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Breakable game : between billionaire and waitress

Breakable game : between billionaire and waitress

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Forced into a betting affair, Olivia finds herself having fun with a man for the first time, and whose rule of the game is not to fall in love with the dark and seductive man. unable to control the heartbeat of her heart, she ends up falling in love with this man on seeing him since everything was happening in the dark but will Damon Dixon, a man with a heart of stone, be able to give Olivia a chance ? Discover the love story of the two lovers of one night linked by a story of betting which will become an eternal love and which will especially know ups and downs.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Worker in one of the most famous nightclubs in town, Olivia had a life that she described as lame, why? a life without a boyfriend which at times even frustrated her because all the men who approached her kept telling her "I can't stay with a woman who will never be there in the evening". Thanks to a friend after having passed her degree in accounting because she could not get a job that would allow her to pay her rent and support herself. She had therefore been a waitress at Le Bourget for nearly five months. That evening, she really had nothing to do because she had taken her leave which was five days and of which she had already exhausted three days. During these three days, she was always in her apartments without ever going out. She was about to put on a mushy movie, which she had been doing since her first day off when she got a message from Maggie.

“We are going out tonight with the girls and you have no right to say no”.

She smiled at this message and even if she wanted to decline the offer, she knew that it would not happen with Maggie because the latter would be able to pick her up at her house. she just had to agree.

" what time ? ".

While waiting for the answer, she went to make herself some popcorn and came back to choose the new movie she was going to watch. Just in three days, she had already watched nearly fifteen films like that, it made her dream, a real dream but impossible because she did not see which man could really love unconditionally. At the same time, her phone screen lit up and it was a message from Maggie.

"Seven hours no more no less, we find ourselves directly in front of Le Bourget".

She fell naked reading his last message. She did not understand the reason why she had chosen Le Bourget to go out when she knew very well that she worked there. She already understood that it would be impossible for her to have fun as she wanted because her colleagues will be there and if ever her boss whom she had never seen arrived and saw her having fun, it was certainly her days off but given the description others were giving of this cold and distant boss, she didn't want to face his anger in any way.

“Choose another nightclub but not Le Bourget”.

She had already been sitting in front of her screen for an hour watching the love that only existed in fairy tales while eating her pop-con, she had waited so long for her phone to be able to vibrate less but it was a waste of time, a sign that she hadn't changed her mind. Besides, Betty loved this nightclub so much under the pretext that all the hottest guys went there.

Her movie was over at five o'clock and without wasting time, she ran to her room, she brought out a tight beige dress that stopped above her knees, a pair of black pumps and a black clutch. She went in the shower without wasting time and ran water over her skin. When she was done with her bath, she hastily toweled off and did what had to be done. She applied a light makeup since it was not in the play of light at Le Bourget that we should see what her face looked like. She put on her dress, then her shoes and took her wallet, she put her phone in it and looked at the time; it was six-thirty so she still had thirty minutes to join the girls at the entrance. She left her apartment and locked the door. She left the building and walked a few minutes, the time for her to reach the sidewalk where she could stop a taxi. Done, the latter was driving at a normal speed and because of that, she was afraid of arriving late but it was out of the question to ask him to speed up.

After what seemed like endless minutes, the taxi finally pulled up in front of the nightclub and as soon as she got out her friends threw themselves on her.

-let me at least pay my bill girls.

-Oh, of course, Maggie answered falsely apologetic.

She rolled her eyes and pulled out some bills which she handed to the taxi driver. He thanked her and left. Her friends were looking at her with big smiles and this smile did not reassure her at all.

- What should I expect tonight?

-oh but nothing Oli, so why don't we come in girls? I can't wait to stick tight to one of these hot men and especially to wiggle my hips, announced Betty impatiently.

- I know that but don't make fun of me, you and I know very well that on each outing, there is always a game so this evening's what is it and above all that we are going to the club where I work, the last time you made me swallow a bottle of whiskey, what will be the challenge tonight? Olivia asked.

- relax my dear, be patient, you will find out very soon but we have to come in, I called to reserve the VIP area for us but you can't even imagine what the receptionist answered me.

-what ? Betty asked, stepping into Maggie's game that Olivia already knew was wrong.

-will you be accompanied by men or just women? she said, trying to imitate the voice of this girl that Olivia found rather seductive.

- what did you answer him?

-Nope. What did you want me to answer him? that yes when it is false? unless you wanted to put on some pants and a tie to go with us, she said to Betty.

- and what did she answer you?

- our company's VIP square is not reserved for stuck girls so no, you will not be able to access it.

Olivia rolled her eyes. These girls were really crazy and she was happy to have these two girls as friends and especially their hilarity which made her de-stress a little. She started to walk towards the front door when the two girls fell on her like two kids.

- May I know what you girls are doing?

- the game tonight will be a bet my beautiful.

She opened her mouth in "o" not feeling this bet story because every time it happened, everything turned sour and she always came out with a bad memory. She wanted to turn around but as the girls had already arranged, it was impossible for her to refuse.

Once seated around a three-seater table, they had placed their order and were patiently waiting to be served. Olivia kept sneaking glances around the room for fear of being recognized because it was her place of work and it felt a little weird to be there not to work but to relax.

- How are you going Oli? it's your day off and that's it. cried Betty when she saw a waitress arrive with a bottle of whiskey but what caught her attention was the fact that it was her colleague Lola who was coming towards them.

- good evening girls, your order. Oh but Olivia good evening, I know it's your day off but you could have given me a hand by coming to pick up your order, right?

-Sorry Lola, maybe another time.

- That said, you owe me a favor. Good evening and above all have fun.

She left and at the same time, Maggie took care of filling their glass and as a tradition for them, they had to drink the first glass bottoms up, which they did while bursting out laughing like crazy.

-before this bottle ends and we go dancing, Oli must first pass his bet.

She felt that this moment of betting was going to be the most destabilizing thing of her whole life considering the mischievous smile that adorned Maggie's lips.

-well it's a bit like truth or dare so you're going to make a choice and there's no turning back.

Truth ? her life was so lame that she didn't really see what could be said about it so, maybe to forget her worries for one night, she was going to choose action, just try to be crazy for Once.


After the pronunciation of this word, she saw the smiles of the girls become even bigger and shit! she wanted to change but the rule was established from the start, no turning back.

-Can you still fall in love after all this time without guy Oli

- no I don't think so, my heart has hardened so much that I couldn't anymore, so what is this bet?

-to loosen you up a bit as we know it's been a long time since you signed a pact with abstinence, you're going to sleep with any guy tonight but the bet is on the level of feelings. You don't have to fall in love with it.

She thought she was dreaming after this sentence but looking more carefully at her friends, she realized that the two girls were just serious, so to place the bet, she first had to find a guy.

Author: Fayole Goumgang Wamba

Chapter 2

Finally arriving in front of his friend's house where their little evening with friends was to take place, Damon got out of the vehicle and asked his driver to leave because he didn't know what time this evening was going to end and he didn't want to. no case keep it for nothing. He walked to the large gate and found that he had left it open, he entered the large courtyard and found that he was actually the last to arrive since all their vehicles were already parked. He went to ring the doorbell while being aware of the bad quarter of an hour he would spend due to his delay. It was Tyler who came to open the door for him, which was even better because the latter was throwing rather murderous glances at him but did not dare to speak. When he arrived in the living room, everything was already ready drinks and what they were going to do all evening.

- Good evening guys.

-No but are you serious Damon? you come to such an evening dressed in a suit buddy? we sai


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