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Billionaire's Wife Little Husband

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Naomi Campbell, a business woman who is widely known as the madwoman of the business world. One night, after her breakup, she saves a man named Nathan who was being bullied because of his androgynous looks. Drawn in by his innocence and clumsiness, she takes him home after hearing of his situation. However, Nathan's past is not innocent at all. Gradually, dark secrets begin to rise which threatens their relationship as well as other factors. Will those secrets break their love or will it strengthen them?

Chapter 1

"Miss Naomi, Mr. John has brought the item that you ordered. Would you like us to bring it to your office?" "No. If you bring it to the office, you will still be required to return it back. Simply bring the baker in here, please." An cold response came back from a woman whose name was Naomi. It had arrived at long last! While she waited for the baker to be brought to her office, she began shifting restlessly in her seat. It did not take up to a minute until a knock was heard on the door, but it was not immediately answered. She cleared her throat slightly and then put on her usual icy demeanor while her eyes rested a little bit. "Come on in." The door to the office was opened cautiously as a person who was carrying a tiny brown package entered the cold "Miss Naomi, the process is over. I stashed the thing in the downstairs. I wanted to show my appreciation by bringing you this extra one, so I hope you enjoy it. Mr. John uttered those words while exhibiting some mild form of fear.It must be quite nerve-wracking for him to be in the same room as Naomi Campbell, a woman who is not only a well-known aristocrat but also one of the youngest and most prominent CEOs in all of Country Y. She has a reputation for being an emotionless madwoman who does whatever she wants without even caring about the consequences of her actions.It's possible that she could murder someone and no one would raise an eyebrow about it. This is the level of power that she possesses. "I am grateful to you for the gift, and I am appreciative of your generosity." "N… no! You paid me more than the thing is even worth, and this is even less money compared to the total amount of money I still have on me." Mr. John was flailing his hands about in a very anxious manner. It was clear that he was experiencing a great deal of anxiety. "So, I suppose that wraps things up? Come with me, and show me what you've been working on." The door was opened and Mr. John followed Naomi as she got up from her seat and walked out of the well conditioned office.As she made her way slowly to the reception area, Naomi alternately clasped and released her fingers. Her expression was expressionless, yet if you went closer, you could feel her heart pounding against her ribcage. She checked the time and then took a deep breath to calm herself down. If she were more enthusiastic about what she plans to do, she might pass out from a heart attack before she really does it. On the other hand, Mr. John read her behaviors as signs of impatience, and as a result, he walked even more quickly. Of course, Naomi had no idea that he was thinking such cute and amusing things about her. When they had arrived at the reception area together, Mr. John led her to the space that housed the object they were looking for. It was concealed by a massive cover that was dark blue in color. Mr. John advanced and removed the cover by pulling it down. When Naomi looked up, her eyes opened as she took in the sight of the delicious cake. Naomi's mouth formed the beginnings of a smile as she moved closer to it, and she nodded her head to indicate that she was satisfied with it. "Mr. John, you have exceeded even the loftiest of my hopes and ambitions for you. Because you have done such a good job, I am considering making you my sole baker from this point forward, if that is okay with you. You'll still be able to work for others but your connection will widen so much."Agee? Why won't he agree? It's an opportunity that comes just once in a lifetime! He must have saved a world in his last life. As he began to genuflect earnestly, Mr. John's eyes widened in apparent disbelief. "That would be an incredible privilege for me, Miss Naomi!" "Meet my secretary," Naomi said with a chuckle. "She'll brief you on the payment and what you'll sign." Because she had previously gone through this topic together, she went ahead and prepared all of the necessary documentation. Mr. John took a moment to pause before continuing, "You talked about this with your secretary already? Why…" He was perplexed. "Well, I have a favorable opinion of the works you've done. This cake, despite its diminutive size, embodies the concept of art. The neatness and beauty are not in the least bit diminished in comparison to some of your other works. You have, if anything, even excelled the designs you have made in the past. Because you probably wanted to make a good impression on me, you did that. I have to say that this has left quite an impression on me. In any event, you should talk to my secretary. I must attend to things right away." "Once again, I want to thank you, Miss Naomi, for this wonderful opportunity! I'll never forget that!" Mr. John hurriedly went to see Naomi's secretary to finalize the contract as quickly as possible in the event that she changed her mind once more. After entering her office to get the small box of cake that had been gifted to her, Naomi then locked the door to her workspace. As she entered her vehicle while carrying the small box of cake, she used her phone to dial a number. "Miss Naomi…" There is something in my office that I need to get. Please deliver it to the home of my fiance. Take extra precautions with it since if it gets damaged in any way, you won't like what the consequences will be for you. Do you get it?" "Y… yes! I understand!" "Good. I'll keep an eye out for you."Naomi put her phone down as she started the car after she had finished locking the car door. She was gone in a matter of minutes in her car. One hour later, Naomi parked the car outside of her house since she didn't want the noise of her engine to ruin the surprise that she had made for her soon-to-be husband. She entered the yard quietly and then quietly opened the gate before locking it once she was inside. She then proceeded to the front porch. When Naomi tried to open the door by turning the knob, she discovered that it was locked. "Odd… Sarah has informed me that she saw him return home during the past few minutes. Additionally, his car is parked there." She mumbled the words to herself. However, given that she had a backup key, she did not give much thought to the fact that he had locked the door. Naomi entered the house by turning the handle on the door, and as soon as she did, her eyes fell on a female leather bag that was strewn across a chair, along with the woman's shoes and jacket. When Naomi examined the bag and the jacket more closely, she realized that she had seen them before, but she could not recall where she had seen them. In spite of the fact that she was biting her lips even more tightly and telling herself to calm down because it might not be what she was thinking, she knew that deep down that it was in fact what she was thinking. Naomi made her way to her room in complete silence; the door was cracked open but no one was there inside. She sighed a sigh of relief, but just as she did, she heard groaning sounds and shouts of difficult breathing coming from the opposite side of the corridor. She hadn't even realized it, but her legs had carried her to the location where the sounds were coming from, and her heart was pounding in her chest the whole way there. Naomi peered in through the crack in the door and saw the man who had professed his love for her to the sky, the love of her life and the fiance to whom she was engaged, forcibly pushing himself into another woman while wearing a satisfied expression on his face. The look in Naomi's eyes changed as she took in the sight of the handcuffs, whip, and candles that were casually scattered around the floor. Her eyes were watering, but there was no way she could or would let herself cry. If anyone is entitled to feel regret, it should be this guy because he's lost someone as wonderful as she was. She pulled out her phone, turned off the flash as well as the shutter sound, and then began taking shots of the two of them grappling with each other on the bed. After she had completed what she needed to, she tucked her phone back into her bag, took a few slow, deep breaths, and then rapped twice on the front door. She worked extra hard to make her knock as audible as possible. "I had no idea that you were going to have such an incredible time here, and the same goes for you, Lily. I am curious as to how enjoyable this is... As she witnessed the terror written all over their features, she supported herself against the door and leant against it. "N… Naomi!"

Chapter 2

She worked extra hard to make her knock as audible as possible. "I had no idea that you were going to have such an incredible time here, and the same goes for you, Lila. I'm curious to know how entertaining this is..." As she witnessed the terror written all over their features, she supported herself against the door and leant against it. "N… Naomi!""In the actual flesh. Are you glad to see your old friend? It would appear that I am not wanted here in any way; would you prefer that I leave?" Naomi gestured toward the entrance of the room. "N... Naomi... what... What are you even doing in this place? Lily jumped and promptly got down from the bed, a white liquid streaming down her thighs and dripping to the floor. To express her displeasure, Naomi screwed up her face and said, "I most certainly should not be here, seeing as how... This is an astonishingly awful sight. Your first name, Dick


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