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Cold CEO Happily Marries Substitute Bride

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Daniel Anderson is a cold billionaire CEO who has taken the family business to greater heights but his step brother was jealous of him in such a way that he even plotted to kill him. His plot led to Daniel being in a wheelchair. Michelle Richard is a girl who is broken and does not believe in love or marriage because of the failed marriage of her parents. Her step mother, step sister and father force her to substitute her sister into an arranged marriage because her sister is not fit to marry an impotent man. Both of them do not know who they are marrying, Daniel has no clue that the girl he is marrying is the one he has always wanted. Will he be able to change her? Will he be able to make her fall in love with him? Will they be able to fight against their enemies?

Chapter 1 Marriage conspiracy

I will not marry that impotent man, no matter how rich he and his family are." Stacey yelled at her parents. Her mother also did not want to see her daughter get in this kind of a marriage.

Her mother was an opportunist. The reason why she invested so much on her daughter was because she wanted to remain rich till she dies.

She knew that in order to have enough in life, to last till death was if you produce an heir. So how could she allow her daughter marry someone that cannot impregnant her.

The fact that he was impotent was a sign that he will not inherit the family business anymore. Since that was the case then she should let her daughter stick to the fish she has recently caught.

The father was also reluctant, he had always imagined himself playing with his grandchildren on amusement park. He has always dreamt of having more children because he was the only child but fate did not grant him his dream.

For him it was never about money or inheritance. He just wanted to have grandchildren and he wanted to avoid any scandalous news.He knew very well that his daughter was sexual active. Marrying someone that could not satisfy her would lead to her cheating which will cause a huge commotion between the two families.

When he thinks about the fact that the two families made a marriage alliance when the children were young, he felt his heart grow heavy. Whatever ideas they come up with, it definitely has to be good ideas that will not drag down the family name as that will also have a huge impact on the family businesses.

He tried to wreck his brain, thinking of a solution for this problem but the truth of the matter is he was running out of time. They were only left with two days before the marriage.

His beloved daughter has already threatened him that he will kill herself if they forced her to this marriage. "Hubby, the contract that was signed back then, did it have the children's names?"

While he was still thinking of a solution, he heard his wife ask such a question. He looked at his wife with a complicated look, trying to read his wife's mind before she could speak.

He wanted to understand what she meant by asking such but he failed to read her mind. So he had no choice but to reply with a no. There is one thing he was sure of, whatever plan his wife comes up with, will definitely not affect the family business since she loves money more than anything.

He saw his wife's eyes lit up, her smile even reached her ears because of joy. "Oh that is perfect, I finally have an idea, why don't we let Michelle take Stacey's place. We can at least defend ourselves with that it was not specified which granddaughter of the Richards will marry into the Anderson family. The fact that she is the first born will make us have more "

There was complete silence after she spoke. Stacey was overjoyed when she heard her mom say such, she looked at her father, trying to read her father's expression.

She saw her father frown but quickly covered the frown with a smile. Then he said " I don't know if father will agree to this, it might make his illness worse." Mrs Richard had already expected this reply. She has already quickly formulated a plan that will work.

She smiled and said "hubby do not worry about the old man, we will make sure he does not know this until the preacher says you may kiss the bride, by then it will be too late to stop the wedding. In order for both families to not lose face in the wealthy society.

They will accept this. After all I do not think they all know which girl will we give them." Mr Richard accepted this new idea,.

He was the one that pampered Stacey more than anyone after all, for Stacey he would do anything to make her happy.

The way he pampered this girl made it impossible for him to keep her as a secret to his wife by then, who was Michelle's mom.

He used to lie that he was going for a business trip while in actual fact he was taking his mistress and illegitimate daughter out of the country for vacation.

Although Michelle's mom was also a business woman who was very busy too but the moment her husband stopped taking them to places like the amusement park she started suspecting him.

Although they were both busy with the businesses but they both made an agreement that no matter how busy they were, they will always spare some time for their daughter.

Even though their marriage was arranged by both families. He did play his part as a husband at first. Michelle's mom died while still blaming herself for her failed marriage.

When Michelle's mom asked him about it, he would be so defensive that it made Michelle's mom confirm her suspicions.

Receiving photos of the three having a picnic happily when he had said he was going for a business trip was just a cherry on top.

After her investigation she found out that it was that woman who hired people to take pictures of her and him then send it to her so she can file for divorce.

But that woman under estimated because when she signed that marriage contract she vowed that she will not divorce her husband no matter what. She vowed that only death will separate them.

The photos she received were not the only thing that the woman did to break them up. One day her husband came back home from a business dinner with lipstick on the shirt collar. There was also a time when she found under wear on the bag that he used when traveling to a business conference. She ignored all of that because she knew her husband better than anyone. He was not aware of all these things that the woman was sending to her.

Chapter 2. Invited to the family dinner

In the evening a helper came to Michelle who was in her bedroom to tell her that it was time for dinner, she looked at the helper with a so what look. Then the helper told her that her father has called her to come have dinner with them. The helper saw that she had lots of questions for her so she continued to say "I do not have answers to your questions, if you have any questions it would be best you ask your so called parents."

Michelle hated being in this house because even the helpers had no respect for her. She had no choice though, once she takes her time to get to the dining room, she might be spanked for being late. When she got to the table, she found that they were all sitting and waiting for her.

She was very surprised to be called for dinner because for the first time in a long time they wanted to have dinner with her. She felt like her eyes were starting to get wet. She held herself from crying because they will make fun of her onc


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