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Billionaire's second wife

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After their honeymoon, Alden discovers Emma's betrayal. Witness his wife having s*x with another man. Heartbroken by the shock, he rushed out of the house in an unstable mood, unfortunately causing a serious accident that made Cara, a girl crossing the street, almost lost her life. After the impact, Cara broke her leg, and Alden himself suffered a head injury that temporarily blinded his eyes, but Alden refused surgery to restore vision. Because after the shock, Alden didn't want to see the world completely lie. As for Cara, the Alden Family decided to take responsibility for Cara by sending her back to the care mansion. After Cara recovered from her illness, knowing she was a very kind person, Alden's family discussed asking her to marry Alden. And the story of Cinderella and the billionaire begins.

Chapter 1: Betrayal Before Marriage

10:30, in the waiting room.

The groom Alden was extremely nervous, and the closer he got to the sacred hour, the more queasy he felt. That is in stark contrast to the eagerness, full of anticipation that many people often share when experiencing the most important moment of their life. He had to take a deep breath and take a few steps back, trying to think of happy things to overwhelm and suppress the uncomfortable feeling in his body. He looked at himself in the mirror, imagining himself standing in front of the altar, next to the girl he loved the most, desperately wanting to protect and protect. Both happily exchanged vows before God. Together with wearing rings for each other, is proof of love, for a marriage that is recognized by the law, society as well as everyone.

Today is your wedding day. Alden couldn't believe he had met the woman of his life. She was perfect and soon his family would consider her as wonderful as he saw her. Alden will certainly prove to everyone that his choice is absolutely correct. He is very determined, unfortunately, life is a mystery where it is easy to predict.

"Alden?" A familiar voice called his name, distracting him.

"Here, Gavin, I need your opinion." Alden ran to meet his brother, not forgetting to button up his expensive jacket.

Gavin appeared at the entrance to the waiting room, looking at Alden, smiling slightly, but inside he was constantly worried about his brother. He knows how much Alden had to struggle to get his parent's permission to marry Emma. The girl has an unknown background, her nature is also very suspicious. Not to mention her parents, Gavin herself did not have feelings for Emma. Every time he looked at the girl, he got goosebumps because of how fake she was. He always felt that the girl his brother chose was not trustworthy at all, his heart was unpredictable. For some reason, in Alden's eyes, Emma is always beautiful. He repeatedly implored his younger brother to get his eyes checked, and his nervous system examined. However, despite all their sincere opinions for him, Alden insisted on following his heart's reasoning, loving Emma wholeheartedly, as well as trying to protect and defend her in front of his parents.

With firm determination, not to mention the threat of choosing love over filial piety, Alden's parents reluctantly nodded. Alden believes that time will tell, and he will proudly tell his parents that he was right to choose to trust Emma. Ironically, he didn't know that the girl he thought he was deeply in love with only approached him for money. And yet, what is even more infuriating, in order to keep him, to make him drowsy, she did not let him drink love spells from her tricks. A spell that, once hit, will fall in love madly.

A few hours before.

While Alden and his family are busy preparing everything, from the spirit to the eye-catching, splendid appearance. Bride Emma is still as calm as ever, without any worries, as nervous as an ordinary girl about to return to her husband's house. She was still calmly doing stealth operations behind Alden's back. Emma figured that Alden wouldn't discover her secret anyway, her hypocritical face. And yet, it is to see her as a lustful, heavy s*x addict.

The proof is this, it's five o'clock in the morning, at the luxury apartment that Emma secretly used Alden's money to buy as a private shelter for her. There are two passionate bodies devouring each other in bed, sweating profusely, mentally ecstatic. The young girl was rolling around frantically, screaming and moaning loudly.

"More, I want more," Emma asked repeatedly, her eyes glazed over at some unknown point in the room filled with the scent of s*x.

"Of course I love you. I'll give you what you want, just say…" The dark-haired boy answered, panting, he grabbed Emma's waist and immediately rushed inside her.

"You make me want to die. Go deeper… Ah… More, deeper…"

The dark-haired guy pushed the girl away from him and placed her on all fours.

"I love hearing your moans." Needless to say, he started taking over the girl more and more.

The girl raised her butt high and shouted louder and louder.

"Stronger… Furthermore… It's near, coming soon… Ah…"

With a loud cry, the girl stirred feeling that the lockdown had come. The boy continued his movement until he was finally released.

"That's very wonderful." He stepped away from Emma and threw himself beside her, the two stroking each other on the bed. "When will we meet again? I love pampering you."

"Unfortunately." The tired girl replied. "I know and would love to see you again, but today is my wedding. We need to clear things up, after you get married it will be very difficult to see each other again."

"I don't want to," the man protested, "Emma, do you really need to get married?"

"Get it out, I don't like being born to work and I'm hardly a housewife taking care of kids. I want to enjoy life, and if I want to enjoy it, it has to be with a rich guy. I want to live in luxury, eat in the best restaurants, wear designer clothes, value dollar jewelry, travel, have other adventures…"

The girl excitedly listened.

"Your life must be like heaven, that is the direction of the future that you aim for. And you, look at yourself, what will be gained by being with you?"

Emma's smile was extremely gloating, as her dream was about to come true. In just a few hours, the gates of heaven will be opened to welcome her in. Emma will be as gorgeous as a queen, maybe even more. Thank God for letting her know where Alden was in the hospital. And really grateful to the friend, rather, the pawn manipulated and controlled by her, who helped Emma to easily approach Alden. And Emma will never forget the chance to meet such a brilliant, but crazy scientist who created such a miracle drug.

"Yes, I understand your ambition, but beware of adventurous adventures. One day your husband will find out." Man warned. "Theretofore…"

"No, he's crazy about me and will believe what I say. Alden will never escape your grasp." Emma smiled triumphantly.

"That's all I remind you, it's better to be careful." The man clicked his tongue emphatically. "Prevention is better than avoidance, far away water cannot save near fire. I'll just do that. Don't wait until you have nothing left, then it will be difficult to avoid the heavy punishment coming from Helen's house."

"That's what you love." She pursed her lips maliciously and conceitedly said. "I know the way around. Then you see, how easily I will get what I want and keep it for a long time. As long as Alden is held by me, nothing will be able to destroy my dreams."

"The human heart is unpredictable." The man seriously instructs her again. "You don't know only Alden. I can control, and command him, but what about Aden? He is a wise, discerning man. Not to mention Duong Mac's family is not easy to deal with."

"You worry about how much money." Emma laughed. "With Alden as my shield, I don't trust Gavin or anyone else to do anything to me."

"Openly can be dodged, but once you use the hidden weapon, it is difficult to prevent. Emma, don't be too subjective."

She clicked her tongue in displeasure, while happily talking about unlucky things, it really p*ss*d off others.

Chapter 2: Before The Wedding

In the end, to avoid a never-ending argument, Emma carelessly said without thinking much.

"Never mind, I'd love to see how they deal with me." She smiled and confirmed. "Emma is not afraid."

If you were so stubborn, it would be redundant to say more. So, Emma's secret man made up his mind. He turned, reaching for the pack of cigarettes and the lighter on the nightstand, wanting to make one.

Her smile faltered, and Emma stood up, realizing that her entire body was still shaking. With a lustful thought, Emma's lips again curled into a dark smile, a smile directed at the man named Devlin, provocative. After that, the whole body moved, moving to the side of the bed. She wanted to tease him, to test how much stamina the man in front of her could endure.

Emma ran her hand over the side of her face, slender hands following her long neck sliding down below, her peachy pink lips half-closed and wet. Wherever the hand moved, the white


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