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CEO's Midnight Temptation

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"Who are you? Let go of me!" In the darkness, Lin Xue Ting steps back, hoping to escape from this man's grip. The response to her question is the sound of her clothes being torn apart, coupled with the pain spreading from her wrists.Taking advantage of her continuous retreat, the man effortlessly pushes her delicate body against the wall. One hand grasps her slender hands, while the other ruthlessly tears at her thin work clothes... brutal harm inflicted time and time again, just because she happens to be the daughter of his enemy. "If the hatred in your heart still can't be quelled, how about adding my life to it?” Just as her field of vision blurs with the spread of blood, he is entirely cast into hell! In this game of revenge, the question arises - who exactly has imprisoned whom…

Chapter 1 Bathroom passion

In the luxurious private room of the hotel, bursts of water were emerging from the bathtub. A tall, elegant man was leisurely bathing, with flower petals in one hand and a bath sponge in the other. A beautiful, delicate face was replaying in his mind like a film. A sinister smile crept up on his face as he thought to himself, "A son should pay for his father's debts. It is only fair!" He swore to himself that he would take revenge for his parents in his own way, to destroy the Lin family and wipe the innocent smile off this girl's face!

At the same moment, in the hotel dressing room, Lin Xue Ting was lazily unbuttoning her shirt with one hand while the other held a key. She looked sluggish, as if she just woke up or the light was too dim to see the keyhole. It took a long time for the key in her hand to find the keyhole in front of her.

"Xue Ting, what are you doing? Waiting for a handsome man?" A female hotel employee, who was few years older than Lin Xue Ting, came up to her while buttoning her shirt. She took the key from Lin Xue Ting's hand and easily found the keyhole. With a click, the small lock on the closet in front of them was unlocked.

Handing the key back to Lin Xue Ting, she continued to jest, "Where's your handsome boy? Didn't he come with you?"

"Xue Ting, you are still working in the hotel at this time, how dedicated!" Another woman approached Lin Xue Ting and teased.

The news of Lin Xue Ting's upcoming marriage to Zhao Leining had exploded like a bomb among them, sparking numerous discussions. Some people scoffed at the idea of Lin Xue Ting, at such a young age, marrying an old man who could be her father, whereas others were envious of her situation.

Some colleagues who rarely interacted with Lin Xue Ting, couldn't resist coming forward to tease her after learning that she was about to marry Zhao Leining. There were harmless jokes, as well as malicious mockery.

Lin Xue Ting, with her delicate and soft voice, even her footsteps were quiet, always reacting more indifferently than others when facing things. Now, once again, she chose silence. Her frail, always slightly melancholy gaze swept over everyone present and then she put on her uniform, locked the closet, and left straightaway as if she had not seen them.

Behind her were the laughter and helpless sighs of some people.

After leaving the dressing room and coming to the corridor, Lin Xue Ting raised her head, widened her eyes, and stared blankly at the ceiling above her head for a while before she left lightly.

What Lin Xue Ting could never have imagined was that her fate would undergo a drastic change tonight.

In the private room, the man was sitting on an imported Italian sofa wrapped in a bath towel after his bath, waiting quietly for the little lamb that delivered herself to his door. Tonight, it was the start of his revenge for his parents and the beginning of his entanglement.

Downstairs, Lin Xue Ting was busy in the kitchen.

She was a newly graduated intern chef at the hotel, and she was very good at the dishes she prepared.

At that moment, the voice of the front desk manager rang urgently in her ears, "Lin Xue Ting, come here!"

“Oh!” Lin Xue Ting put down the tableware in her hand and lightly walked to the front desk manager. When the front desk manager pointed to the mobile dining table in front of her and asked her to send the rich dinner to room 301 upstairs, Lin Xue Ting frowned slightly, revealing a slight questioning expression, and thought to herself, "I came here to be a chef, not a delivery girl!" But when she looked at the serious expression of the front desk manager, she swallowed her words and thought, "When you are under someone else's roof, you have to lower your head.”

She arrived at the third floor pushing the dining table. The somewhat spooky silence on the third-floor corridor made her shrink back a little, and her body suddenly broke into a sweat. She thought to herself, "Is there anyone here? Why do I always feel creepy, which is frightening?" The wide corridor was so quiet that Lin Xue Ting could hear her own heartbeat and breathing.

Lin Xue Ting felt that the light today was particularly bright, so bright that it was somewhat dazzling.

Finally finding room 301, she raised her hand to knock, and a voice from inside said "Come in."

Lin Xue Ting did as instructed and pushed the door open. The room was pitch black, she could not see anything. She stretched out her hand instinctively to search for the light switch.

The man sitting in the dark had long been accustomed to the darkness. He stood up, walked over to Lin Xue Ting in big strides, reached out and grabbed her petite hand that was looking for the switch. He sneered and mocked with his cold voice, "Stop looking, I like darkness!" With a firm grip, he easily pulled Lin Xue Ting in and quickly closed the door with his other hand.

The sound of the door closing forcefully sounded like a bomb exploding in Lin Xue Ting's heart. Terror and panic hit her at this moment. Lin Xue Ting opened her eyes wide, trying hard to see the man's face in the dark, but she could see nothing in the dark.

She was struggling hard while backing away, her voice shaking as she asked fearfully, "Who are you? Let me go!" Instead, her clothes were torn and she felt pain in her wrist.

The man followed her retreat, easily pushed her delicate body onto the wall. He held her slender hands with one hand while the other was frantically tearing at her thin uniform.

The sound of her clothes being ripped sounded like a keen knife stabbing deeply into Lin Xue Ting's heart, making it impossible for her to calm down. In fact, from the moment she was grabbed by the man, she couldn’t stay calm.

She opened her eyes wide and screamed, "Let go of me, let go of me." Now, her slender hands were held by the man, the only parts that could move were her legs. Lin Xue Ting lifted one of her legs and kicked the man hard. As she kicked his legs, the man in front of her became even more violent. His thick and strong hand clenched her full chest, the force of his grasp seemed to be just about to squeeze Lin Xue Ting to dust.

This grip embodied all his hatred and revenge against the Lin family. He swore that he would destroy the Lin Family and destroy this girl who was always high above and indifferent.

Retribution for them, he secretly followed Lin Xue Ting, the results of each follow-up made him so angry that he wanted to tear her apart immediately.

Her indifference and lightness were what he couldn't bear the most.

Lin Xue Ting shivered under his grip, she could hardly stand. Her body softened, involuntarily fell into his broad, hate-filled arms. She bit her teeth tightly together, and yelled clearly and sternly, "Let go of me, you beast, you let go of me!"

The man didn't say anything, just held her as before. His long and powerful index finger deeply pressed into Lin Xue Ting's skin, breaking her delicate skin, and the blood dyed his fingertips like rain drops.

Because of the pain, the girl in his arms opened her mouth wide and tried hard to breathe fresh air.

Who knows how much time had passed, perhaps it was just a moment, the man's big hand forced her frail body to turn around, forcing her to crawl on the bed. The heat from him, just like a branding iron, was branded again and again on Lin Xue Ting's back.

This was the first time in Lin Xue Ting's life that she was tormented by a man on the bed in this way. This kind of torment made her panic-stricken, her frail body kept trembling and struggling. However, all her struggles seemed pale and weak in front of this man, without any strength.

The man's strong body weighed on her frail body that was barely able to breathe, like a big mountain. When Lin Xue Ting was almost suffocated by him, something hot, like a burning rod, pressed between her legs, igniting all her fears and panic!

While she was struggling hard, a man's voice rang in her ears, "Don't move, or I will be more cruel!" His tone was cold and cruel, full of the satisfaction of revenge.

And his words indeed stopped Lin Xue Ting from struggling. It was not because she was afraid, but she really didn't have the strength to resist anymore. All her strength had been exhausted in the previous struggle. Now, she felt that her whole body was empty, and there was no strength left.

In the dark room, an evil beast was rampaging on the bed, while a petite woman was bearing all this quietly, with tears streaming across her face.

Lin Xue Ting felt like her whole world was collapsing. Physical pain was not the most terrifying, but the mental trauma that her body and mind were tortured together, she felt that she was falling into a bottomless abyss, a desperate world of endless darkness.

Even so, she did not regret it. His sigh, and his gentle touch, touched her heartstrings, causing her to fall into his gentleness unknowingly and making her feel satisfied

Chapter 2 The father owes the son

Lin Xuetin screamed, raising her hand to push the man away. In a face-to-face confrontation, she's not her match at all, let alone now. Her delicate hand hasn't even reached the man yet, and the latter has already found its way to her. What follows is a desperate demand and an endless torment.

Lin Xueting has no idea how many times she had fainted under him, just like she has no idea what he had done to her.

The man keeps changing positions and keeps possessing Lin Xueting’s sweetness. The tightness of Lin Xueting's maidenhood overwhelmed him, and the faint scent of her body made him lose his mind, wanting to immerse himself entirely in her.

Like a rag doll, Lin Xueting is controlled, possessed, and tortured by him. After what feels like an eternity, a man's deep and hoarse voice finally rings in her ear: "Debt of the father shall be paid by the son, it's only natural."

Lin Xueting wanted to ask him, "What do you mean d


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