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Be my wifey or lose your job

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"I have found the woman I want to marry. Her name is Janelle Bright. She's the woman I want" George McFarland is one of the ranking billionaire in the city. His mother has been pestering him to get a wife as he isn't getting younger but older. On going to the court to see his employer get indicted,he met Janelle and immediately picks interest in her. "I want to request your daughter from you, ma'am. And,I hope you won't turn me down." George's mother went to Janelle mother convenience shop. When Janelle got to know what was happening,she was told she was going to wed a man she barely knows in the coming weeks.

Chapter 1 Love at first sight

George POV

"What are you even saying,mom?. That's sh*t,how will you choose the person I wanna spend the rest of my life with?,who does that!."I said angrily.

Mom sighed and sat down on the chair.

She took a sip out of her coffee then looked at me.

"Then what did you expect me to do?, you're not getting any younger, George, neither I'm I. I want to see my grandsons and daughters and spend enormous time with them before..."

"Oh,please,mom. I'm only Twenty five years."I rolled my eyes then grab my flask on the table.

"Really? George, look I'm done doing talks with you. Be ready to meet your wife this night."mom replied and got on her feet then walked off.

I opened my mouth to protest but closed it back.

Words are no better then actions.

I grab my flask from the table and walked out of the dining room.

I went out to the garage and threw my car keys at my driver.

"Good morning,sir."he greeted and I nodded.

"Take me to the branch court."I said while walking towards the car.

"Okay, sir."he replied then hurried over to open the door for me.

I stepped inside and he slammed the door closed.

He walked around the car and came to occupy the driver's seat.

He fixed his seatbelt then insert the key in the ignition hole then drove out of the compound.

I'm going to watch my worker indicted.

He stole from my company and I charged him to court.

I hope he doesn't get away with this.


Janelle's Pov

I grab all the necessary files I will be needing then wore my robe.

I packed my hair in a ponytail and swinged it to the side.

I sighed before moving out of the office.

The chief face popped up immediately I opened the door.

I jerked backwards then scoffed.


"Don't worry,I came to cheer you up."he smiled.

"Ugh!, please don't cheer me up."I replied.

"Anyways,we have to win this case. The man you want to indict is a worker of George,you know him, right?."he asked and I nodded.

"I heard he will be coming also and he wants the man to be jailed and.."

I glanced at my wristwatch then gasped.

"I gotta go. The trial will begin in five minutes time."I rushed my words then quickly walked away.

I bumped into someone on the way and the files I was holding fell down and scattered on the floor.


Oh God!.

"Oh, I'm sorry..I didn't see you coming.."the person apologized.

"Geez.. you should have watch where you are going."I scoffed and drop on a crouch.

I started packing the scattered files and the person that bumped into me bent down and picked some for me.

I nabbed it from him and stood up.


I glanced at him for a short period and walked away briskly.


George's Pov

I stared at the lady I bumped into as she walked away.

A small smile touched my face.

She's really pretty..

Her long hair swinging from one side to the other made her more beautiful.

I like her already..

"Uhh... strangers shouldn't be here unless they have appointments with a prosecutor."a voice said and I turned to my side to see a man in his early fifty probably.

"Pardon my manners,I heard the prosecutor that will be indicting the man that stole from my company is here and I came to..."

"Oh my goodness,Mr George. Nice meeting you. The prosecutor left a while ago and I guess you must have seen her on your way here,she was in a hurry to the courtroom."he replied.


She must be the one I'd bumped into.

I love this.

"Okay then, thanks."I nodded and turned around and walked away.

George POV.

I pushed the cloak door opened and stepped inside.

"Your honor. Two weeks ago,the man sitting there stole from a big company but thankfully,he was caught and..."the prosecutor said while I went to take a seat on the bench.

"Objection,my lord. I would like to..."the attorney Interrupted.

"Objection over ruled.. You can continue.."the judge said as he beckoned to the prosecutor.

My eyes trailed over to her and she nodded and continued.

"So,as I was saying..this man..."

And that was how the trial went on.


"The evidence the both side submitted isn't should get some more prove in the next trial."the judge announced then stood up.

"Court arise!."someone said and we all stood up.

After the judge was out of view,the people started leaving one after the other.

I gazed over to the prosecutor and she looked kinda angry.

I sighed and pocketed my hand.

I gave her a final look before exiting the court room.

I moved out to the parking lots and then to my car.

My driver bowed then opened the car door for me.

I hopped in and relaxed my back.

"Ren?."I called my driver as he came in.

"Sir?,do you need anything?."he asked.

"Well,yeah. I want you to find out more about the prosecutor and give me feedback."I said.

"Oh, okay."he nodded.


~Two days later~


I threw a gum in my mouth and started chewing on it.

"Do you have any information about her yet?."I asked.

"Her name is Janelle Bright. She came from a very poor background and her mother owns a convenience store and..."

"That's not what I want."I snapped.

"I want informations about her love status."

"Ah, sorry.. she doesn't have a boyfriend."he replied.

I smirked lightly and rubbed my lips with my thumb.

"How come a pretty lady like her is still single."I asked no one in particular.

"Not only that,she haven't for once had a boyfriend..we can say her love life is a bit messy.."he added.

I looked up at him and he shrugged.

I grab my phone and put a call across to mom.

She picked up at the fourth ring.

"Why are you calling me?."was the first thing she said.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed.


"I called to tell you that I'm finally ready to settle down."I drop the words.

The other line went silent for a moment.

Even Ren turned to look at me.

"What?,is this a prank of yours?..look here, George.. I'm not up for your prank this afternoon."she voiced out after a moment of silent.

"This is no prank,mom. I'm dead serious."I frowned.

"Wait, really?. Oh my, thank God. George?.."mom sounded excited.

"Her name is Janelle Bright. She's the woman I want."I said.


Chapter 2 Where?

George POV.

"Oh, Janelle Bright, right?. Don't worry,I will make some research on her. Oh my,I'm so happy.."mom gushed out.

I rolled my eyes then sighed.

"I will discuss about her profile with you better in the..."

"No..I can't wait that long. I will start researching about her now..oh...geez..."mom cut me off happily.

"Okay,then. Please yourself."I said before hanging up.

I sighed in relief and smiled lightly.

This went smooth than I imagined.

The only problem now is the girl.

I hope she will like me.

Oh,of course.

"That's certain. Is there someone who wouldn't love George?."Ren said.

I turned to him and scoffed.

Did I said that aloud?.

Janelle's mom.

I was cleaning the store when the bell jungle indicating a customer is coming in.

"Welcome!."I greeted.

I dropped the vacuum cleaner an


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