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Arrogance and Sweet

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Matilda Huston is a young girl with a painful past, she moved to Canada a few months back, and she got a job in a world-famous multinational company. She met Easton Fanaggaen who is arrogant rich CEO of Fanaggaen industries whose chains are spread throughout the world, unknown to her Easton knows more than she knows, he asks her to be his fake fiance to run away from the marriage his parents have framed for him. Later she comes to know about his secret that shakes her will she fall in love with the CEO? Will they end up together or her dark past will haunt her?

CHAPTER 1 A Good News

Before you read!

It’s a mature themed story so read it if you are 18. If you feel uncomfortable then leave peacefully.

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She was getting ready for the interview when her phone started ringing. She has grabbed the phone in rush while adjusting her coat. By looking at the number she smiled widely. She picked up the phone.

“Hi Ivan how are you? How is my sweet little Azalea?” she asked smiling widely.

“She is fine she misses her Aunt Matilda” he said laughing from the other side.

“Aww I missed her too Ivan, but you know I can’t visit at least for two years” she said sadly.

“No its okay Matilda I know you have just migrated to Canada six months ago, tell me have you find the job?” he asked.

“Yeah I got an interview today and guess what it is the number one industry in the whole Canada” she said happily.

“Whoa best of luck and tell me how it was and I am d*mn sure you will get this job” he said happily. She smiled.

“Okay Ivan I will call you at the evening when there would be morning in Malaysia” she said happily. She hung up the phone and turned to grab her bag. She finally looked at herself in the mirror, she was ready for interview.


Six months ago Matilda Huston immigrated to Canada, Ottawa. She had chosen this country because of its wonderful opportunities. She settled in Canada, it took her six months to adjust and she had given many interviews but no one has answered her, today she had another interview. As the office was a bit far from the apartment she was living in, it took her an hour to reach their. But luckily she left earlier, so she reached on the time.

There were a lot of candidates; they took the seat nearby the some random brunette girl. It has been six months she had been living her and she never had made any friend. She was a bit anti social. The only person she talks to was Ivan, her best friend.

After half an hour her name was called. She got up and get inside the office. It was the whole board sitting the office for the interview, she took a deep breath and sits on the seat. They have asked her some random questions. It was quiet a good interview. She was sure she will get the job. It was personal assistant position. She wanted this job really badly.


It was already evening when she came back to home. She took her phone and called Ivan. “Yeah Ivan it was good I am sure I will get this job” she said happily. “I am really happily for you Matilda since you have been passed through a lot…..” he was saying sadly when she cut him off in the middle. “Ivan you know I don’t like to talk on this topic” she said in a bitter way. “I know Matilda, I am so happy for you” he said. She smiled. “Good night Ivan I will call you tomorrow I am so tired you know office is one hour distance from my apartment” she said. “Take rest Matilda I will call you soon” he said smiling and hung up. She smiled. She lies on the bed and she smiled bitterly.


She was sleeping and it was already 9 O’ clock. She overslept due to insomnia last night. She put off the eye mask she was wearing. She grabbed her phone from side table. It was an unknown number. She picked it up. “Hello!” she said in a sleepy voice.

There was some woman from the other side. “Miss Huston! I am Sara Peterson from Finnegan’s industry’s HR department; you have been selected as personal assistant at Finnegan’s industry. She got up in rush. “You are expected at the office tomorrow morning Thank you” the woman said “Yeah I will at time there” she said hung up the phone. She was so much happy, she has been looking for the job since weeks.


She wanted to buy some clothes, for her office. She entered the mall nearby her department. She was checking on blue back cross top when she heard someone was insulting salesgirl. “You don’t know who I am, I will close you mall” she turned to look, it was arrogant looking blond girl “I am sorry Mam, I am telling you the dress has already been sold you can choose any other dress from the shop” said the salesgirl. “No I will complaint to your manager” said the blond girl. She rolled her eyes. The manage has arrived and now was trying to calm her down but she was still screaming like mad woman. “It was only a dress and she is creating a scene” said the salesgirl in a whisper. But unfortunately to her the woman heard her.

“What you said? You cheap little b*tch” said the blond and she was about to slap her when Matilda ran to rescue. She grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“How dare you? You can’t beat anyone like that, despite who the hell you are?” she said angrily. The woman pushes her hand away with nasty looks.

“How dare you to stop me? You don’t know who I am? I am top ambassador of pearl fashion industry” she said angrily.

“And you little dumb has touched me with your dirty hands, you gonna pay for what you have done” she said angrily and then she raised her hand to hit Matilda, But someone has stopped her in the middle.

It was some tall man in his mid twenties. He had dark blue eyes and dark fawn hairs. He was a very strong personality. Both the girl and manager were staring at him like they knows him. His face was poker.

The blond girl turned to look and her expressions changed to terrifying. “Mr., Mr. Easton!” she said in a terrifying voice.

“Miss jean! Being a top fashion model of the magazine and an ambassador of the brand, you should not do something like that, you should not give chances to the paparazzi to take beautiful pictures of yours damaging the company’s reputations” he said expressionlessly.

“Mr. Easton I, I am sorry I, I” she was trying to say something but her words were betraying her. He took out some cash from his wallet and gives the sales girl. The blond woman has give a nasty to look to the salesgirls and then to Matilda and she left.

“Here take these for your harm” he said and turn to leave not before giving a cold sigh to Matilda, who was confuse why he was giving her such glance, she started looking away.

“You okay?” she asked. “Yeah I am fine” said the salesgirl.

“Who was he?” she asked. “Are you new at the town? You don’t know Mr. Easton?” asked the manager and left giving her strange glance. The salesgirl laughs.

“He is Mr. Easton the top business tycoon of the Canada” she said while looking a outside of the door where he was sitting in his car with blond girl. “Who is she and why he pays for her?” she asked curious.

“She is top model of one of Mr. Easton’s industry, and his recent girlfriend” she said with nasty expressions. “Riches bring such ugly beauties like bees around honey” she said bitterly and left.


It was her first day at the industry; she wanted everything to be well and good. She went to the Hr department. A tall blond woman was sitting on the seat. “Welcome Miss Huston! I was waiting for you, let’s start the work” said the woman. She got up of her chair.

“My name is Natalie and I am head of Hr department here, you have been hired as Personal Assistant of CEO and your work is to make lists, arranging contracts and follow the boss in the meetings, managing emails, now here first bring this pile of contract to the CEO’S office” Natalie said smiling. She smiled in return and took the pile of contract.

“Where is the office?” she asked. “Yeah on the 34 floor the solo office” Natalie said while signing a document. “34 floors?” she said in whisper. “Yeah!” said Natalie without looking at her. She had a acrophobia since she was child, thinking about the childhood brings a lot of bad memories for her. She fake smiles and turned to leave for the lift. She entered the lift, and press the 34 button, as it was going up her heart was dropping. She took a deep breath after few minutes she was at the expected floor. The office was indeed so much big. There was a door at the end, written CEO over it. She knocked the door. “Come in” a very deep voice said.


She opened the door and got in. She was holding the huge pile of files, so she was unable to see ahead. She walked slowly toward the desk where he was sitting “Mr. Finnegan here are the contracts from the Hr department, please look upon them” she said while putting pile over his desk and then her eyes went upon his handsome face. “Mr. Easton!” she whispered. He was writing something on the notebook, he looked up while raising his one eyebrow.

“Miss Huston!” he called out in a deep voice. But she was lost in her own thoughts. “Miss Huston!” he called out again and this time with bit anger. She came into herself again and it was embarrassing for her. He cleared his thought. “You may take your desk over there and sent few emails about the product to co-operate brand” he said while pointing at the nearby desk. She nodded and walks towards the desk.

“What I have done it’s so embarrassing” she thought while scolding herself.

She was sending emails when she heard his voice. “You were five minutes late Miss Huston” he said without looking at her, he was instead writing something over the pad. “I, I am sorry Mr. Finnegan” she said while getting up from her seat. “Call me Mr. Easton! I prefer my name” he said with rude accent.

She sits on the seat again and started working. He peak at her from the corner of his eyes.

“Bring me the Juice” he ordered with his usual rude accent. With his sudden voice she had gone startled. He looked at her with his one eyebrow raised. She got up and went to the nearby small office kitchen in his room.

“Wait I did not ask him what juice?” she thought. She turned to ask him but he was not in the office. She rolled her eyes. “Seems like I have to use some brains here” she thought.

After a while the juice was prepared, she went back to his desk, he was standing next to the glass wall which shows the whole city view. She was afraid to go ahead because of her Acrophobia.

“Come on I can do that, its for my job my bills my survival” she was trying to calm herself, when he turned suddenly.

“Miss Huston! Will the glass fly over to me?” he asked arrogantly. She walks slowly towards him without looking at his back view. She gives him the glass. He took a sip and then gives her a sigh, a very strange poker face sigh.

She returns his gaze by the same sigh like she is asking “What?”.

“I don’t like lemons” he said expressionless. “Bring me Apple juice” he ordered again. She felt her temper losing its limit. She turned and made apple juice and gives him within 10 minutes. He took a sip and turned towards the city view again, she took a deep breath “At least he like this” she thought and was turning towards her desk, when she heard his cold voice, “Its not good enough”. She felt like she is losing her mind or he is just so needy.

“I will try my best for next time Mr. Easton” she said hesitantly. He did not respond. “Great I have to work with this corpse like man” she thought and started sending emails again.


CHAPTER 2 Arrogant

It was so tired day with her arrogant boss, who was continuously telling her his needs.

“Bring me tea, arrange the files, you have not count the meeting” she said annoyed. “Whoa Whoa Relax what happened? You seems so annoyed” said Ivan from the other side of the phone.

“Its my boss at office he is so annoying, continuously calling me, like I am a Cinderella and he is evil stepmother, sisters all in one” she said angrily. Ivan laughs on the other side.

“Yeah go on enjoy” she said annoyed. “Daddy! Daddy I want to talk to aunt Matilda” said a little girl from the other side. “Hello Azalea, how is my little bunny?” she asked with love.

“I am fine aunt, I miss you mommy says, you will be back soon but I really miss you” she said sadly from the other side. “Aww don’t sad okay tell me what you want I will sent you on this Christmas okay?” she asked. “I want a teddy bear and chocolates for the Christmas” she said happily. “Anything for my little muffin” she said smi


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