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Adiós stepsisters

Adiós stepsisters

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"We killed her Aren't you guilty?" I yelled "Why should I be guilty? How is it my fault? Who asked her to bump into my car?there's nothing to be guilty about" My heart tighten as she proclaim without emotions "Catherine just accept and face your crime" "No! I did nothing wrong to be punished for" "Catherine I gave you a chance.a chance to confess but seems you don't want to just giveup it over" "No it not" she muttered with determination "You need to wake up dear it over" "Is that so? Then I have no choice" before I could register what was happening she ran towards the stairs "Nooooo!" But it was too late Catherine jumped already and I can hear the sound of her body as it dropped to the floor. ****** Belinda had to go prison for her sister but got betrayed in the end what happens when Belinda's 20years jail term becomes a year

Chapter 1 The accident

Chapter 1

Belinda POV

The rumbling of thunder was enough to show the sky was angry,it rained heavily and I was soaked to my underwear,the drizzling of rain slapping my hair.

My lip lost its color because of the cold and my hands and legs are numb. I was trembling from the cold but that is the least of my problems right now.

"Please… me please please….my… baby please" She muttered with the last energy in her

She was pale and her face was white and her eyeballs were widened with horror.

The blood gushing from her head was mixed with the rain

It made it less bloody but she kept losing more blood.

"We can't Linda we...we really can't" Catherine shakes her head. She was also drenched.

She looked terrified and was scared,fear was written all over her face.

She sobbed in between her words

The strong smell of blood almost made me puke

"But we can't just leave her Catherine she will die" I was much more calmed than her.

" Linda we…." She hiccupped.

" me" I gazed at the woman again

She might really die.

She was slowly losing her conscious

"Linda we can't" Catherine wept

Catherine had hit this woman by mistake,we were arguing about Mom and Dad and she wasn't paying much attention to where she was going when she unknowingly knocked the woman down and now she's insisting we leave her and go.

"That will be hit and run and if she dies you become a murder" I explained to her but she wasn't hearing any of it

"But if we leave her no one will know" Catherine's eyes flashed with determination.

"what if someone sees us isn't better…"

"Linda!! We need to leave now" She grabbed my hand and drew me towards the car.

"But Catherine, we need to help her. She might really die, aren't you remorseful? Why are you wicked?" I yelled but the rumbling of thunder swallowed my voice along but I'm sure Catherine heard me

But she continued dragging me towards the car.

I never knew she was this strong I tried to break free but she overpowered me

She opened the passenger door and push me into the seat she jammed the door and went to the driver's seat

Catherine zoomed off leaving the helpless woman.

I started crying

"How could you?" I questioned but Catherine wasn't hearing all what I was saying

She drives like she has gone crazy

She was on speed and I was afraid we may also have an accident

I continued wailing but Catherine was silent. She wasn't crying anymore and she was a bit calmer now. I can see she was deep in thought.

Catherine hitted the brake suddenly and my head went forward almost meeting the head of the car

"Are we home?" I asked but frowned when I saw a junkyard

"What are we doing here?" I stared at the girl I called my sister who seemed to be a changed person after she had hit someone.

"Our car might be tracked we have to discard of it" Catherine replied

"Catherine I'm scared what exactly are you running from? We should have saved her if we did. We won't bother to be here. We are supposed to be with Mom and Dad right now" I voiced out in frustration.

"Linda, this is for the best. I can't get a criminal record to my name,I have to go for that competition,I have to get promoted, I have to….."

"Catherine! You did all this because of your competition you left that woman to die,you are a selfish cold hearted bitch" I shouted at her

"Listen Linda" she jacked me by my shirt.

"It not like am alone in this we are in this together,we are both murders so shut the fuck up and just do as i say" I became quiet as I was also guilty.

"Now come down and let's smash this car and we are done" she instructed when she saw I got her message.

Tears slip down my face as I watched the car turn into junk

"Now we are free.Let's go sister" Catherine left and I followed behind her

I still feel bad but I know it should be our little secret

This night never happened.

I rolled on my bed and groaned

I placed my hand on the shelf by the bed to search for my phone

I picked it up and check the time

It 11am

I woke up late since I and Catherine was busy clearing our mess last night

We burned our clothes to destroy any traces of us

We bath more than thrice to wipe the smell of blood

I opened my twitter page and was strolling around

I laughed at what funny and saw some stupid tweet

I ignored what is to be ignored until something caught my attention

My hand shook and my phone fell on the bed

"Thump thump" I can hear the sound of my heart

I slowly lifted my phone up to check what I saw and it confirmed what I thought it was.

My heartbeat accelerated, and I started sweating profusely

'What should I do? What should I do?'

I was dazed for a while before I picked my phone and came down from the bed to go inform Catherine about what i saw but as I got to the door

It opened before I could touch it, Catherine's anxious face came into view.

"You saw it?" I whispered

"Yes I did we are done for" she cried

"So what are we gonna do? What is to be done?" I asked in anticipation I know Catherine is always full of idea

Catherine came into my room, locked the door and started pacing around while I sat lifeless on the bed.

I pondered on how the news spread so fast but what I was expecting turns out we killed the pregnant daughter of Ambassador Don,an elite,an admirable ambassador of Orland.

Everyone knows him for his generosity and knows how much he loved his daughter

'Why was she there last night and what exactly is she doing there' I questioned myself

"Linda I got an idea" Catherine finally spoke up.

I glanced at her with joy and urged her to talk

"You se…"

A knock interrupted

I frowned

"Who's there ?"

"It Momma, the police are here to see you call your sister when you are coming and don't waste their time. They seem to be in haste" Mom spoke through the door and I can swear my heart dropped.

"Cat….Catherine" I stuttered

"We are….." I whimpered and Catherine looks really scared have never seen her this afraid she was even more afraid then last night she hitted someone

"Linda, can you help me?" She kneeled on front of me

"What...what do… are the murder Catherine"

"I know but please cover for me just allow me get promoted please do it for your sister, please please" she plead with her two hands.

"Cover for you? Then what about me? You don't care what happens to me?"

"Please you will be fine,once I win and get promoted I will appeal for you.I will find you one of the best lawyers I will…."

"You are selfish Catherine and I warned you last night" I cried harder

"I'm sorry I don't know it will be this way please Linda I will make sure to get you out one way or the other" Catherine was also whining as she held my legs and was begging.

'Should I just do it? Since she promised to get me out,I love her so much and moreover it is a mistake. I should trust this little sis and help her. I can't ruin her life and career. What are we sisters for?' I made up my mind

"I will do it"

"Thanks Linda thank so much sis I love you sis I will never forget this and I will keep my promise to appeal and get you out"

She hugged me and we wailed for a while.

"It time" I announced and she let me go

"I love you sis" Catherine declared and I chuckled

"Love you too Catherine"

Chapter 2 Betrayal

Chapter 2

Belinda POV

"Did you really kill her?" The detective asked for the fifth time. I don't know why he's finding it hard to believe.

"Yes" I muttered

He sighed and whispered to me "come on just tell me the true"

"I said I killed her. What exactly is your problem?" I fired

"Is that so then there's no issue,you will be directed to court hoping your lawyer is ready?"

"Yes "

"then we are good to go"

He signaled the people outside to turn off the camera.

I noticed it was offed then he turned to me again

"Did you really kill her?"

"What exactly is your problem,I killed her, I said I do" I was already losing my temper.

He stared at me for a while and shrugged

"Stand up" I stood and he handcuffed me.

"I hope you confess soon" He muttered and I look at him in bewilderment


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