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Honey Queen and her estranged brother Juni were left to the hands of fate when their ambitious parents chose to leave them behind and expand their illustrious business empire in foreign territories... Honey navigated through life almost devoid of true love and having to find herself at the wrong end of things, her cousin Amelia, unjustly hated her and sought everything within her power to constantly be a pain in the neck for Honey... also betrayed by her closest friend and confidant, Amy Taylor who swooped onto the rarest of opportunities, deciding to elope with Honey's first lover who left her for dead ... In spite of all these, the gritty Honey seemed determined to come out on top of the challenges and wonders life seemed to pose at her... Wonders were a constant as Honey and her brother managed to sail through these ups and downs and eventually meeting with a certain rich CEO and business magnate, Noel, who seemed to want her for himself... How did they fare, find out in this enthralling story of Honey's beautiful wonders....

Chapter 1

On a rainy day, a young lady, about the age of 24, looking pale while beaten under the rain. She is dressed in plain pink short gown with a pink piece that takes the place of the belt tied into a bow in the front of her dress. She usually has a sharp, lively demeanor with her beautifully arched eyebrows and with a nice smile that suits her face so well which now carries an unsmiling expressionless sad face as she looks down after watching in despair at the ongoing scene happening right in front of her. She remembers her college life. College had most of her loveliest experiences because she had just the right grades, supportive parents and friends that really loved and cared for her so much. And the memories of mum and dad smiling with her, while she graduates and as they take different poses in front of the camera full of cheer and joy. After the pictures, she spent so many beautiful times with her friends from school and especially with her boyfriend Fred and her super best friend Amy, then there was Daisy, Princess, Rachel, and there was Amelia her cousin. Her best friend, Amy, a blond chic lady has been her friend since grade school, their parents had helped each out when Amy’s parents car got broken and Honey’s parents had just the right car jack and car equipment to fix it back to the right state. From then on as children, they got really close and Amy introduce herself to Honey

“Hi, I’m Amy Taylor, what’s your name?” wearing a nice blue short dress with white riffle under the dress, and a matching blue coloured bow tying up her already growing blonde hair in a bun.

“My name is Honey Queen, it’s nice to meet you in the you”. She replied as she extends her hand and they shake hands. Honey wore a green long shirt that reached her knee, while she wore a leggings underneath.

It was the beginning of their lovely friendship. Amy had taught her almost everything she really needed to know, all about relationship gossips, fashion and a lot of where to get the nicest gossips about popular music pop stars and popular singers,musicians and actors. Honey always saw her beaming with so much excitement and Amy would skip towards her direction especially because she can’t wait to tell Honey about the latest juiciest gossips. Honey treasured Amy because she was like a beaming light of hope that always kept her company all through her school days. Frederick was her boyfriend back then ever since high school. She studied to enter the same college with him but Amy thought that was just stupid. Amy never liked Fred. But she followed Honey just so she could stay by her side, and protect her, because she knew Honey could be quite calm and really observatory but she can be a bit air-headed especially because she tries to meet up to her parents expectations and also chase her dreams of going into an Art and Fashion company. But ever since she’s been dating Fred, she has been spending too much time with him to focus on her dreams. She had always thought they were going to be together and even get married, but it’s all gone! All hope of their future together has been dashed away!!

It looks unreal as she watches her red-haired cousin kissing her boyfriend. They had spent 5 years together but it all seems like nothing as her dreams are dashed away. She watched on trying to realize if she was having a bad dream. Her boyfriend had invited her to the front of the cathedral where he first asked her to be his girlfriend. He had known she liked him since high school, and she was really pretty and had the nicest smile and laugh that could make it look like nothing else matters but just calmness... She was a girl every guy would die to be with, but then all of a sudden, she went after him because she thought he was cute especially since the time they first met when the chemistry teacher paired them together and she thought he was really smart and gentle. Everyone in their class thought she would be the type to not talk to anyone because she was pretty, but she turned out to be so kind and was quite good at making conversations. And then there was her boisterous friend that always dropped by at the class to see her. He felt lucky to date her, but when he started dating her, this blonde lady called Amy that always showed up in the class to meet Honey, gave him a sharp piercing scary look at one time she came to Honey’s class,

“Creepy” He thought, while he sat at his desk at the edge of the class and twirling his pen.

Luckily in this present event, while she came out on this fine afternoon after receiving Fred’s call, Amy had called her out so they could go check her shopping list to update her wardrobe before they start working together in their dream Art and Fashion Company, since they just finished graduating from college together. Before Fred showed up, they did a little window shopping for some snacks, chocolates, and then went ahead to check for Mrs Tyler’s popular dress designs which Mrs Albert Williams’ shop always sold. There were rumors that the two of them had worked together before but then everyone always wondered why Mrs Albert wasn’t out there with Mrs Tyler doing the whole modelling parades and shows on their fashion and modelling company in Paris. Everyone thought they had a fight, but some said that the star model began to become more popular and so she forgot the important people by her side that made her success to happen. And Amy and Honey seemed to have really been big fans of Mrs Albert's designs and looked up to this super model as well.

Chapter 2

They wanted to be able to meet her one day and probably even work with her.

But just then, Honey had received a call from Fred so she had to go back to the front of the cathedral where they had said they would meet. Amy said she would stay and wait. She never liked seeing them get all mushy and stuff, so she stayed behind.

“Just call me when you guys are done okay, If it’s a date then we might just have to ditch him together” Amy said while she smiled to herself for bringing up the one idea she’d always thought they’d do, and to just abandon him and take off somewhere, and laughing holding on to ice creams, and imagining his sorry sad pathetic face.

“Amyyy….” Honey says while laughing heartily and blushing while saying “ You know I cant just leave him all by himself, and he came all this way to see me, maybe he wants to take things a little more higher in our relationship, you know we’ve dated for some years now”

“Ugh, snap out of it Honey, he may not be pl


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