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A Night with Mr. CEO

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Childhood friends always have a special place in our hearts. Childhood love is both innocent and pure which often leads to showing affection and little form of intimacy. At some point, this feeling may get reignited as teenagers or in adulthood. Their paths changes as they grow up, but their promises are sometimes given hope. Fifteen years ago, there once was a boy named Alex. He had a childhood friend named Lily whom he adores so much and at a young age, fell in love and started making promises. When something happened between the two of them, fate decided to play them and they were separated for fifteen years. Alexandrian Romano, now a successful businessman and the CEO of Romano group of company finds himself encountering her again but to his dismay. Even when his love was reignited, Lily was now married to another man named Vincent and had a lovely daughter. Is it even possible for him to fight for his love now, now that she's happily married? Can they still


Adrian's POVI am Alexandrian Romano. A well-known successful businessman and known for being a good man. There was also a rumor that I am having an affair with my personal assistant. But, it's just a rumor.Women say that my facial features were almost beautiful. My sharp eyes are deep and expressive like an eagle. And my lips are luscious as if inviting for a kiss. With a muscular body that looks perfectly on black pants made of expensive fabric and a suit made by a well-known brand, I am indeed a dashing six feet bachelor."What is my schedule today?" I asked Mary Ann, my personal assistant."Sir, today you're going to interview the applicants for my position," Mary Ann responded."When is your last day?" I asked as we enter the lift."In two months, sir," she answered back."Hopefully, we can get someone who would be worthy to be your replacement," I said with a shake of my head."I'm sure there is," Mary Ann said."You are so confident to answer me, you truly want to leave me," I replied and gave her a pleading look.She scoffed. "Don't tell me that you don't understand the purpose of my living?""I know! You are getting old, and you want a family," I said, and we laughed. "Am I younger than you?"The woman shook her head. "No, I am older than you."We went straight to my office without looking at the long line of the applicants in the hallway. I sat on my chair and pressed the intercom to speak. I told my secretary to bring me coffee. When she came in, I instructed her to call the first applicant for an interview.Mary Ann was my personal assistant since I became the CEO of Romano Corporation. She's been with me for six years, and she's like a big sister to me. Now, she's resigning because she got engaged with my best friend, John. John is only one year older than me and the same age as Mary Ann. He courted Mary Ann for more than a year. And after three years of being in a relationship, they decided to get married. Now, Alexandrian, the CEO of Romano Corporation, has to find a new personal assistant to fill all Mary Ann's duties._____________________Lily's POVI sighed and looked at my nameplate. It says Lilibeth, but I wanted to be called Lily. I am one of the applicants sitting outside of the CEO's office. When the interview has not yet started, I decided to go to the washroom first. I have to make sure that I looked pleasant and perfect for this position.With my formal attire, I knew I looked presentable. When I got out of the washroom and went back to my chair, I caught a glimpse of a man. "Oh! He looks elegant, is he going to be my boss?" I asked in a gasp. "He also looks familiar..." After five minutes, a woman carrying a coffee cup came into the hallway and entered the room. As soon as the woman came out, she immediately called the first applicant. I watched the first woman entered the room. I patiently waited for my turn. I have to be the CEO's next personal assistant.I left my daughter at home with my mother because Vincent wasn't home today. My daughter didn't go to school today because she is not feeling well because of a cold. Vincent gives happiness to my daughter. He gives everything she wishes, and he couldn't say no to her.Vincent and I have been married for five years. I was pregnant with Angela when we agreed on getting married. He was my best friend. We met when we were in tenth grade. He was a new student in our school: quiet, shy, and introvert. One day I forgot my notebook in our classroom. I need to go back for it. I saw Vincent peeking outside of the window. I got interested and looked at what he's peeking at. I saw our English instructor walking in the hallway. I glanced at Vincent's expression. He was like a girl gazing for her ultimate crush.I stood on his side for barely five minutes, but yet, he didn't discover my presence. I patted him on the shoulder to call his attention. He was shocked to see me caught him daydreaming. I asked him if he has a crush on our English instructor. Of course, as expected, he denied it, but I saw him blushed.I told him that I had been standing there for more than five minutes and I saw everything. He can't deny it to me. Then he bowed his head and begged me not to let anyone know. I have no habit of interfering in other people's business... From that day on, we became friends. Our classmates started teasing us because of our closeness.And on the same day, I discovered Vincent's secret. Even his own family, especially his parents, do not know about it. So when I got pregnant, he did not hesitate to marry me. And in those times, only Vincent knew what had happened to me,_____________________At last, the door from the CEO's office opened, and one applicant walked out of the room. Her shoulders were down, and she looked dismayed. I started to feel uncomfortable. "Miss Lilibeth Dela Cruz," the woman called. "Follow me, please."I rose from my seat and fix my hair before I follow the woman into the room where she entered. She held the door opened for me as I walked in.The room was enormous, with a black leather couch around an oval table. There were a few pieces of the magazine over the table. And in the corner near the glass window was a long table with six chairs. Beside the bookshelves was Mr. Romano's table and swivel chair.The man sitting in a swivel chair with his arm resting on the table stared at me. The man looks tall and powerful. The outline of his face was firm but not too rough, which made him incredibly handsome. He has sharp, deep beautiful eyes like an eagle.The beautiful woman gave my CV to Mr. Romano. She must be his personal assistant. After the man took my resume, she left the room."Good morning, sir," I greeted and waited for him to tell me to have a seat. I felt nervous even though it was not my first job interview. I hope this is the right company for me. But why do I feel scared?***


Adrian's POVThe moment that the applicant came in, my gaze went to the woman's bracelet. I knotted my forehead, her name seems familiar except that she is married and has a child. Or perhaps it just looks similar... Fifteen years have passed, maybe this bracelet was just a replica? It's impossible; it was a customized bracelet. And only one person has it...The woman has a pleasant heart-shaped face, gorgeous hazel eyes with perfect eyebrows. Her nose was small that matched with plump lips. She had dimples when she smiled, and her long and shiny hair lay perfect on her shoulders."Good morning, please sit down, Ms. Dela Cruz." I said and smiled at her. "I'm Alexandrian Romano, the CEO of this company."The woman smiled. "Glad to meet you, sir."I shifted on my seat. "Your CV is very impressive. You've done well in your academics." I cleared my throat. "I have only one


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