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Assassin's baby

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Ranie Oleen Nach, also known as NYX, is a master assassin who kills people without leaving a trace. One day, NYX was proclaimed dead without a trace, leaving three questions unanswered: when, why, and how did she die? Dhruv Ugo Mace is a former police officer who is haunted by the memories of his first love, Ranie Oleen Nach. Dhruv is still suspicious of her death as the evidence gathered was insufficient to declare her death as natural. But just as he was about to give up looking for her, a mysterious lady applied to be his secretary, and he sees his first love in the woman but believes it's impossible, but what if they're the same person?

Chapter 1 - First and last Mission

Nisha’s POV

Today is Monday, and the sun is shining brightly, promising the day will be pleasant. I can hear the birds singing as they play in the tree in front of the house. I was making pancakes for morning when I heard noises from behind me, which made me grin.

“Mom, pig just stole again my things!”

"Mom, cow, you're lying! I didn't steal anything from her!"

I stopped what I was doing to look at the two people bickering in front of me, and I simply smiled as I looked at my lovely son and daughter.

"Imri Reyan Damore, return what you took from your sister," I said to my 17-year-old son, who was taken aback by what he heard from me.

“Mom! I'll tell you the truth: I didn't steal anything from her! " He argued, defending himself against the allegation.

"Where is my favorite jacket if you didn't steal it?" "My 17-year-old daughter, Boone Arsha Damore, questioned of her younger brother about the whereabouts of her jacket.

I returned my focus to the pancakes I was preparing and moved them to the two plates alongside the stove before carrying both plates to the table while still listening to my son and daughter who were still arguing.

"I'm not sure!" And I have an alibi: I would never take that hideous jacket of yours! I despise anime! " Imr reasoned out and explained why he would not take his sister's jacket.

"My jacket is not awful!" she said. "And just so you know, you loathing my jacket could be a motive to steal it so you can get rid of it!" " Boone argued back to his brother.

When I finished placing the dishes on the table, I leaned against the wall to watch my two kids argue about who stole the jacket. I merely grinned as I saw their obstinacy and seriousness while confronting each other.

"Wow, I'm not that awful to steal it and get rid of that hideous jacket, which I can't even touch since it's so hideous!" Imr justified himself once more, citing reasons why he did not take it.

Boone locked his gaze on his brother's face, "No, I'm sure you took it, just give it back!" Boone said, still convinced that her brother had stolen it.

"I told you I didn't take it!" First and foremost, how can I steal it from you when you have a lock put inside your room? " Imr said once again, citing reasons why he can't steal it.

"One of the reasons you stole my jacket was because you like solving puzzles, especially numbers!" Boone responded to his brother.

Imr was upset as he looked at his sister, who was staring at him with an icy expression. "What's the connection with me who likes puzzles and is skilled at numbers?! It makes no sense! I've told you many times that there's no need for me to steal your jacket. "Imr reacted with a confused tone of voice.

Even though I want to keep watching their argument about who stole the jacket, I have to put a stop to it because they will be late for school. I walk over to where they're standing and try to stop them.

"Now, Imr, please return your elder sister's jacket to her, okay?" I said to Imr, who was staring at me with disbelief.

"Do you think I stole it, Mom?" Is it so awful in your perspective that I would do such a thing to my own sister? Unbelievable! "Imr replied, 'I can't believe his own mother thinks how horrible his son is to do something like this to her own sister,' and I could feel the pain in his eyes as he looked at me.

"I Imr that's not i-" I was about to complete my remark when I heard a sob behind me.

I caught sight of Boone weeping as she looked at her brother.

"G-Give me back the gift Grandpa gave me, jerk!" As tears streamed down her cheeks, she asked her brother to return her jacket, which his grandfather had given her.

"Goddamn it! Isn't it so unfair that it's two vs one? Whatever it was, I didn't take it! " Imr exclaimed in surprise at his voice and stormed out of the kitchen.

Before he could leave the kitchen, he collided with someone, which caused him to stop and check who he had bumped with, "Nana?! " He exclaimed, startled in his voice.

When Boone and I heard Imr exclaim, we both looked up and saw my grandmother beaming at Imr, so Boone walked up to welcome her grandmother.

"Nana, what brings you here?" " Boone questioned, smiling as she kissed her grandmother's cheeks in welcome.

"How come I'm not permitted to see my grandkids, even though I miss them so much?" " My grandmother reacted with joy in her voice as Imr kissed her cheeks as a greeting.

"Of course, Nana, you are welcome to visit us at any moment!" As a response, Boone smiled at her grandmother.

"That's wonderful," grandmother said to Boone, who was beaming, "but why are you so downcast? Are you upset that I came to see you? " Grandmother took note when she observed Imr wasn't speaking.

When his grandma stated that, Imr was caught off guard and compelled to modify his attitude to one of happiness. "No Nana, I am delighted that you came to see us, I was just thinking about something so don't worry," Imr explained.

"Hmmm... What were you thinking about, dear? Your girlfriend?" grandmother probed once again, interested as to what his grandchild was thinking.

Imr was taken aback by his grandmother's question and shakes his head in denial. "I don't have a girlfriend Nana, I was just thinking about the assignment we had at school," Imr explained.

“Hmmm…. Is it true that was homework? "Grandmother stated she was still skeptical, but trusted her grandson's explanation." Anyway, as I was headed into the kitchen, I heard someone arguing, who was it? " Grandmother questioned as she headed towards the table to place her handbag on the table.

"But no one was arguing?" Is that correct, mom? " Boone lied in response, urging me to lie as well.

I looked at Imr, who was suddenly silent and not looking at anybody. grandmother was gazing at me, waiting for my affirmation.

So, I feigned a grin as I replied to grandmother, "Yes, I suppose you heard me arguing with my friend on the phone," I claimed lying.

"Is that so dear?" grandmother accepted my bogus explanation and sat down at the table, took one of the pancakes, and ate it " This is really good sweetie," grandmother said of the pancake that I made.

"Thank you, grandmother," I replied as I sat down at the table with my grandmother to eat.

"Oh dears, you're not going to eat your breakfast?" grandmother inquired at Boone and Imr, who had not moved.

The sound of the bus was heard promptly outside the house, jolting them back to reality. They made eye contact as they heard the bus approaching and raced to gather their belongings.

"Mom, we're leaving; goodbye, Grandma!" They both waved us farewell and dashed outside to catch the bus.

grandmother and I were the only ones remaining inside the house after the kids had departed. Grandmother was still eating the pancakes that Boone and Imr didn't eat, and I was just preparing my morning coffee, and while I carefully stirred my coffee, I was staring out our kitchen window.

"Dear, I want you to kill someone," grandmother stated abruptly and solemnly.

When I heard what she said to me, I stopped stirring my coffee and looked at her, "What are you saying, grandmother?" " I questioned, pretending that I don't understand what she's saying.

grandmother laughed sarcastically at what she heard from me. "Dear, don't pretend you don't understand what I'm saying, we both know what I mean," grandmother remarked seriously to me.

D*mn it! I walked up to the table with my coffee and placed it on the table, taking a seat in front of mum, who was still staring at me coldly.

"You know I don't do it anymore, grandmother?" "I reminded grandmother that I had quit doing it.

"It doesn't mean you can't start afresh, sweetie," grandmother explained.

"Are you insane, grandmother?" " I was enraged with her.

grandmother only smirked at my reply, "Perhaps? Just be honest, sweetie, you miss your little adventure as an assassin," grandmother said as she finished the last of the pancakes on the table.

I glanced at grandmother coldly as I heard the term assassin on her lips. Yes, I was an assassin in the past, but I quit when I was pregnant with my children, and I've been acting like a normal person ever since, forgetting about my former life.

"Don't you dare mention that word, grandmother," I threatened her as I began drinking my cold morning coffee.

"Ranie, what's the deal with the term assassin?" grandmother asked “It's only a word," grandmother explained to me, using my former name.

"Don't use that name," I threatened grandmother as I tightened my grip on my cup.

Grandmother was not even fazed by my threat to her; instead, she merely grinned mischievously and held her chin between her palms in front of me and said, "Why can't I use the name that your grandfather and I gave you when you were born in this world?" Grandmother questioned, her voice icy and intimidating.

"Because that name is already dead and should be forgotten," I said, not frightened of her intimidation.

"If your grandfather hears that, lovely Ranie, he will be unhappy at you for suggesting it should be forgotten. Do you know how carefully your grandfather thought about the name he would give to his second granddaughter, and you will just say forget about it?" grandmother exclaimed angrily, remembering grandfather.

"Grandmother, I'm simply stating the facts, Ranie Oleen Nach and Nyx are both dead, okay? So don't ever bring up the deceased again," I told grandmother.

"Hmm... did you say anything?" Grandmother asked, pretending not to hear what I said, "Anyway, you need to assassinate someone for me, it was your grandfather's last wish when he died, he wants you to kill his longtime rival," grandmother added standing up, walking towards the fridge, opening it, getting water to drink, pouring it into the glass, and sipping it all.

"Did you hear what I said, grandmother?" I questioned, agitated.” I can't do what you're saying since Nyx is no longer alive! " I objected, disagreeing with what my grandmother had conveyed to me.

"Only your name is dead, sweetie, not your body; you are alive so you may accomplish what your grandfather has asked you to do; do you not love your grandfather? “grandmother questions my affections for my grandfather. "How come you accept when it's someone else but not when it's your family, it's so unfair," grandmother commented.

Well, crap. You're also being unjust, grandmother, since you know how weak I am when it comes to my grandfather.

"All right, who shall I murder? But this is the last time I will assassinate someone," I asked, telling grandmother that this is the final time I will assassinate someone.

grandmother's face lit up when she heard I consented to her request, and she smiled at me. "I'll tell you tomorrow when you reach your location, sweetie, but for now you best pack your things first," grandmother remarked enthusiastically to me.

Before I could respond, she grabbed both of my shoulders and helped me rise up from the chair, then pulled me inside my room. I have a nagging suspicion that I should not have agreed to do this.

Chapter 2 – The Target

Nisha’s POV

The next day, I was in the airport with my luggage with mom saying farewell to me, along with Boone and Imr, who thought I was going on a one-year business trip. grandmother merely informed me where my target was residing, which was in New York, and that I needed to fly from the United States to New York. That's all she told me. She stated that everything will be discussed to me once I got to my destination.

"Mom, we'll miss you," Boone whispered, fighting back tears as she embraced me firmly.

"I will also miss you sweetheart, so in the meantime, follow what your grandma says okay?" I hugged her back tightly.” Don't cause any havoc while I'm away? " I answered, issuing commands for them to obey while I am not around.

"We will, mom," they both assured.

"Good, let me embrace you both again so I can have energy to finish my work and come home early," I said, and they both moved to hug me, and I held them strongly till I was contented.



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