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Caught Between Two Billionaires

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I came to my dream city to fulfill my long dream, while making tangible earnings to cater to my poor family's needs but things crashed for me when I met just this one man- the infamous Charles Donald. He became a thorn in my flesh, seeking revenge on me for stamping on his ego. But what could be more soothing during my hard times when I met the one man I had crushed about all my life and dreamt of spending the rest of my life with? I've seen Davis as my prince charming and imagined myself to be his Cinderella always. I wasn't expecting to meet him In the big city of New York. But our reunion wasn't all great when the grumpy Charles wouldn't let me be after I was done paying him my debt. I find myself caught up between two different men and never expected to have my heart crushed by one when I got to know about a wrenching truth.

Chapter 1 - Met Mr. World Arrogant Man

Helena POV"Please hold on, I am coming. I will be right there; please tell them to wait. I will be there in a... oops!" I exclaimed as I fell to the ground, having bumped into someone and spilled the paper cup of coffee I was holding all over him. The person, in turn, pushed me to the floor. What the heck? I never knew rocks move around in the mall. No. This isn't funny."Hey, you worthless dog! How dare you! Are you blind?" A man standing at 6 feet 3, with a strong build and striking features, bellowed while dusting off his suit. He seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite place where I'd seen him before. Regardless, his rudeness fuelled my determination to give it back."Hey, buddy, you are the worthless one here. You had your eyes up while walking. You even pushed me to the floor, but I let it slide.""Well, I won't, not until you get me another suit and a pair of shoes because the coffee you spilled on me has stained my entire outfit," he said firmly.As the exchange of words continued, oblivious to our surroundings, I could see the shock in his eyes over my retorts. The unexpected confrontation had escalated quickly, and now the two of us were engaged in a verbal sparring match, neither of us refusing to back down.Fuelled by a mixture of embarrassment and indignation, I wasn't about to let the man's arrogant demeanor go unchallenged. "You think I am getting you anything? You should watch where you're going instead of blaming others for your clumsiness."The man, seemingly taken aback by my feisty response, retorted, "Clumsiness? I don't spill coffee on people and then have the audacity to play the victim. You owe me a new suit, and I expect you to replace it."Not one to back down, I stood my ground. "I owe you nothing! If anything, you owe me an apology for pushing me to the floor. Now, if you will excuse me, I have places to be."Our heated exchange continued, drawing the attention of onlookers who couldn't help but watch the unfolding drama. My bold and unapologetic demeanor clashed with the man's entitled attitude, creating a scene that neither of us expected when we crossed paths.In the midst of the verbal jousting, I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew him from somewhere. Despite the chaos, a spark of recognition flickered in my mind, but the focus remained on the escalating confrontation. I attempted to leave, but he stopped me."Hey, where are you going, lady?! This suit is ruined because of you," the man persisted.Undeterred, I shot back."Ruined? Your suit was probably more expensive than my entire wardrobe. I am not your personal dry cleaner. Deal with it yourself."He narrowed his eyes, clearly irritated. "You are incredibly rude, you know that? I demand compensation for this mess."Crossing my arms defiantly, I replied, "Demand all you want, but you won't get anything from me. Maybe next time, watch where you're walking instead of expecting the world to cater to your every need."The man scoffed, "You are impossible. A woman like you should learn some manners." I chuckled sarcastically, "Oh, so now it is about gender? I do not need your approval or anyone else's. I suggest you find a dry cleaner and leave me alone."He leaned in, an arrogant smirk on his face. "You can not just walk away from this. I won't let you."I raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. "What are you going to do, follow me around all day? Good luck with that. I've dealt with worse than you."Undeterred, he continued the verbal onslaught. "You think you're so clever, don't you? I bet you've never met someone like me."I felt a mix of annoyance and amusement. "Oh, trust me, I have met plenty like you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have things to do that don't involve arguing with entitled strangers."But he wasn't finished. "I won't forget this. You will regret crossing paths with me."With indifference, I waved my hand with an eye roll, muttering, "I highly doubt that." I couldn't shake the feeling that this encounter, bizarre as it was, wouldn't be the end of our unexpected clash.I could not help but wonder why he was so determined to engage in this verbal duel. Regardless of his classy appearance, he seemed hellbent on getting under my skin."You're not going anywhere until you compensate for my suit!" The man declared, grabbing my arm firmly when I attempted to go again. My patience wearing thin, I shot back, "Let go of me! I owe you nothing. If you don't release my arm, you'll regret it." I said through gritted teeth.He sneered, tightening his grip. "You think you can just ruin my suit and walk away? Pay up or face the consequences."Undeterred, I gave him a mouthful. "Consequences? I do not take threats lightly. I suggest you let go before things get ugly."Ignoring my warning, he continued, "You will pay for this one way or another."Fed up, I jerked my arm away, not intimidated by the two huge bodyguards standing behind him. "Touch me again, and you will be the one in need of some painkillers."The man, realizing I wasn't backing down, shouted, "Don't you dare!"But, fuelled by a mix of anger and determination, I pushed him aside and forced my way through the imposing bodyguards with surprising strength. I sprinted through the mall, weaving through the crowd, not once looking back.The man, fuming, yelled after me, "You can not escape this!" My heart pounding, I reached the exit. Unfazed by the threats, I ran out of the mall, leaving behind the chaos I had inadvertently caused. As I disappeared into the bustling streets, I couldn't help but feel a surge of triumph.

Chapter 2 - Encountered a Sassy She-devil

Charles POVLifting my hand, I stopped my bouncers who were ready to chase after the gutsy girl. "Let her be," I said with irritation, turning away to head back to my car, and I zoomed off.I arrived home, the earlier encounter replaying in my mind. Lost in thought, I went into the house, and as I was in my room reminiscing, Nanny Rita walked in. She had been my nanny for as long as I could remember."What happened?" She asked, looking anxious. "You look tense. Did you bump into a tree, dear?""Nanny, it's worse than that. But you know what, I'm gonna pay her back no matter what. Get me my special coffee while I go freshen up right now," I said, frustration evident in my voice, and I stormed into the bathroom.As the water cascaded down, my mind replayed the scene with the audacious girl. The audacity she displayed only fueled my determination to make her pay for the damages to my out


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