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Bound To My Charming CEO Boss

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I discovered my husband hid a devasting secret from me after we got married and I cheated on him by mistake on our wedding night. He wasn't the man who made love to me. Heartbroken, I go to a bar to clear my head and met my boss, Mr Dominic. "Mr Dominic," I swallowed hard, cleaning my sweaty palms on my jeans, "Where were you on the 11th of June this year?" I asked. "At Fountain Hotel," he replied immediately. Fountain Hotel had been the venue and reception of my marriage. My heart shook violently as the realization dawned on me that all his claims had been true. "Did you finally find out?" he asked chuckling warmly. "I told you, Isabella... you were the woman in the hotel that other day. My one-night stand....". *After a one-night stand with the Feared CEO of Skyline Ventures, Dominic Harrington, Isabella tries to fix the wrong in her marriage and support her husband in the best way possible. But what happens when her husband wants her to sleep with the CEO so he could be promoted? She's caught in a web of attraction with Dominic realizing for the first time, that he may be the man for her.

Chapter 1 The happiest day of my life

Isabella POV

I was delirious with joy as I stood on the altar, in front of the priest and everyone that was my close family in my dream wedding gown, marrying my dream man.

"By the power vested on me by God and by the state, I now proclaim you man and wife. You may kiss your bride," The priest said with a smile.

Raphael opened my veil and for a minute, I sensed hesitation but I was too joyful to bother, without waiting for him, I leaned forward and placed my lips on his, squirming as desire shot through every part of my body.

Raphael returned the kiss with a light one and pulled away from me, staring at me with smiles crinkling the corner of his eyes.

"Wife," He murmured.

"Husband," I giggled.

Everyone erupted into a standing ovation and soon they crowd us as congratulations flew from every mouth in the hall. I was truly happy. Raphael makes me feel good about myself. He's attentive, disciplined, dependable and organized. In our three years of being together, I've actually experienced how much it means to be completely loved by a man.

What was more, I didn't need anyone to tell me that he truly loves me since he had insisted that s*x would come when we get married. So, I was kind of looking forward to be with him. On the way to the reception hall, I leaned towards Raphael hoping to sneak another kiss from him but he smiled and placed a kiss on my nose instead.

"Relax, Isabella," he chuckled "We have all the time now. Just a few more hours wouldn't hurt. Okay?"

I sighed and leaned away from him. He was right. We were married now and there'll be lots of time to spend together. The reception was filled with a lot of activities. From dancing to playing games and as the night progressed, it reached its peak.

I was chugging one champagne glass after the other and laughing wildly to jokes been cracked around the table. My vision blurred and I was seeing everyone doubly now.

"Raph," I giggled placing my hand on his arm trying to steady myself "Why do you have two heads?"

Laughter rippled around the table as someone called out "It seems the bride is drunk on her own wedding day,".

"No," I shook my head "I'm fine guys," I slurred "I just need to close my eyes for a bit and I'll be fine, I promise,".

"Okay," Raphael placed his hands around my shoulders gently "It's time to call it a night. Say goodbye to the guests,".

I murmured a drunken thank you, and allowed myself to be led to the elevator by Raphael. He dropped me off in front of the room we had paid for the night and handed me the key card.

"I'll get you some sobriety pills from the drugstore downstairs, okay? In the meantime, wait for me inside the room, okay?"

"Okay," I murmured and swiped the card on the key hole.

The door opened immediately and I stumbled into the room. My head spun as the effects of the drinks was manifesting. Staggering, I picked my way to the bed in the centre of the room and in one swift move, I removed the gown I had worn at the reception remaining clad only in my underwear before I laid on the bed, closing my eyes.

Some minutes later, the lights went off and I heard light footsteps coming towards the bed. I felt the other side of the bed deep as his weight pressed on it. Turning, I snuggled up to him.

"You're here," I murmured, my eyes tightly shut.

He groaned in response as he gathered me into his arms. I felt his hand brush lightly on my chest and for a second, I thought it had been a mistake but then, he grabbed my breast, caressing the engorged nipple through the flimsy lace.

I moaned in delight as a wave of desire shot to my lower abdomen settling there. It was happening. My wedding night was finally happening,".

"Oh, darling," I moaned raising my face to him.

His lips crashed onto mine as his hands circled my neck, bringing me closer to him. He nipped my lower lip, making me gasp at the pleasure that pooled there. I opened my mouth giving him better access.

Our tongues tangles as his hands located the bra straps. He grunted and cursed softly before he finally got a hang of the bra clasp and undid it. He slipped them off my shoulders, spilling my breasts.

My body arched with pleasure as I pushed my chest towards him thinking he would grab my boobs immediately, but his hands rubbed my rib cage, squeezing my sides as his hands roamed over my body.

Warmth pooled at stomach and I could feel the wet patch between my legs already dripping. I squirmed against him as I shyly raised my hands and splayed them on his chest. His mouth left my lips finally, as he trailed wet kisses from my chin, stopping at the base of my throat to suckled at the sensitive part.

His hands stopped at the hem of my panties, just shy from my soaking woman core. Without warning, his lips suddenly circled my pointy n*ppl*s, making me buck with want. At the same time, his hand slipped in between my legs, rubbing at my soaking core through the sheer lace panties.

I threw my head backward, clasping his head firmly to my breast as I moaned out. If this is what I get for waiting three years, then it was totally worth it.

"How are you so wet?" he murmured into my hair.

His voice sounded a bit strange but my hazy and lust-soaked brain couldn't process why and it didn't help that his hands was running all over my body.

I felt something warm and hot pressing against my thigh. Curious, I touched it and recoiled immediately when I noticed it was his member.

"Please..." he moaned, his mouth still lashed on my n*ppl*s "Touch me,".

Curiously, I settled my hands on the form of it enclosed in his briefs. I ran my hand along its length feeling it bob. His breathing became heavy and without breaking contact, he leaned on one side of his arm and swiftly removed the briefs.

My body coiled with pleasure at the thought of him lying naked beside me. I reached out again to him, this time running my hand along the length of the engorged shaft enjoying how much he moaned and pressed into me.

"I can't hold on anymore," he growled and suddenly flipped me so I was lying on my back as he settled himself between my legs.

My eye lids fluttered for a split second but I closed it immediately, the room was still swimming in my eyes not before I caught the sight of his well-toned arbs. Didn't know Raphael has such beautiful body.

I felt his hands part my folds, stopping for a second to caress my hardened nub. I bucked under his hand as wave of desire clashed into me. Slowly, he slipped a finger into my wet core, pumping into it.

I thrashed around the bed, moaning and whimpering at the sweet pleasure that coursed through my body. At this point, I could only think of him taking me. When I settled down from the initial orgasm, I felt him parting my already rubber legs.

He lined his member at my entrance, running it up and down my sl*t just before he pushed him, I felt him hesitate.

"I'm not protected," he grunted.

"It's fine," I murmured running my hand on his chest.

He leaned to kiss me again before in one swift move, he was inside of me. Pain seared through me for the briefest of second before the awareness came from him filling me up. He withdrew and went all the way out before slamming back into me.

I grabbed the sheets, as I parted my legs wider, hoping he would end the sweet ache that settled down there.

"You're so f*ck*ng tight," He growled as he wrapped his hands under my bottom, pulling me closer to himself as he thrust inside me.

Our moans filled the room as pressure began to build inside me. I could feel my walls clasp and unclasp at his thrusting.

"F*ck!" he growled again, quickening his pace "You're so sweet baby... you feel so good,".

That did it for me.

Waves of orgasm ripped through me, causing me to scream as my core contracted around him. My reaction might have triggered him because his movements became unsteady as he growled. Hot, warm liquid spurted inside me as my core clung to him, draining him of every last drop.

Gently, he laid me on the bed before settling next to me.

I cuddled next to him, feeling his stick goo trickle down my thighs, I was too tired to wash up and I was feeling too sleepy.

"I love you," I murmured before slipping into a satisfied sleep.

Chapter 2 Last night was great

Isabella POV

Warm rays of sunlight from the window settled on my face, making my eyes flutter slowly as I came alive.

My body ached with sweet pleasure. Last night had been pleasurable. It seemed that Raphael couldn't have enough of me. He kept reaching out to me until we were both spent.

Smiling and stifling a yawn, I reached for the other side of the bed to touch Raphael but was shocked to see it empty.

"Raph?" I called out as I pulled myself into a sitting position wondering where he was.

I pushed myself to the edge of the bed and padded barefoot towards the bathroom. When I got there, I knocked lightly on the door.

"Darling," I called out "Are you in there?"

There was no response, so I pushed open the door to discover it was empty. I peeked at the small kitchenette and the balcony but no one was there. Where did he go? My eyes traced to the bedside tables on each side of the bed hoping to see a note of some sort but it was empty.



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