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Crimson widened her eyes as the tall sturdy figure stepped an inch close to her. With her face staring at his chest that was broad and looked like that of an athlete, she dared not look him in the face due to the mess she has created. " Kevin we can talk about this in private, I've really toyed with your name this much please don't sue my company, they had nothing to do with this, it was me who claimed that on my own, i'm very sorry." Crimson apologised to the cold looking man as she bowed continuesly. "Why should you be sorry? I didn't know untill today that I had a fiancee. Grandfather is asking when the marriages would be hold." Kevin snapped coldly, Crimson summoned up courage to look up at his face as she didn't want to miss the smirk that was plastered on his face. "You heard me right.. you've claimed me yourself why do you look like a chicken?" Kevin mocked as Crimson scratched her head in frustration.

Chapter 1

CRIMSON'S SCANDAL.Chapter 1.Subtitle: a fan sign.The atmosphere was buzzy and disorientating as Crimson stepped out of her white lamborghini, the paparazzi and the crowd blocked her way into the large stadium at once as soon as she stepped out of the car, however her gaurds were active as they quickly covered her up while others tried to clear the road for her to go in, the crowd was continuesly jamming her road.Crimson knew she had to give them a little of what they wanted before she would be allowed into the hall in peace so she waved for her gaurds to step back as she removed her dark shade and attached them to her blazer pocket.The crowd chanted her name as she waved at them with a wide smile."Crimson would you mind having a mini interview with us before you go on in?"One of the reporters asked."Sure.."Crimson replied as she stepped closer to them."Miss Crimson thank you for joining us today... We have a few questions for you before you attend your first individual fan sign."We all know you are the youngest member of the STARLET girl group to have her own solo project, would you mind telling us why you are the last to have a solo project? Also, we all know STARLET as the most popular girl group in China right now and we know all five members have either been actresses, or models alongside being singers and dancers, we also know that there can be a lot of favouritism in the ALPHA AND LUNA ( A.A.L) company, does this has something to do with you late involvement in solo projects? Or are there other reasons to it, your fans are eager to know."The reporter who seemed like the head reporter for the day asked Crimson as he pointed a microphone to her lips."Ummm... It is true that I am the last member to have a solo project in my group, but it is not for any reasons of favouritism, as you all know I am the youngest member of the group so it is only right for my seniors and elder sisters to have their own shine first."Crimson replied like a professional.The reporter nodded and proceed to ask another question while Crimson groaned in frustration."Miss Crimson, while other members have choosed either acting, or modelling as their next line of career why did you opt to releasing your own solo songs, and also while other members use a single stage namesl why did you opt for Crimson Lee?"The reporter asked."First, I have a lot of passion in music, and that is what I want to focus on at the moment, just like the others who have passion for acting and modeling and wants to excel in that part I want to focus more on releasing my own music that suits my taste and that of my fans.Also, about my name, my real name Xing Lee is a name given to me by my late parents, it is a unique name and I feel that that name is very personal to me and I would love to be called my my alternative name Crimson, along with my surname Lee Instead, as a respect toy late parents."Crimson replied, the reporters recorded and scribbled away on their write paths."Last question miss Lee... Your latest solo album TEARS IN SPRING have recieved generous likings from your fans because of the consideration you put Into it by releasing two of the lead singles in English, two in Chinese, two in Japanese, a single in Korean and another in Thai.This had therefore earned you millions of fans worldwide making you the most popular member of the group over night.Was it your thinking to release songs in many dialects or was it that of your company, also do you speak those languages which you have released your songs in?"The reporter asked.Crimson smiled as she cleared her throat."When the company informed me that I would be their next focus as the one releasing a solo project after working with the group for eight years I was happy and nervous at the same time, my manager told me that the idea of the songs and target was up to me, I was given a wonderful team of song writers who worked together with me day and night to co write my lyrics and ensure the success of the album.I told my manager, what if I released songs in diverse languages and not just Chinese to ensure that my international fans also feel valued, she took it as a great idea and we began working on it.I speak Chinese, English and Japanese fluently and was also learning Thai and Korean but wasn't perfect at those two languages so we added a team of lyrics translators to our team and with their help and that of the company the TEARS IN SPRING was a success and I am very happy my fans worldwide love the songs in them and also reason with my way of thinking, I would also want to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of the team that worked hard on my album, all my fans and listeners worldwide, I hope we all have good luck and success In life."Crimson concluded and she was followed my a heavy round of applause by the audience who then let her enter her fansign venue without stress while the press continued to interview the audience .Crimson sighed as if she had forgotten something, stopped midway and moved back as she motioned for the microphone to be given to her, the reporter quickly handed her one as she made to speak."I almost forget, as you may all have heard, elder sister Amber Wu would also be releasing a single next week, please show your loves to her song too. Thank you and see you inside."Crimson said as she handed them the mic, bowed respectfully and walked back inside the hall accompanied by her gaurds.She was led up to the front row of the hall as she took her sit, thausands of fans lined up in a straight line from her desk right outside the huge hall, it was the largest and busiest fan sign ever held by a Chinese artist, most artist do not organise a fan sign but Crimson did so following the success of her solo project, with over five thausands fans at the venue.From morning till almost midnight the endless fansign was going on, with audience from here and there attending it.Crimson was not only kind to her fans, she also shook hands and allowed them take a single photo with her each, the moment was memorable for her fans.She could not complete the event that day and had to retire to a hotel and continue early the next day, it was almost midnight of the next day when she signed the last autographs.She was tired and hungry that she fell asleep as soon as her back touched the bed.The next day her phone was buzzing with notifications from weibo, twitter instagram, with the #CrimsonLee trending on Twitter and other social media platforms, over five thausand fans each had photos taken with Crimson, they all boast about it to those who did not attend the fan sign.Within a short while the new instragram account which Crimson opened was flooded with followers after the fansign which increased her popularity.She gained over thirty million followers in just five days, overtaking her other band members and also overtaking Amber Wu who was the most popular member before Crimson released her solo album.People loved Crimson and she was now the center of attention in the group even though she was previously considered as a shadow charecter and just a vocalist and dancer of the group.Most of the things Crimson has admitted to in the interview were not the true and harsh reality.Ten years ago if her parents haven't died she would need have been a popstar and would either be a lawyer or business woman, however cruel fate took away her loved ones in one cold accident and left her with only but her elder brother Steven Lee who is a well known chef in the whole of China, everyone loved his cooking and he often catered in high class ceremonies, however his humanity made him a good man, he would often cool for the elderly home and orphanage once every six months following his busy schedule, making him one of the youngest Chinese chef to recieve three different awards at the age of 25 now he is 30 and is still single.Although Steven Lee was rich popular and handsome no one would ever believe that he was the only living family of Crimson Lee.She rose to fame with only but her name and no one helped her get to where she is now.ALPHA AND LUNA intertainment rose to prominent fame because they housed two of the most popular music bands in China, the STARLET and the DRAGONS who is also a big and well known band in Asia and worldwide and also one of STARLETS top competitor in the industry although they are both managed by the same company.There is a huge favouritism in the agency and no one previously valued Crimson, but then her latest album attracted attention and huge sells making the income of the agency double what STARLET earned from an album on their own, thus making her the companies top priority and princess of the agency at the moment, atleast untill someone else overshadows her because that's how it works there.***Kevin Ace stepped out of the black luxurious car and walked into the reserved hotel, he stopped at the center and looked around, sighting her at the far end of the balcony.With one long sigh he walked towards her with long sturdy steps.Standing in front of the pretty lady he called out to her."Hello I am very sorry about my grandfather's doing which has wasted your time alot.I am not interested in having dinner with you and have other things to take care of, I will have my manager compensate you for your time. Thanks you."He said in one breath, his voice as solid and cold as a rock.With a swift he turned and walked away, even before the lady could see him, the place was dark but from his figure she could tell he was a hunk even though she never paid attention to him when her father asked her to go on a date with him, he emits a strangely rich and dangerous aura.The lady felt Insulted and more determined to get the man, that lady was Amber Wu, the eldest member of STARLET and also one of the most favoured member in the group.Whipping out her phone Amber search up Kevin Ace on the internet and what she saw made her mouth hang open in shock, realising who he was she jumped on her feet and began to chase after him in a swift."CEO Ace! Wait for me!'She yelled as her hills clicked their way out of the hotel in search for Kevin who already left.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2.Subtitle: Kevin ace Kevin Ace, the only male grandchild and heir of the ACE group of companies is a prominent and well known name in the business field, every ceo, manager, and business worker most have heard of the name ACE either in articles, news or in person.There is not much to say about him because he is a straight forward and Frank cold man who doesn't show any emotion and likes to dish out orders to his employees who have to carry them out while murmuring.Kevin ACE is 6.1 feet, has a lean figure but a very broad and masculine chest and abs, his physique can be described as that of a perfectly built athlete, his strong long limbs are one of his most prominent and intimidating features, he walks with the aura of a demi god and is a total germaphobe, every single one of his employees are either perfect or atleast close to perfect.Describing his facial looks is another task that has to be done carefully, both a well sculpted face and a per


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