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Blood Of Victory

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The suffering he experienced could not be expected even though it was predicted that his background of life was all dark and he lived alone. Hery Maxwell's life is suspected of the fate of a life that is increasingly taking lives in the pursuit of money-sniffing enemies. But at one point when he died, indirectly, he was already in the body of a man he didn't recognize when his eyes opened wide and saw the world again. He should have been killed but he didn't expect that he was already in someone else's body! At the beginning of his life as a man of modest build and quiet behaviour turns out that this man is rich. Who would have thought that behind the body of the man he entered, there was a side of behaviour that was different from himself? Royi Freck, the cousin of the owner of the body, had known him since he was a child. Royi began to realize that something had changed. Everything started after Hery found out the story of the owner of this body until the war of power and luxury took place. Everything happened beyond his expectations. Fall or glory will that be celebrated with joy? A cry or a smile that bears witness to someone's rank?

Chapter 1

His legs ran as fast as lightning to avoid being caught by land leeches and became the focus of the crowd seeing him being chased by two men in black suits. Hery Maxwell was almost out of breath as he ran away from the two of them.

"This is all crazy! Why am I the one being chased when the person is now in London?! Sh*t!" Hery Maxwell complained of fatigue after running for 16 minutes.

But the dead end met him when he entered a narrow dark alley by the side of a tall building that was reaching for the sky. The dead end was already in front of his eyes while the two land leech men managed to surround him there. There was nowhere for him to escape anymore.

"Where else do you want to go? You can't run anymore." The man in the black suit sneered at him with a smile.

Without thinking, his agile brain carefully looked at every corner of the hallway. He could feel that there was something that could change his fate in that bad situation. He saw that there were some rubber bands thrown on the floor by the wall.

"Who said I can't run away from you?" He said looking up at them.

"What?"Quickly moving towards the rubber rope, he began to attack the two with the rope in turn.

His leg moved to kick the knee of one of the men before quickly wrapping around the neck of the other man there. After possibly knocking both of them down with just a flick of the rubber band, the energy was released as he kicked their stomachs before attacking their heads.

As expected, Hery Maxwell managed to defeat both of them single-handedly.

"I'm sorry for having to beat you both with this rubber band. You two went after people by mistake. That useless person is in London now. Don't you understand?! Weak." Hery Maxwell immediately left there before the two began to wake up from fainting.

"D*mn it! I forgot to take her to kindergarten now."Glancing at the time on the watch, he realized there was someone he should have invited home at that moment. His steps became faster after knowing the time he had.


Several pieces of paper were rummaged through carefully while reading every detail recorded in the document. Joshua Jurai just stood in front of his desk waiting for an answer.

"What is this?" Suddenly, the paper that was examined was thrown mercilessly at his face. There was no facial reaction depicted on his bitter face.

"Joshua, you really can't be trusted at all. What kind of work are you doing?! You're like garbage!" Chief Executive Vanny Drien yelled at Joshua Jurai in a rude tone. Criticism of his work was swallowed wholeheartedly without speaking to defend himself.

Every time he faces Vanny Drien, it's nothing but harsh criticism that hurts his heart. His patience tested every side of his silence.

"You have a brain, right?! Use that brain for this job! Don't be lazy!"

"I asked Director Kyle to check the results of my work. He said I did the work correctly." Joshua answered without looking up.

"What? Let's be honest. Hey, Joshua. You heard this right. Even though you are also a member of the family that owns this company, you still can't be respected, you know? You're just an adopted child of this family! Be aware of yourself!" His curse to Joshua Jurai who was completely unaffected by his criticism.

But both of his hands had begun to hold his hand patiently.Although he remained patient with the tense situation with Vanny Drien who prioritized one's standards his heart was in turmoil holding every anger in silence. Joshua Jurai was unable to express his anger since he grew up in a rich family but his step-siblings treated him badly like an animal.


A smile appeared on his lips as he looked at the hungry little boy sitting opposite him. Hery Maxwell loves that little girl very much. For him, the cheerful girl who knows no danger in the outside world is very special in his heart. Henie Maxwell, a 6-year-old girl is his favorite sister since their parents died in a road accident.

"How is the food here? Is it good?" Hery Maxwell asked his opinion with a smile.

"Delicious! Brother, can we eat here every day?" Henie Maxwell rolled his eyes at him.

"It must be possible....Henie is my sister's princess. I will fulfil whatever Henie requests." Hery Maxwell answered enthusiastically. Smiling brightly, Henie Maxwell looked at the cheerful face of his biological brother.

Hery Maxwell hopes to be able to fulfil all the requests of his beloved sister without any obstacles. He will try his best to raise Henie by his responsibility as a brother.

Chapter 2

A beautiful melodious instrumental melody in a luxurious restaurant especially for the well-to-do. Wine glasses are gently shaken before enjoying the taste of the most expensive white wine prepared in the restaurant. Zica Sweran placed the wine glass on the dining table before looking softly at the face in front of her.

"It's been a long time since I drank wine with you. It feels like 4 years ago when we drank wine together for the last time." Zica Sweran said in a low tone.

"Yes. This place is the same as before. There is no difference at all." he commented on the environment of the restaurant. Still the same and not exactly changing his attitude.

"Why did you ask me to drink wine here? I don't think you want to see me just to talk about the past." Zica Sweran had a mysterious smile.

"You know right, who is the true heir of D Sunny Company?" Zhega Monisa quickly touched on the main topic.

"Yes, I k


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