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Billionaire's Little Bride

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~PROLOGUE~ ••• She's not married to him legally, But found herself being trapped under this man fingers. This mysterious boss of hers. He calls him little bride, And treat her like one. •~• Atherton, California in America is one of the richest in the state, The rich ones dominated the town, Perhaps you found the poor ones there, They are either maids or squats with one of the workers in the rich family mansion. Magnolia could be found in this category, Her mum Renata works for the Hampson family. She's pretty, A little but skinny but have moderate boobs and *ss as well, She has a pale skin, Which she tried her best to maintain for the past years. She talks a lot, And does not easily give into difficult situations, She's brave and cheerful. Mag just graduated from the college and the family were kind enough to let her stay in the mansion. She got lucky, Mag was offered a job as a secretary to the richest man in California, Maynard, From the Alvarez clan. He's rich, Talk less, Handsome, Few people were oppoortuned to see his face,Has no single attraction for women, There were rumours that he has went through lots of facial surgery because he's born ugly. He didn't bother to clear all this rumours since he's strict and work-minded. This pale white lady appointed as his secretary triggers something in him which made the billionaire fall helpessly for her.

Chapter 1



" The food is ready, Magnolia, Go ask Mr. Hampson maybe we can serve the food "Mrs. Renata instructed Magnolia who's busy cleaning the kitchen.

She nodded and dropped the plate in the washing base, She collected the hand towel from the rail, After cleaning her hand thoroughly, She dropped the apron before leaving for the living room.

I got there and met Mr. Hampson eating chips, I bowed softly before him and he cleaned his hand with the tissue rolls.

" Magnoila, You're here? "He asked and I nodded.

Obviously, You can see me.

" The food is ready sir, Can we serve it now? "I asked and he nodded.

" Sure, Go ahead and serve it, I'm ready to eat "He replied with a small smile and I nodded before leaving the room.

Mr. Hampson is still in his Sixties, Full of life and handsome as well, He's nice, Although his wife is a little bit strict but if you get acquainted to her, There's a little bit of kindness in her as well.

She went on a business trip, And will be back in week's time.

His daughter left for school already, While his first son, even I don't know him is in overseas to study as well.

Not Long after I'm done serving the food, He came to the dinning room to devour the food.

Turning to go, He stopped me and told me to sit beside him.

I rolled my eyes since this is not the first time I will be sitting with him.

What does he want?

" How far about your job hunt? "He asked and I gulped down nothing.

The issue of not getting a job always ruined my mood, And the day is going well.

Why did he have to remind me about that?

" I searched through the streets yesterday but I couldn't get one, Today is Saturday, So I continue tomorrow "I replied casually and he nodded.

" Sure, Since you're not ready to work in my company, I hope you get a better one soon "He said with a shrug and I huffed.

I don't want to feel indebted to the family, That's why I refused to go for the job offer he gave me.

They gave us shelter, My mom is one of their workers, It seems a little bit weird for me to start working in their company again.

" Alright sir, Thank you "I mumbled and walked out of him briskly.



I stepped down the car and walked into the house swiftly.

The guards and workers bowed respectfully for me as I walk past them but I'm not in the mood to reply to their greetings.

I entered the room and found Dad sitting on one of the couch comfortably

I hissed in anger and bow before him slightly.

" Maynard "

" Mr. Alvarez "I replied sarcastically and he chuckled.

I sat beside him and he patted my head.

" You won the contract again "He said happily and I nodded.

" I'm so proud of you, But I heard you fired your secretary again "He asked and I nodded.

" She's my worker, And we should maintain the office rule strictly but she tried seducing me, I don't know what she's trying to achieve "I scoffed and my Dad sighed.

" You're not getting any younger, You will be 26 next year, And I want to see your spouse or I start arranging blind dates for you "

" Blind dates?, That will be the last thing I will do on earth, I'm not ready to get marry now, Once I'm done with the projects, I will look for a wife "

" May...... "

" Dad, I need to take a rest, We will talk tomorrow, You should start going home " I cut him off calmly and took my jacket before leaving the living room.


Monday Morning

" I told you to wake me up once it's 6AM, I'm late for the job hunt, Fleur would have leave already "I scolded and she shook her head.

" God knows I woke you up but you shunned me off, I did my best, Magnoila, Don't try to make me feel guilty here "She said softly and I sighed.

" whatever, I'm leaving "I mumbled and she gave me some notes, I collected it and ran out of the house.

I say a short prayer before leaving the house, I hope Fleur won't get mad.

I'm late already.

I dipped my hand inside my bag then realize that I forgot my phone.

" Gosh!!, I'm so mes*sed up! "I screamed, The people walking by stared at me like I'm a psycho.

" Y'all should watch where you're going, It's none of your business "I mumbled under my breath and they faced their direction immediately.

I rolled my eyes before stamping my foot down the street.

This Monday is ruined already, How will the rest of the week be like?

Three Minutes Later....

I got to the main busy road, The place is always busy and there's a big pothole which everyone used to avoid, Include drivers and pedestrians.

I got there and moved to the other side, Then a car rushed mistakenly or maybe intentionally into the hole, Making my whole dress got wet with dirty water.


I screamed out my lungs and flung my shoes on the windscreen in annoyance.

" Hey, Where do you think you're going?, You ruined my dress for me! "I yelled and the driver stopped for a while.

It's a very flashy car, A black Ferrari for that matter but who cares?

The driver come over to where I am and scoffed.

" So, this cheap dress is the reason why you are screaming?, Everyone thought you're a psycho "He mocked and I took a deep breath trying to control my anger.

He called me a psycho because I asked for amendment of my dress??.

" Are you out of your mind?, You ruined my dress for me and you're trying to make me feel guilty here?, What's wrong with you rich people, you guys are so selfish, I..... "

" Ma'am, Please calm down, I will get you another dress and money for your shoes "A soft voice stopped me from talking and I faced the direction of where the voice came from.

Wow!, He's so cute.

I closed my eyes so as not to embarrass myself in front of this handsome man and the idiot standing beside him.

" Alright, Where's the money? "I asked and he bring out a big wad of notes.

I collected it and shove it into my purse and glares at the driver.

" Next time, Watch the way you talk to elders because I'm not your mate, I'm sure your mom didn't bridle your tongue, Brat! "I snorted before walking away briskly.

The people were staring at me while I was looking for a good mall to change my dress into.

Luckily, I found one by the road and got inside, One of the attendants came to attend to me.

Chapter 2




I stared at the girl through the rare mirror and smiled.

" Who's she? "I asked Mr. Mateo and he shook his head.

" I don't know her, She looks like a random citizen, Maybe looking for job "He replied tactically and I smiled again.

Her skin is so pale and her legs are fresh as well, She looks a little bit skinny and slightly endowned.

Her jet black hair covering her face and I chuckled as I watch her talk to the driver rudely.

" Sir, why are you smiling? "He suddenly asked staring back at me and I straightened my face back.

" I'm not smiling, Don't mix things up "I mumbled and he nodded.

When I noticed things are not getting better, I turned to my PA.

" Get some notes and give the girl, Tell her to get a new dress and shoes, We are running late for the appointment "I mumbled and he nodded before opening the suitcase containing money.

He counted some clothes and stepped down the car to a


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