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Contracted To Marry You: The Billionaire Heir's Stepmother

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"One-year contractual marriage but you cannot fall in love with me!" Xander coldly said. He's the CEO. I'm his employee. He's a billionaire. I'm a nobody. He's always been beyond my reach. And I'm out of his league. Abandoned, my life took an unexpected turn when I encountered Xenon, the six-year-old heir of the powerful Lincoln Family. Little did I know that this encounter would transform into more than just an instinct: "I would protect this child and love him as my own." Now faced with the complexities of my role in their lives, can I sustain this unconventional family dynamic? When will Xander open his heart and acknowledge me as more than just a contractual wife?


He's the CEO.

I'm his employee.

He's a billionaire.

I'm a nobody.

He's always been beyond my reach.

And I'm out of his league.

I am Shannica Cion Marquis-Holstein, or should I say Shannica Cion Marquis-Lincoln? In just a glimpse of imperfection, my life turned into upside down.

I thought my life was perfect. I was loved by the man who is beyond perfection... And I'm happy and contented with my three-years marriage with my man.

But suddenly...

"Divorce my son, Shannica." My mother-in-law Madame Jenna said.

"M-Mom, why are you suddenly talking about divorce? Jayce and I are doing fine..." I answered confusedly.

She look at me with a furious look,

"Three years is enough! I can't let my son stay in a childless marriage with you!"

I'm out of words,

"I-Is that the reason why you're doing this? Mom! Jayce and I are working on it, j-just give me a little time---"


"Can't you really understand what I'm trying to say, Shannica?! You're the problem here! We've accepted you although you came from an ordinary family, you should have at least do your part in giving the Holstein Family an heir!" Madame Jenna shouted at me.

My tears went down from my eyes as I remained silent in front of her.

She sighed, "Don't make me the villain here Shannica and just divorce Jayce."

I shook my head, "No... We love each other, mom. Jayce and I won't file for divorce just because you said so." I bravely answer.

"Huh, love?" She chuckled.

"Oh come on, dear. This isn't about love. Your marriage to the Holstein is simply a business. And you're useless to this family if you can't give Jayce a child!"

Madame Jenna handed me the divorce papers and asked me to sign it, but instead, I grabbed the papers and crumpled it.

I ran away and decided to see my husband, Jayce. He's my only hope, and I know he would fight for our relationship.

But on my way to see him in his office....

Just as I place my hand on the doorknob, I hear voices. My husband with an unfamiliar voice.

Two voices blend together, and my heart quickens when I recognize Jayce's voice. A groan escapes from one of them and I gasp when he murmurs something that completely shocks me.

"A-Aah you feel so good, Hana. Dang..."

I lost my sanity after hearing the girl's name. Hana, that's my best friend's name.

"Oooooh aaaah you're so big, honey. S-Stop, someone might come in. Shannica might come and visit you..."

"Relax, babe. We got all the time in our hands."

"B-But what if she'll caught us-- ooooh!" she whines as I saw Jayce suddenly suck her left n*pple.

"No, she won't. So let me have you inside baby aaaaah." He coaxes her.

"Maybe you're right, be gentle, you knew that I'm already carrying your child inside aaah..."

A scream erupts from my throat. I take a few steps back until my back hits against the wall. I suddenly felt like my heart had been ripped apart after hearing what Hana said....

They cheated on me.

And in the worst cases, she's carrying my husband's child.

"I'm sorry, Shannica." that's the first words that came out from Jayce's mouth right after I caught their sinful act.

And right from that very moment, I knew that I was being abandoned by the man who I wanted to spent for the rest of my life. So, I decided to sign the divorce papers and left everything for good.

Every day, every hour, every minute, and every second of my life, I feel tormented. I feel disgusted by myself.

What's wrong with me?

Why can't I bear Jayce's child after living for three years with him?

Why do I have to end my marriage like this?

I became miserable. I neglected my job, and was chased by some loan sharks.

Until one day....

"Do you want to be my wife, Ms. Marquis?"

A sudden question comes out from my boss' mouth. The high and mighty young Chairman of Lincoln Group of Corporation, Xander Van Lincoln, a 30 years old single dad raising a 7-year-old kid on his own.

"I will pay all your debts. In return, marry me, and become the mother of my son."

Did you read it right? He's asking me to consider remarriage with him, am I right?

And just like that, I was given a chance to meet the cold and arrogant sole heir of Lincoln Group, Xenon Vast Lincoln.

"Get lost. You... Will never be my mother." the young master Xenon said in cold eyes looking directly at my eyes.

I smiled, who would know that a childless divorcee like this would end up loving someone else's child?

After my failed marriage, I became hopeless. I felt like I was nothing, and my life has no value anymore.

But then, because of Xenon... I found a new purpose to live.

I want Xander and Xenon to be happy...

I want to see Xenon's bright smile on his face...

And if it's too much to ask, I want to live again, and raise Xenon as my own.

Though we're not blood-related, I'll do my best as his stepmother. I will protect him, and give him the love he deserves.

And I'll take on the fatherly duties to watch over Xenon instead of his father Xander himself.

Xenon and I will become a true family.


"You're not just Xenon's mom. Have you forgotten? You're also my wife." Xander seductively whispers in my ears as the two of us are lying on bed.

I started to feel these weird and overwhelming feelings towards Xander... Every move he makes flutters my heart and gives butterflies on my stomach.

Again, this is the story I'm about to tell you...

The story that started after.... I enter into a contracted marriage with you.

Chapter 1: Sudden Divorce



I turned around. "What? Do I look fine?"

My friend Beatrice shrugged. "Passable."

I frowned. "Yeah, right, Beatrice. Passable is what I am aiming for," I said sarcastically. We're here in Beatrice's house, specifically inside her room and I was trying on the dress that I bought yesterday for my date with my husband. I want to surprise him since today is our 3rd anniversary. Of course, I should look pretty and not just passable!

Beatrice flipped another page of the glossy magazine she was reading and said,

"You know, Shan, whatever you wear, you will always look good in the eyes of Jayce so shake it off."

I didn't bother reasoning with her since she never really listens. She would never understand how I feel because she's never been in love. She's all books, studies and work, no wonder she's best friends with bookworms.

"By the way, how's Hana nowadays? I didn't see her around." I asked while looking mysel


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