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Decisions between Love and Lust

Decisions between Love and Lust

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Brianna is a young woman who has just lost her job and her longtime boyfriend. She had just given up hope in the life itself when she meets curtis. A man who captures her heart and attention and is just perfect in all the perfect way she could/can imagine it happening to her. But no one is safe in the game of hearts. Brianna has a past and Curtis is hiding a secret from her that could bring the broken pat to her future. Brianna just discovered shes pregnant with his babby when the truth gets thrown in her face, what decision will she make.

Chapter 1

There are days when you just wake up and you can feel that it’s going to be a bad day for you. It’s like waking up with a really bad feeling that cannot be helped. I can’t believe I woke up late. It's 8:00 am .yes you can say that again. it’s already started badly but I won’t go down without a fight that is. I'm supposed to be at work by eight sharp to prepare for the……meeting suffice to say it’s a very important meeting which will determine who is going to get the Promotion I have been working so hard for as the creative director of Blackwell Inc. I do remember putting my alarm for six in the morning so I could arrive at work early. Why didn't the damn alarm ring? I have to get ready and get ready quickly I can't be late for this. My whole life depends on this.

I skip the shower get dressed and collect my stuff on the way out as my phone keeps buzzing. I decide to pick up the call on my way downstairs to grab a cab (I could take anything right now) on the phone is my assistant Nami.

“……umm…..hey. I'm on my way. Bad day. I’ll get there” I pick up the phone my breath shaky. I decided to race down the stairs since the elevator isn’t working.

I live on the third floor so instead of waiting for the elevator, I decide that is wasting more precious time so I decide on the stairs instead.

“Everyone is already here. Where are you? The meeting is about to start.” She whispers and shouts at me through the phone

“Coming…… I am coming…..” I end the call because she is making me more nervous and finished the stairs. Catching a cab is even harder this morning, but by some miracle, I eventually grab one.

I'm trying to keep my face in order by applying a little lipstick, some eyeliner maybe some mascara a bit of powder so I don’t look like such a disaster that I am this morning. A mint for my breath and my phone won't stop buzzing off its literally driving me crazy. I have enough missed calls to panic and as I watch the phone I realize it's my assistant Nami that keeps calling over and over again I have to take this. Maybe do some damage control while I am at it.

“Yes, hello…..” I answer

“They are starting the meeting without you. It’s been half an hour. Like…. where are you?”

“Listen just get in the meeting without me. We worked on it together, so I'm sure you'll be fine. I just might…..”

“What?” she cuts me off shrieking

“Mr Blackwell is here. He is in the conference room. I…… ”she goes on

“He came to the meeting? Why didn't you tell me earlier? Okay fine just do what you can.” I hang up on the phone on her and start panicking.“s*** s***” this is not good news for is not good news at all. well is a nightmare. He is the owner of Blackwell inc. one of the largest marketing companies in the world and as strict as one can be. He wasn't supposed to be in the meeting as they have different offices in the world and he is mostly in the headquarters but it’s his company he can decide to make an appearance whenever it suits him. But it so happens to be bad news for me today. Really major bad and seeing as he is already there before me then I am sure things are not good for me.

He rarely comes to the office and when he does everyone is always on their toes and attentive since he has a habit of making an example of people. I feel I will be an example for today because I am sure I can kiss that promotion goodbye. I put my phone on silent as it keeps ringing and keeping me on edge. By now I know I did not have the promotion and all my hard work was for nothing how did this happen?

“Why aren't we moving? In a hurry over here! Cant, you go faster or do something anything” I tell the driver in front of me

“Sorry, Mom. Just normal morning traffic” he answers casually and he grates on my nerves

“s*** it's like we haven't even moved at all. I can practically see my apartment from here” I start complaining as Time is running slipping from me and the traffic isn’t helping. I'm running out of my mind in this car and I just keep playing different scenarios in my head and contemplating what lies ahead.

“Miss we are here” the driver takes me out of my own crazy head.

I look outside and see our office building as tall and imposing as it is then I look at the time it's nine forty-five which means I'm not just late the meeting might as well be done by now. I don’t want to leave the confines of this car. I just want to delay the inevitable and my impending future. I am dreading this moment and this day while it was supposed to be the best day for me.

“Miss, are you alright?” the driver asks me, I think he can see the hesitation and fear on my face so I decide to school my features before I answer him

“Yeah. All good” I pay the driver get out of the car and make my way to the building as I try calling Nami nonstop but she does not pick up. I smile at the secretary and make my way to the office. I do last-minute checkups of my appearance then compose myself in the mirror and make my way to the conference room.

Chapter 2

A few people are socializing in the room as it's made of glass walls and I have visual access to its occupants I keep observing while slowly approaching. Other people are leaving although most of them have already left. My eyes are looking around in search of Nami but she does not seem to be in the room. I approach the closest co-workers and greet them with a fake smile and all and I get the news I dreaded to hear but knew was inevitable ever since I walked inside this building today. They let me know Eric got the Promotion (figures) since he was my strongest competitor for the promotion. We don’t normally see eye to eye and we both have different ideas of how to run and present things. I kind of hate him all the way right now since I know it’s going to be hell working under him. He has no creativity like at all and thinks he knows every freaking thing. I try so hard to hide my feelings from my face as they give me a rundo


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