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Big shot takes her to Civil Affairs after arrest

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"Her fiancé, now a relocated resident, called off the wedding on the day they got the marriage certificate. Her best friend celebrated her newfound singlehood after a night of drinking. However, she woke up to a surprise marriage with a police officer. "Sorry, my family's from the countryside, not well-off," he explained. "No problem, my income is unstable too. Let's manage together." Little did she know, her seemingly idle younger brother held numerous patents and a fortune worth billions. Her adoptive parents, known for farming, were agricultural tycoons with fields spanning the nation. Astonishingly, her biological father turned out to be the chairman of her own company, entrusting it to her care. Her government-assigned husband wondered, "Is this what you meant by not having a well-off family?" She pointed at a young entrepreneur on TV, saying, "Is this what you meant by an unstable income?" The young entrepreneur remained silent, thinking, "Earning billions or trillions annually, isn't that the epitome of income instability?"

Chapter 1 Being robbed by a scumbag ex when getting the certificate

"Please go to window 1 on the 09th..."

As the call came from the broadcast in the Civil Affairs Bureau lobby again, Yu Xia held the small note No. 9 in her hand and excitedly walked towards the window No. 1 while holding the handsome man beside her, "Yiwen, It’s our turn!”

She is about to enter into a happy marriage with her boyfriend of three years. Her heart is filled with joy, and a bright and moving smile hangs on her beautiful face for a long time.

"No! You can't get married!" A fierce and arrogant voice suddenly pierced the ear canal, and then, a sturdy, dark-skinned middle-aged woman came in front of the two of them, "I don't agree with your marriage!"

Jiang Yiwen's handsome face showed a hint of confusion, "Mom, didn't you agree before? Why did you suddenly regret it?"

Zhou Xiufen held her head high, glanced at Yu Xia through her nostrils, and then pulled Jiang Yiwen aside without any explanation, "I got the confirmation this morning that our area will be relocated by the end of the year. I put this news first." Time has told Xiaohui and her family, and their family immediately agreed to your marriage to Xiaohui. Xiaohui is already on the way here, and you and Xiaohui will get the marriage certificate in a while..."

Zhou Xiufen was spitting and talking non-stop like a machine gun. Her wrinkled face was full of complacency and petty bourgeois calculations.

Yu Xia was stunned!

So the Jiang family wants to regret their marriage on the spot?

The joy that was originally on his face disappeared in an instant!

"Please go to window 1 on the 9th..."

The sound of calling the number came again from the radio. Even the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau were afraid that the newcomer would miss the number and repeatedly reminded, "Is No. 9 here? Is No. 9 here?"

"It's over! We're done! Let's go!" Zhou Xiufen shouted loudly in the hall.

"Jiang Yiwen, is this what you mean?" Yu Xia bit her back teeth, with a cold light in her eyes and a sneer at the corner of her mouth.


"Of course! Yiwen is not a fool. He won't marry someone as rich and beautiful as Xiaohui, but he insists on marrying you, a man from the countryside with no money and power!" Zhou Xiufen glared at Yu Xia with contempt.

After that, he secretly applied eye drops to Jiang Yiwen, "Xiaohui is the only daughter in her family. When you marry her, won't all their family's property be yours? You can go get another number later, and today it will be yours." Xiaohui and I got the certificate to avoid long nights and dreams. Then you will immediately get pregnant with a son and a half daughter. By then, we will have two more people in our family, and we can get a little more space and demolition money! If Xiaohui’s belly is better , I’m pregnant with twins... then our Lao Jiang family will be burning incense!"

When Zhou Xiufen said that, Yu Xia stared at Jiang Yiwen. Those peach blossom eyes that used to impress her most were sparkling, and Yu Xia knew that he was moved by Zhou Xiufen's words.

"Jiang Yiwen, you have to think about it carefully. If you don't marry me, then we can only break up."

"What else is there to think about? Is there anyone who cares about the one-third of an acre in your rural area? What's more, you have an uneducated younger brother who will inevitably s*ck your blood in the future. Yiwen cannot be taken advantage of. !" Zhou Xiufen shouted, clearly despising Yu Xia's background.

After hesitating for a long time, as if he finally found a reason in these words, Jiang Yiwen said with a high profile, "Yu Xia, I can't follow you and become a [Fu Di Mo]."

Yu Xia was stunned and could not believe it!

Unexpectedly, it took her three years to figure out whether this person was a human or a dog!

At this moment, Zhu Yunhui walked into the lobby of the Civil Affairs Bureau wearing a fragrant suit and carrying a brand-name bag like a noble lady.

Zhou Xiufen's eyes lit up when she saw it, and she quietly poked Jiang Yiwen, "Look at Xiaohui, I heard that what she was wearing and carrying in her hands cost tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, I asked you to hang on all the time." Stay with her and don’t cut off contact..."

Yu Xia shattered the three views, so Jiang Yiwen has been disconnected from Zhu Yunhui and secretly crossed Chencang in these years? She never found out!

"Yiwen, Auntie, I'm sorry to keep you waiting for so long. Have you cleaned up the mess?" Zhu Yunhui walked over with a fake smile and spoke arrogantly.

Zhou Xiufen smiled and said, "It's taken care of. It's taken care of."

Then he glanced at Yu Xia, "Why are you still here? If you try to cheat on our family, Yiwen will not marry you. Besides, you are poor and have nothing to cheat on."

Yu Xia was stunned: So the mess Zhu Yunhui was talking about was referring to her?

"Yiwen, please go and get a new number with Xiaohui." Zhou Xiufen secretly gave her son a wink.

Seeing Jiang Yiwen obeying Zhou Xiufen's words and walking away with Zhu Yunhui in a slutty manner, Yu Xia felt that this relationship was completely over.

"I'm telling you, don't try to pester Yiwen anymore. If you cause a rift between the couple, I won't let you go, you vixen!" Zhou Xiufen warned her fiercely. In her opinion, Yu Xia is just a little goblin who has nothing but good looks and only knows how to seduce men.

Yu Xia looked at the wrinkled and yellow-skinned woman in front of her expressionlessly, and sneered, "Don't worry, here, your son has been burned in a coffin and scattered into the sea."

"You! You little b*tch dare to curse my son to death?" Zhou Xiufen's eyes popped up and she raised her arm to chop off Yu Xia's delicate face.

Although Yu Xia looks slim and boneless, she is not a vegetarian. Her black belt in Taekwondo was not in vain.

She grabbed Zhou Xiufen's wrist and threw it out so hard that Zhou Xiufen almost stumbled and fell.

"Mom, are you okay?" Jiang Yiwen and Zhu Yunhui rushed back just after taking the number, and their eyes quickly helped her.

"This little b*tch actually hit me! Fortunately, son, you stopped at the cliff, otherwise the Jiang family would be in misfortune if you married her!" Zhou Xiufen confused right and wrong and beat her up.

"Yu Xia, why are you so angry at me?" Jiang Yiwen protected Zhou Xiufen behind him and confronted Yu Xia with a sullen look on his face, "I hope we can get together and break up! If you make trouble again, the result will not change." ."

"Don't you know what your mother's virtues are? She was the one who made the move first! And there is no easy way to get together and get away from each other here, only until old age and death!" Yu Xia's gleaming eyes were filled with cold silence at this moment.

"Then I hope you can keep your word. I don't want to see you pestering Yiwen again in the future." Zhu Yunhui added with a smile, and the hostility was very obvious.

Yu Xia also responded with a dry smile that was not as deep as her eyes, "I didn't expect that I planted a tattered B-tree in three years. Since you want to recycle the tattered tree, I will give it to you for free."

Zhu Yunhui's smile froze.

Jiang Yiwen became angry from embarrassment, "You! Who are you scolding?"

Yu Xia raised her thin eyelids and glanced at him, "Didn't I scold you clearly enough?"

The next moment, she raised her hand and slapped him on the face. There was a loud and clear sound, and everyone was stunned!

"Is it clear enough now? You've been playing tricks on me for three years, and I'll give you a slap in the face. That's it!"

Chapter 2 These people are too dull in appearance

When she walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Yu Xia happened to see a Volkswagen Tiguan parked on the side of the road. It seemed to be the car she had booked online, so she opened the door and got in.

The man driving the car turned around in surprise, holding a phone in his hand, and saw a woman wearing a sparkling red dress. The thin shoulder strap hung on the thin shoulders, and there was a risk of breaking at any time.

It also saves too much fabric. The large area of cool white leather makes his car particularly clean and tidy.

Looking further up, he faintly scanned the woman's face. The man's voice on the phone suddenly stopped. A pair of black eyes were as bright as stars. The long-gone time in his memory suddenly found its way back.

"I won't tell you anymore. We'll talk later." The man ended the call in the next second.

Just as he was preparing to say something, he heard the woman urging him, "Let's dri


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