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After The One-Night Stand With My Boss

After The One-Night Stand With My Boss

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Hubby, come and have a look. The man on TV is just as handsome as you!" She was very surprised to see the handsome man who was exactly looked same as her husband. Anthony was a bit helpless, "Why can't he just be me?" He asked. "Um...wait, why is he has the same name as you?" Before they got married, Jennier thought that she had slept with a pimp as her best friend before set her up. Unexpectedly, she hadn't expected that the 'pimp' was the biggest billionarie in this city. Jennifer became some sort of lucky dog. Originally, his father didn't love her and she was bullied everywhere. But now that she had a backer, she could almost do anything he wanted in this city.

Chapter 1 Slept With a Male Prostitute

"Uh, it hurts! It's so uncomfortable!"

Although Jennifer Booth was deeply asleep, she felt very uncomfortable. She turned over and slammed into a man's broad chest.

When she touched the chest that obviously shouldn't be on her bed, she suddenly opened her eyes. What came into her sight was a handsome man's face.

Jennifer thought that she was dreaming and reached out to touch the man's face in front of her in disbelief.

Then, she was shocked to see the man open his eyes. Their eyes met, and Jennifer screamed and rolled away.

When she rolled away, she realized that she was naked. She immediately pulled the blanket and wrapped herself in it. "Who... Who are you? Why are you here?"

The man narrowed his eyes as his gaze fell on Jennifer's exposed collarbone. His eyes darkened and his voice was low. "I'm the one who saved you!"

"Saved me?" Jennifer looked at the handsome man on the bed in shock. Soon, a scene from last night before she lost consciousness played in her head. Her best friend, Carolyn Koch voice sounded in her head.

"Jennifer, I've put the strongest aphrodisiac in the tea just now. As your friend, I'll give you a young and beautiful man to enjoy. As long as Franky sees the photos of you sleeping with a man, Franky will break up with you. Then, I can be with him!"

So as that handsome man the man that Carolyn found for her? And she really slept with him last night?

Jennifer's face turned pale. She angrily grabbed the pillow next to her and threw it at the man. "Rapist! I'll make sure you go to jail!"

Facing Jennifer's anger, the man calmly caught the pillow thrown by her and was not afraid at all. "You hugged me first last night. After that, you took the lead and slept with me. Do you think the police will believe you?"

"You..." Jennifer bit her lips and trembled with anger.

Although she was angry, she did not lose her rationality.

The man was right. She could not call the police. Last night, she fell into Carolyn's trap. She was unconscious and did not resist at all. It was possible that she took the initiative to sleep with the man, so the police would not believe her words.

How can she let the man who ruined her innocence go just like that? He was a dirty prostitute.

Jennifer couldn't accept that a male prostitute had taken her virginity.

Looking at the desperate look on Jennifer's face as she bit his lip, the man inexplicably felt that she was a little pitiful.

His eyes fell on the red stains on the big bed, and his voice became softer. "Although you made the first move last night, if you want, I can take responsibility!"

Take responsibility? Let a prostitute take responsibility for her? Isn't that a joke?

Once again, Jennifer lost control of her anger. She pointed at the man and roared, "Get lost! F*ck off! Or I'll kill you!"

Looking at the hysterical woman, the man got up and out of bed. He casually picked up his clothes and put them on, without any panic or fear.

After putting on his clothes, the man turned his head and took out a business card from his pocket. He then handed it to Jennifer. "If you think things through, you can come to find me. I will keep my word..."

Jennifer tore off the business card without looking at it. "F*ck off!"

The man took one last look at Jennifer and left.

After closing the door, he heard Jennifer sobbing in the room. The man paused, shook his head, and strode through the corridor.

Seeing the man appear, the two bodyguards appeared in the corridor. They greeted him respectfully. "Sir!"

The man's face regained his cold and strict appearance. "Search for her information and report it to me immediately!"

"Yes, sir!"

Chapter 2 Caught Cheating

Jennifer cried in the room for a while. She then dried her tears and dragged her tired body to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, her body appeared in the mirror. There were red marks all over her neck and body.

Jennifer felt that she was dirty and disgusting. So, she washed herself over and over again.

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get rid of the fact that she had lost her virginity.

Jennifer's heart was full of hatred.

Carolyn had plotted against her last night, so she had to confront Carolyn for an explanation.

Jennifer left the hotel and took a taxi to Carolyn's house to confront her. It was Carolyn's mother, Lauren Koch, who opened the door.

Lauren was wearing pajamas, and her hair was in a mess. She was surprised to see Jennifer at the door.

"Jennifer, are you looking for Carolyn? She's not at home."

Jennifer didn't believe Lauren's words. She pushed Lauren away and barged into the house.

Seeing Jennifer


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