamed out of the blue and her mother flinched.

“Hmm, actually about that.” Allison muttered and they turned to her again.

“What? What is it?” Xalia’s mother asked and she stuttered.

“Allison what again? What else can be word than this?”

“There is a man waiting for you at the church as your groom.”


“There is a man waiting... “

“I f*ck*ng heard what you said!” Xalia screamed in tears and Allision nodded sharply.

“Mum, what is going on?” She cried.

“You don't have to do anything, you are not getting married, just stay here, and I will be right back.” Her mother said and walked out of the room, Allison moved closer to her best friend and pulled her into a hug.

“I am so sorry this happened to you.” Allison apologized and Xalia sniffed, she felt cheated and played.

“I feel like such a fool, I never for once noticed that something could be going on between them.” She sobbed.

“No one did and you are not a fool.”

“Why does she always get what she wants and I don't? It has always been about her.” She whimpered in Allision’s arms and she stroked her hair.

“I really don't know what to say.” Allison whispered.

The door to the room opened and Xalia’s mother walked in, Allision turned to look at her.

“Allision, fix her make-up.” Her mother ordered and Xalia slowly turned to her.

“What? Why?” Allison asked.

“Because her groom is waiting for her.” Her mother replied sternly and she kept a stern look.

“Kyle?” Xalia asked with a low voice and her mother scoffed.

“No, not Kyle because he is already married to your sister.”

“You want me to get married to a stranger?” She asked surprised.

“Yes, now fix her f*ck*ng makeup.”

“But ma’am, I... “ Allison stuttered and Allision’s mum glared at her.

“I am not doing it, I can't get married to someone I know nothing about. What is wrong with you mum? You were on my side before you walked out of that door!” Xalia yelled and her mother exhaled trying to calm herself.

“It is either you get married to that stranger or I disown you.” Her mother threatened and her heart skipped a beat.

Who the hell is this stranger and why is her mother supporting the marriage out of the blue?

Chapter 2

Xalia fought back her tears as she sat in the car heading to the church, her mother kept a straight face and ignored her while Allision held her hand and kept whispering soothing words to her.

Different thoughts ran through Xalia’s head as she tried to understand what was going on, firstly, her husband-to-be left her on their wedding day and got married to her step-sister, a stranger is waiting for her at the church to get married to, and out of the blue, her mother is okay with it.

It was a lot to take in and...

“Xalia, we are here.” She heard a voice and it snapped her out of her thoughts, she turned to look out the window and there was the church.

“Mum, please.” She cried as the guards got out of the car leaving her, Allision and her mother alone.

“Get out of the car Xalia.” She replied looking at her with a stern expression.

“I don't want to get married to a stranger, I don'


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