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A Night With A Stranger

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“I’ll marry you Drake, not because I get weak in the knees and cream my panties whenever I see you, but because I want Riley to suffer for hurting me.” “I don’t care what your reasons are my love, just say yes to me and I’ll worship your sweet, curvy body for the rest of my life, I’ll make you the envy of every woman on earth, just say yes to me, my love.” Mia’s wedding to the big boss, Riley Osborne was cancelled on her wedding day. There was a rumor that she cheated on Riley and ended up getting married to low life pauper, but no one knows who her husband is and they keep mocking her because of her breakup with the boss. The war between Riley and Drake caused everyone to know that Mia is loved and wanted by two billionaire brothers. Who would have thought that she is secretly married to the senior master, her bosses elder brother Drake Osborne, who happens to own 80 percent of the Osborne empire.

Chapter 1 Prologue

Mia's POV“Mmmmm… Yeah… I love it, Riley, I love how you make me feel so good.” My voice echoed in his room, sounding alien to me. Good thing this room is soundproof because the sound of my voice right now could wake even the dead. His lips is enclosed on my nipple, sucking on my engorged bud, while his fingers were pumping into me, creating a rhythm that was pushing me close to the edge, making me lose the ability to form any words as I kept moaning out so loudly.It was better than I had dreamed of, better than I had ever imagined. I reached up to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, but I stilled in my actions as I realized that it wasn’t Riley that was making me feel so good, it was someone else, someone I never knew before, a stranger. And the worst part of it all is that, I don’t want this handsome stranger to stop touching me, he is so f*ck*ng handsome, so stunning. I’ve never felt this way before, Riley had never made me feel so good. I know I want more of him, I want him to do more sinful things to me, I want to feel his d*ck buried deep inside my hole as he takes my innocence away. I know it’s wrong to cheat Riley this way, he had been patient with me for the past six years, and he deserves to be the one to deflower me, but how can I say no to such a godlike man, how can I push him away when all I want is to open my legs even wider, giving him more access to screw me senseless. “You are mine now, and I’m never letting you go.” He whispered huskily, causing me to cream my panties even more. He positioned himself between my legs, leaning down to kiss me as he lined his rock-hard d*ck to my entrance. “Are you ready for this baby?” he asked me softly and I nodded my head in response, nodding a little too eagerly because I wanted him so bad. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain, waiting for him to rip through that barrier and claim my innocence, but the pain never came, and when I opened my eyes to look up at him, I realized that he wasn’t there anymore and neither was I, rather, I saw Riley and my best friend Loretta, lying on the bed, the same way I had found them on the eve before our wedding.I pushed the door open, but they were too far gone to notice any slight noise, so I stood by the door and watched as he pounds into her from behind, putting all his strength into it, with his fingers buried in her plump *ss cheeks. He was saying sweet words to her, telling her how beautiful and desirable she was and how he was only marrying me to have his way with me.The tears rolled down my eyes and as the water trickled down my cheeks, I jerked awake from my sleep. It had only been a dream, the same dream that has plagued me since I caught my fiancé cheating on me with my best friend on the eve of our bachelor and bachelorette party. I don’t even know why I’m crying about this, I never truly loved Riley, I only agreed to this relationship because our family needed their port to dock our ship. The only reason I’m feeling so betrayed is that he did it with Loretta, that b*tch. She is supposed to be my best friend, but she stole my man. I will never forgive her.

Chapter 2 You Must Marry Him

Mia’s POVThe night was quiet, Everything was quiet, well, except for the sporadic barking and howling from a few dogs in the neighborhood, and our loud voices as my mom tried to reason with me and change my mind before I break off the engagement and cancel my wedding to Riley Osborne. It’s been two hours since Carrie picked me up from the hospital and ever since I walked through that door, my mom has been firing me with tons of questions, while my dad locked himself in his room, brooding. “No. No. No. I won’t marry that two-timing bastard.” I roared angrily.“Mia, please try and understand. We don’t have a choice. We need to make this deal as soon as possible. If we lose this company, this house, it could kill your father. All his life, he has toiled to get to where we are today, he has done everything possible to give you and your sister a good life. We have never asked for anything in return, just this one favor. Please, my Mia-Mia.” My mother tried to convince me.


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