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Cash, Codes&Cars

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It has been said that opposite attracts but does that attraction last? Tresh Taylor AKA TT is a hot multi billionaire award winning explicit R&B singer, living on the fast lane. A typical playboy with exorbitant lifestyle, designer clothes, hot girls and fast rides. His goals are clear, get richer and more fame. He is on the right tract until he meets Dr Amaya Lorgan, an introvert emergency medicine specialist, the best in the field. She serves humanity the best she could, even to her own detriment. Their two very different personalities are the definition of fire and ice. One is driven by Cash, Codes&Cars the other by a demanding carrier and academic accolades. They met by coincidence, brought together by a tragedy. Their attraction is undeniable, passion uncontrollable but heartache and betrayal is inevitable. Love is the victim but can loyalty stand the test of time when their divergent worlds pull them to opposite directions?


“Treshhhh!” Screams could be heard kilometres away from the stadium as excited fans went completely crazy.

Tresh stood on the stage dressed in all black with his breathtaking smile, satisfied with the impact of his presence “Hello Asherway” he shouted with his s*xy husky voice.

“Treshhhh!” the screams from fans went louder.

He chuckled, intrigued. Capturing the crowd was second nature to him. An effective skill that has earned him over a billion fans world wide “TT in the house” he shouted.

“Ahhhhh!”the screams from the fans went louder. To his fans, anything Tresh uttered was just too s*xy. In fact even if he just stood there without a word, they would still pay thousands just to marvel at his insanely handsome features.

“I must say, it’s great to be back home” he said sincerely. He had been traveling all over the world to market his new album and truly glad to be back.

“Yessss!” the fans responded. Loving the fact that even though he was international now, he still appreciated his home fans and mentioned them constantly in his interviews.

“To the gents in the house, I salute” he said, saluting with his right hand “and ladies, Ah! you are hottttttt!” he exclaimed, tipping his already crazy fans over. Fireworks went up as he picked the microphone and sang “Tonight I want to be someone’s rebound, kiss where it hurts…..” he sang, projecting the voice that has been voted the best in modern music before turning his microphone towards his fans.

“Lick where it….Oh!” the fans sang along while he moved in a rhythmic sexual dance, guaranteed to cause an uproar. At this stage, like all his concerts the confident fans went wild in a race on who will make it first to the stage and get to dance with him. Fans went on an emotional overload as TT took off his vest, exposing his s*xy tattooed masculine physique right before he delivers what has become his signature stunt, making out with his very eager lucky fan in front of thousands.

“Babe, I just want to be your rebound!” he ended the song on a highest note that could be achieved by very few musicians. His sponsors and managers gave a thumbs up. Tresh was an investment goldmine, whatever he wore, spoke about and ate, his fans wanted it too no matter how ridiculous overpriced it was.

“I love you Asherway” he said, bowing out.

Four hours later, Tresh opened his eyes with naked beauties from his concert stretched on his either sides.

He leaned over to grab his phone, pulling it off the charger and cursed inside. “Dam this woman, the one day my phone was off, she calls” he thought to himself, getting up and taking a quick shower. On any given day he would have one more fun with his casual bedmates and maybe some action in the shower before they all go their separate ways but he has been too preoccupied lately.

“Morning bro. Up so early, what’s up?” Daniel asked his superstar brother. With two women in his bed, Tresh normally woke up around midday. Not only was he up early that day but he was also dressed to impress in his best custom made designer clothes.

Tresh looked at his reflection on his massive glass fridge, satisfied with his look “Remember that honey I told you about?” he asked, taking his brother’s coffee and sipping it.

“Yah” Daniel responded. His brother has been going on about this girl he ran into outside the cinema theatres at the mall two weeks ago. He had cornered her until she gave him a phone number but discovered minutes later that the number did not exist. He had unbelievably waited for an hour outside the cinema for her to come out. Ashamed for being caught out she had given him the right number but has been strangely too busy to meet Tresh every time he asked.

“She called back, probably wanted to meet but my phone was off” Tresh explained, unable to hide his disappointment.

“Nooh!” Daniel exclaimed. He has also been curious about the identity of the mysterious woman who piqued his brother’s interest.

“I called back, someone answered her phone. She works in hospital” Tresh continued.

“Okay” Daniel responded, expecting him to continue. He had started making his wild guesses about the mysterious woman which included whether she was married and did not want to be seen anywhere with Tresh because of his reputation with women. The second was if she was a prostitute because according to his brother, whenever he called she sounded busy at weird hours of the night and tired on most days.

“Her name is Amaya”

“You did not know her name?” Daniel asked when it dawned on him that his brother had never mentioned the woman’s name before.

“She initially gave me a wrong phone number, she could have done the same with her name” Tresh defended himself. “Fine, I did not know her name” he added when he saw the expression from his brother.

Daniel laughed. “I must meet her” he said decisively.

“You will because we are going to the hospital now” Tresh suggested. The woman’s indifference towards him had captured his curiosity as well and now he had her location.

“We?” Daniel asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Yes we” Tresh said sternly.

“Why am I going?” Daniel asked, curious.

“So I don’t look like a stalker” Tresh responded, gulping the rest of the coffee.

“You are stalking her” Daniel responded, amused.

“I am researching her” Tresh corrected sternly. “Imagine the great TT stalking anyone” he added proudly.

Daniel laughed “Do you even like her or you just want to polish your bruised ego?” he asked. Ever since he could remember, women threw themselves at his older brother. He never had to lift a finger, a hello got him everything he desired. As a result Tresh hardly spent a week with the same woman, let alone stalk one.

“I am conducting research” Tresh insisted.

“On?” Daniel asked, curious.

“How any woman would not use the privilege of being the few people in the world with my personal phone number” Tresh responded with a serious face.

Daniel laughed louder “Fine, let’s go. I want to witness this historical moment myself anyway”

“Good morning Sir” Danny greeted the moment his boss came out.

“Morning Danny, I will ride the red little thing today” Tresh responded, putting his sunglasses on.

“Yes Sir” Danny responded and giving the instructions for the two billion dollars sports car to be brought up. It was his job to know exactly what his boss wanted, being with him over five years now, he executed his duties perfectly.

“You are going all out!” Daniel exclaimed as the security got off the new addition of Tresh’s sport ride, handing him the keys.

“Go big or go home brother” Tresh responded, satisfied with his pick. “Danny please take care of the beauties in there” he instructed before speeding off.

“Yes Sir” Danny responded, knowing exactly what was expected of him.

In Hope hospital, the emergency team had been going hard on the third resuscitation of the morning.

“More adrenaline!, everyone clear!, shock!, come on!, more adrenaline!, compression!” instructions went on. The exhausted team did its best, giving up on a complete stranger not an option. Cheers was heard as the machine beeped the welcomed sound of a heart beat and normal heart tracings came up on the monitor.

“Another life saved, well done team. Go home now” Amaya instructed, opening the curtains as her interns wheeled the patient to the intensive care unit.

“Dr Lorgan” Natasha called, seeing her walk past.

“Not now Tash, I need to speak to his family” she dismissed their emergency unit’s very eager socialite secretory. Tash was the kindest of souls and a great addition to the serious and sometimes depressing work environment but conversations with her took forever. After forty eight hours shift, she just wanted to complete her notes and go home and rest.

“Coffee?” Natasha asked.

“Caffeine would be great, thanks Tash” she responded without stopping, heading to her office.

“Driver?” Natasha shouted. She had been working in the hospital long enough to know that she would be too tired to drive after that long shift.

“You are the best!” she responded, shouting back.

“Sorry guys, I don’t think you will be able to see her today. Unless…” Natasha hesitated, looking at the two men in front of her.

“Unless what?” Tresh asked impatiently. He was so close and not willing to give up now. The talkative secretary had unintentionally given him more details about his mysterious pursuit in the thirty minute they had spent waiting. Amaya Lorgan was the one of the few emergency medicine specialist the hospital and the country had. According to Natasha, she was the best in the field with ‘vultures’ always trying to steal her to their hospitals. The vultures being the agents from bigger and richer hospitals nationally and internationally.

“You drive her home. You see she is too tired to drive because …”

“Okay” Tresh responded eagerly, not waiting for Natasha to complete her sentence.

“Dr Lorgan, your special driver is here” Natasha announced, knocking and opening the door.

“That was fast, give me…” she stopped, her eyes meeting Tresh Taylor’s.

“Dr Lorgan, you are really hard to find” Tresh said with his signature breath taking smile.

Amaya was not too surprised to see him, she suspected that Natasha eagerly told him her location when she had her phone earlier when she was attending to an emergency. “I called you back” she responded defensively. She had ignored too many of his calls until her friend made her feel bad about it and convinced her to call back.

“I know, that’s why I am your driver today” Tresh responded with a grin.

Amaya looked at Natasha who was avoiding her gaze “You got Tresh Taylor to drive me home?” she asked sharply.

“I offered” Tresh responded coming to his new allies rescue.

“You are a stranger, all my drivers are validated” Amaya objected.

Daniel raised his eyebrows, interested in how his brother’s ego would handle this.

“I am the safest stranger, you don’t have to validate me” Tresh said charmingly, flashing his signature smile.

“I can name about ten famous people who turned out to be serial killers and rapists” Amaya responded, not affected by his charms.

“Dr Lorgan!” Natasha exclaimed.

“Reed, Tompson, Jake ….”

“Point taken, go ahead and validate me” Tresh suggested, accepting defeat.

“No need, Advocate Daniel Taylor would not practice any law without being annually validated” Amaya responded, shocking even Daniel who did not think she would know him.

“Shall we go then?” Tresh asked leading the way, thrilled to have brought his brother along.

“Before I doze off, you are taking me to house 7, Hills estate” she said, getting into the backseat.

Few minutes later, Tresh looked through the rear view mirror to discover that she had indeed dozed off.

“Dr Lorgan” he called.


“I believe you are home”

“Call me Amaya and thank you” she responded, rubbing her eyes.

“Pleasure” he responded, getting off and opening the door for her.

Daniel remained in the car, amazed by how anxious his usual overconfident brother sounded.

“You don’t have to walk me inside” Amaya objected when she noticed him following her to the house.

“But I must” Tresh insisted, more curious to find out about her than being a gentleman.

“Amaya, you are finally home. You are going to work yourself sick one of these days!” Mandy exclaimed before her eyes landed on the person with her friend. “Tresh! How?” she exclaimed, excited.

“Hey Mandy. Tresh and Daniel kindly offered to drive me home” Amaya responded, passing her star-struck friend and unlocking her house.

Tresh gave Mandy a knowing smile, he had been in the game long enough to know one of his fans when he meets one.

Mandy’s eyes opened wide “OMG!, how exactly did you get Tresh Taylor to drive you home?” she asked in disbelief, following her friend inside.

“Forgive me both, I must go before my narcolepsy kicks in. Thanks again for driving me Tresh” Amaya said yawning and leaving her friend with Tresh in her lounge.

Tresh raised his eyebrows

“She means before she falls asleep” Mandy explained. “Forgive my weird behaviour, I am a big fan” she confessed.

“Nice to meet you Mandy, it’s always good to meet a fan” Tresh said sincerely. “Is she always like this?” he asked, curiously walking around the mostly all white lounge.

“Geeky, intimidating and burnt out?” Mandy asked.

“Yah?” he responded, amused that Mandy seemed to know exactly what he thought of her friend.

“Yep, that’s about right” she responded.

“Is she seeing someone?” he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

Mandy looked at him suspiciously.

“Come on” he pleaded, flashing his irresistible smile.

“I like you and all but you have a reputation” Mandy accused, getting overprotective of her friend.

“Oh, come on Mandy. That does not mean we can’t all be friends” he suggested.


In Tresh’s mansion’s rooftop swimming pool, Amaya gasped and unintentionally bit her lower lip, mesmerised by Tresh’s perfect physique as he emerged out of the water. She really had no business marvelling at another men when she had a partner but the tight black shorts he had on outlined his manhood and revealed his strong toned thighs and buttocks. His exposed tattooed masculine chest and arms too tempting . She could not help her mind from wondering if the stories about his gifted manhood size from his many sexual partners were true. Water dripped down his body as he walked towards her but instead of taking the seat next to her, he sat on her lap, facing her.

Amaya’s heart raced as she shifted uncomfortably in her two piece bikini suit hoping she was not blushing and her thoughts were not obvious. This was definitely a mistake she had not thought through. Mandy and Daniel were meant to be part of the pool gathering but they both cancelled at the last minute, leaving just the


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