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Accidentally in love with a billionaire

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After being humiliated and sent away from her former home, Adrian is left with nowhere to go. Accidentally, she got into a night stand with a stranger but left his place without awakening him. Now, she needed a job and she gets one as the secretary to the CEO of one of the wealthiest companies in the world. The more shocking news for her was that the CEO was actually the same man she had had an accidental one night stand with. Soon, she finds herself longing for him but will she still remain on her resolve on not to fall in love again after being rejected once? Or will she embrace the whole new refreshing feeling of love despite several obstacles that lies ahead?

Accidental one night stand

It was already getting late but Adrian was still busy with some document works.Damien glanced over at her from his office.-She's pretty hardworking. He thought.Then he decided it was really getting late and they both needed to head home.He stands up and knocks slightly on the glass door dividing their offices.She looked up, sighting her boss."You're really hardworking" Damien complimented with a smile as he walked towards her.Adrian's face flushed.Damien rested his hands on her table and peered closely at her.She tried to look away."I think we should head home now" he uttered softly.Adrian glanced around in surprise.-So we're the only ones still present?She marvelled within.She could only nod shyly at what Damien suggested. She began to pack the files on the table.As she did so, one of them dropped to the ground.Both of them darted at the file to pick and they hit their head as a result."Oh! Sorry about that" Damien said and they both burst into a round of laughter.They stared at each other for a while, not uttering a single word.Then slowly, Damien reached for her face with his.He got closer and closer and they both were feeling the heat between them.But suddenly, Adrian swerved her face aside."We have to get going" she muttered as she picked the files and stands to her feet.Damien also stands to his feet and rubs his palms on his pants."Alright, let's go" he said. IT ALL STARTED WHEN... Adrian's eyes fluttered open as she looked around her vicinity in confusion. She couldn't remember a thing that had happened up until this moment. Her eyes dilated when she saw the regal looking room she was in. No, this wasn't her room. There was no blue rug or fine drapes in her bedroom. -What am I even thinking, I don't have a home. She suddenly remembered her pathetic predicament. There was a sudden shriek beneath her with made her to jolt. She looked down and saw what she considered the most beautiful piece of artwork she had ever set her eyes on. White hair, rosy lips, distinct jawline, those features momentarily endeared her to him. She looked down to her nether region and saw that her bare chest was pressed against the man's muscular one. -Sh*t! She cussed, that being the first word she had muttered outwardly since she had woken up. Now she remembered. She remembered how she had branched onto this bar while walking aimlessly on the streets.But then how did she get here? That doesn't matter right now, now she needed to sneak out of this place. It would've been nice to get to know him more and maybe date him or something but she was still bent on her firm decision not to fall in love again. She made to stand up but she felt a restraint on her back. The man's strong hands was on her back. Persistently, she got the arm off her and as she stood up, she felt a little sticky. -There must have been a hot love making between us last night. She thought and smiled to herself. She got off the fluffy bed and grabbed her clothes that had been scattered all around. She didn't even put on her underwears and just headed out of the large room in silence. Before as she headed out of the large doors, she glanced once more at the man before exiting. She just ran out of the building not really having somewhere to go....Damien's head ached seriously as his eyes parted open. He looked around him a s saw that he was in one of his room.He made to stand and that was when he saw that he stark naked on his bed. He was confused as all he could remember was how he a d his friends drank to stupid at his downstairs bar last night. "Astrid!" he called at own of his bodyguards. There wasn't s reply initially but after more attempts, the large doors of the regal room parted open as a suited man walked in. He bowed respectively before Damien."What happened here last night" Damien blared at the suited man. The latter began to shake visibly. "Si–sir, I–I think the g–girl is g–gone" the man stuttered nervously. "What girl?" Damien quizzed in a lower time now. He was obviously at loss at what Astrid was saying. "Th–the girl y–you asked us t–to bring to y–you la–last night" the bodyguard stuttered again. Damien sighed deeply. He ran his hand through his white hair in exasperation. -How would I have a one night stand with a girl I don't even know? Hell, I don't even know what she looks like. I'm such a fool. He scolded himself.Just then, the large doors sprang open as a short and plump middle aged woman walked in elegantly. "Hello son" she said as she placed her hand on her curvy waist. Damien who had almost yelled at the intruder immediately swallowed his words when he saw that it was his mother, Monica. "Mother, you could have at least knocked" Damien whined as he tries to cover up his nakedness from his mother."Oh please, I'm your mother, there is nothing of you I haven't set my eyes on" Monica replied nonchalantly. She glared at the bodyguard who still stood rooted to spot. Understanding the signal he respectfully bows and left. "What are you doing here mother?" Damien asked as he stepped into an area partitioned by a curtain, probably his dressing area. "Oh so a mother cannot come and check the well being of her son? " Monica asked sarcastically. "Mother you and I know you would never do that" Damien replied from behind the curtains. His body outline showed that he was getting dressed. Monica gasped and placed her hand on her chest "Ouch" she said. Now fully dressed, Damien comes out of the dressing area. "What are you doing here mother" he asked again, softly. Monica released a deep sigh and adjusted her posture. "Since your father is about to die–""Mother!" Damien shouted with his eyes ogled. "What? " Monica asked."Why would you say that? ""Isn't he still going to die, there is no saving him now" Monica said again nonchalantly. Damien knew his mother hated his father and he always wondered how and why they got married if there wasn't love. "I had a sneak peek of his will" she continued and Damien rolled his eyes. "What are you up to mom?""Hold on, in his will, he wrote that if his son doesn't get married before his death, his properties wouldn't be his son's to inherit" she said and a smirk crept up her red glossy lips. Damien was speechless for some moments. He couldn't believe this, his father would do such thing to him. How could he? "Ho–how did you know? " Damien asked with a shaky voice. Monica shrugged "I already told you, I had a sneak peek" she replied. "But that isn't what matters now" she said and Damien looked up at her. "What matters now is you getting a wife" she divulged and her son's brows furrowed."How do you want me to get a wife in a short period, as much as I hate to say this, I don't think dad has much time left" he confessed, looking exasperated. "Don't worry, I already took care of that" Monica said. Damien shot her a suspicious gaze. "Mom what did you do? ""Nothing, I just got house a lady you'll get married to" she said with a smile. "Mom, I'm not getting married to someone I don't love" Damien reprimanded. "Look, don't you want inherit your father's properties?" she asked and Damien remained silent. "if you do you better do as I say, besides, you can always divorce when this is all over" she said. Damien thought of all his mother had said, it made a sense. He could just divorce that woman when he gets the properties. She would just be a tool for him. He agreed with his mother and they both drive to their mansion where they would meet his wife to be.

Meeting him again

|Two days later|Adrian sat on her bed in the hotel room, looking into her laptop. She had been saved by her friend, Avery. After she had left that room, she had immediately gone to her best friend, Avery's house. After much discussion about Adrian moving on, Avery had suggested Adrian should stay with her at her place. But Adrian had disagreed, saying she wouldn't want to disturb Avery and her boyfriend's privacy. So Avery had gotten her a room in an hotel to stay in for some days. She had paid for a whole three weeks so Adrian could have time to settle things out with herself.Now, she thinks she needed a job, a means of income so she could have a life to move on to. As she was surfing the web for any available vacancies that she might fit into, a laptop l that had been given to her by Avery. Her eyes suddenly catches an advert on the monitor of the laptop. It was a job vacancy! Her face immediately beamed up in excitement. It said that there


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