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Daddy Issues

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Kenshin Hide is a bachelor, owner of a well-dignified company, and a well-known playboy who crossed paths with Amaya Seijun a very reserved and shy woman who's always afraid of her mother and a woman who is starting in life. The two shared an unforgettable night that will give them butterflies in their stomach and follows them in every single dream. A night that will cause Kenshin Hide daddy issues. One day a very playful co-incidence will make the two meet halfway again and this time in more trouble as Amaya is looking for her son and her mother the answer is in Kenshin's tongue but will he let Amaya get what she needed?

Prologue: Kitty

Amaya's P.O.V:

Today is my 1st anniversary at my work as the secretary of the owner of the biggest magazine publishing company.

This is also the first time I'm going out for a night party and drinking alcoholic beverages.

My friends and co-workers seem excited to celebrate my success but I feel more nervous than feeling excited.

"Hey! Amaya, why do you look so pale? Are you getting nervous? It's fine I got you covered okay?" My friend Seleste told me.

I nodded as a sign of agreeing with her but I can't execute the feeling of worry in my heart.

What if's are playing like a love song in my brain?

"Amaya you are just going to drink one big glass of beer. You don't have to overthink." Seleste told me while laughing.

"Mom will surely scold me." I shyly told her. She cupped my face to look at her.

"You are a 23-year-old f*ck*ng grown-up lady with a degree. It's just one glass of beer and it won't affect you in life." She told me with a funny expression.

I smiled at her expression. Seleste really takes all my worries away.

We arrived at the club after a few minutes of driving.

We parked the van and entered the club that looks very extravagant outside.

Inside the club is very noisy that we can't almost even hear each other.

Lights are flickering as sparks fly in the dark wild forest.

Loud kinds of music feel like thunderbolts that send great waves of a rush to my heart.

People are dancing like wild animals and don't mind who are they dancing with.

Every people here seems that they have already forgotten life beyond these walls.

They just turned their selves into someone no one knows.

Maybe this is what you called nightlife.

Indeed life turns over after that intoxicating repeating every day called the life cycle.

"Look how cool this place Amaya," Seleste told me very excited already grinding her body slowly to the playing song.

"Come on let's find our reserved spot and let's order drinks." One of my co-workers squealed excitedly.

We found our reserved seat it's in the middle like it's the heart of the place.

I sat on my seat awkwardly as some guys are looking at me.

I hate the feeling of these stares I'm getting as the spotlight stops at me like I'm some kind of a criminal but will never be put in jail.

Especially when men are chasing glance at me I feel so shy.

I feel so naked in front of them.

Very particular to this man wearing red Chinese polo.

His eyes are looking at me sharply it's cutting through my soul and turning me into a shard of glass.

His lips curved into a sinister smirk it's so devilish that it was hot like it came from hell.

Those white long locks of him make him look like he's some kind of a Greek God.

His pale white skin is as cold as the moon on a starry night.

I snap back to my thoughts when Seleste hands me a glass of beer.

I take the beer and drink it straight to clear my thoughts that drying my throat.

The feeling of alcohol raises suddenly through my system.

I suddenly feel the heat on my throat running through my cheeks causing me to blush.

Seleste was very shocked at my sudden attitude.

"Are you okay? You just drank the whole thing. So proud of you baby." Seleste half-shouted to me as we can't almost hear ourselves.

"The beer doesn't taste good it's so bitter and stinging my tongue," I told her.

"Yes, I know but you'll get used to it." She assures me and hands me now this time a glass of whiskey.

"Here try this one too." She said and I shook my head as a no.

The alcohol is still running rush to me.

I wanted to take a break as it feels like burning hot in my body.

She handed me a lady's drink and she said that it has a little alcohol percentage I smelled it and it smells so good.

The taste is sweet like cherry so I drink and drink it until I reached my 4th glass and now my head is spinning like hell.

I did look for my friends just to find them dancing crazily on the dance floor.

I wanted to catch up with them but I can't feel my feet anymore it felt so light that I'm feeling like flying.

I gathered all my strength to reach our seats as I feel that the world is rotating too fast.

"F*ck that drink Seleste told me it's moderate but look at me now." I cursed beyond my stumbling and near-falling situation.

And when I was about to fall…

A muscular chest that feels so comfortable like clouds catches me from falling.

The scent of nicotine and that masculine perfume drives me more to the edge and the alcohol runs faster to my blood and veins.

"Looks like a little kitten is being too clumsy." A soothing yet seductive tone of that man reaches my ear and I swear this is the very first time I feel flirtatious in my entire life.

How silly of me to manage to look up at him without even thinking.

The guy is the one wearing the red Chinese polo from earlier.

He looks deeply into my eyes.

Crap! How shameful I was when I look at his orbs too.

I feel naked through his glances.

"I-I'm so sorry." I stuttered to talk myself out as I try to catch my breath to that hot feeling I don't know where it came from.

He wears that sinister smirk again and talks.

"Look at your innocent face it's so lewd it makes me feel like I'm good enough to make you happy." He said sexily that makes me feel burning red.

His words washes out all my sanity when he leans on me to kiss my earlobe and whispered.

"Daddy wants you in my bed."

How sinful his thoughts are like a virus eating my thoughts.

I feel so dizzy and I can't even process what he was telling me anymore.

All I know was I'm being dragged to another table and he is holding me.

I sat on his lap and he handed me a drink but I refuse to take it so he drank it and kissed me.

My eyes widen at the sudden action but I can't push him away.

His tongue pushed a cube of ice into my mouth and some of the alcohol dripped down my mouth.

After he forcefully pushed some of the drink into my mouth his tongue sinfully explored my cavern.

The ice melted faster from the heated action.

Saliva strings are seen after our lips are parted from each other.

I feel so ashamed of the event and he feels so proud like a predator feasting on his prey.

I wanted to escape this scenario but his grip on my hips is impossible to leave.

He gave me a glass of whiskey and I gulped every single of it to free myself from this awkward situation.

I'm feeling dizzy and my eyes feel heavy already and I have a feeling of being lifted.

"We're going home kitty." I heard a faint whisper in my ear with that I know that I'm in trouble but I won't mind it.

My senses get back when I felt the warmth of a comforter and the bounce of a very soft bed.

Someone is moving so I opened my eyes and I met his eyes like Phoenix devouring me.

His lips touch mine it's so soft but a rough kiss.

After that intoxicating kiss, his lips went slowly to my ears, and that sinful lips brushes my ear and he nibbles the side of my earlobe.

"Kenshin at your service tonight my lady." That husky whisper gives shivers deep down to my spinal.

His kisses slowly travel almost not skipping any inch of my skin.

Something must be wrong with my brain that I engulfed all of him like chemicals running into my blood.

I'm trying to run away from the situation I'm in but…

"I want you losing yourself Honey." He whispered and with that, it feels like my blood came rushing with wild thoughts on my mind.

I only want to do bad things with him but I think it feels good that I can't even explain it.

How complicated I am right now.

We throw heated kisses at each other.

We worship this night to the point that my religion is on his lips and his altar is on my hips.

We got lost and blind by this fate we are in.

Kenshin became my bad habit from that night…

Like I got nothing left to lose and can't even control myself.

All of my pure intentions turn dirty and shameless.

I woke up to the feeling of nausea in my system running lunatic to me.

I hurriedly got up and throw up everything I can like as if I'm drunk.

I clean up myself after that messy event.

I look at my reflection in the mirror in front of me and look down at my stomach.

It's been three months since I have ever heard from you Kenshin.

That night I can still remember like the moon embracing all of me.

I touched my belly and smiled.

I think I'm punished for that one sinful night you are my accomplice but will never get caught red-handed.

Daddy issues

Kenshin's P.O.V:

I hold my head as it hurts so much due to last night's party. I heard a nonstop, doorbell rings from my room so I hurriedly run towards the door while trying to connect my soul again to my body.

"Urrgghh!" I moaned out of frustration as I look at the gate camera.

"Who's this bitch?" I asked myself. I got out without even wearing my slippers to open the gate and scold that old fart bitch why is she banging on my door early this morning.

"Hey, woman! How dare you bang my gate at 6 am in the morning." I half yelled to the old lady in front of me.

Her eyebrow arched immediately at my attitude.

What the fuck is with this old crap?

"Is that how you treat the grandmother of your child you brat?" She scolds me out of nowhere. What? What the fuck she's talking about?

"Wait I know what you are up to. So how much


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