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A Naive Bride For The Sophisticated CEO

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After the death of her parents, Amelia was broken and trapped. Her loving uncle took her in to take care of her, but her cousins weren’t ready to accept her as family. They made her life miserable and unbearable. She dreams of escaping this miserable life and having someone to love her one day, but it seems too impossible. But all this changed when her uncle threw her a surprise party, and she mistakenly stole a kiss from an important, striking but arrogant billionaire CEO. She becomes indebted to this pompous man and she has to pay. But what does a poor girl have to offer such a great man? James Parker is a famous billionaire CEO, who is every woman’s dream. He bangs any woman he wants. These women had to be beautiful and fashionable before he could think of having anything to do with them. Considering his status and wealth, he wouldn’t let Amelia go scot-free, not after her miserable lips touched his expensive lips. He keeps her close to him and torments her in different ways for her crime. What would Amelia do when she has to walk down the aisle to this billionaire she never saw a future with, just to pay for the mistake she made? Will Amelia ever get the love in her life she always craved for? What happens when she realizes she had been lied to her whole life about her parents?

Surprise Graduation Party

Amelia Cooper shuffled out of the Bluehills college’s gate and turned to look at its building for the last time under the moonlight. 

The outdoor wall lights of the college walls lit up her very fair skin. Her blue eyes sparkled under the bright lights, and her red lipstick glitter. 

She was finally done with college, and not just done, but she graduated as one of the best students in the faculty of arts, department of mass communication. 

She was going to miss school so much, not because she had friends she made memories with, but because there was no way she was going to escape her cousins’ torture now. 


When she was five, her parents were murdered right in front of her eyes by some evil men. They didn’t talk to her nor did they lay a finger on her. Amelia never stopped wondering why. 

After her parents died, she became very depressed and isolated herself from everyone. She was quiet and never talked when she wasn’t invited to. 

Her life turned upside down, and all she could think of was how to stay out of trouble. One thing she believed her parents didn’t do. 

Her uncle, Mr. Freddie Cooper took her in and treated her like his child. At first, she was happy someone else in the world loved her, but when her cousin started making her life miserable, she wished he had left her on the streets to perish. 


She heaved a loud sigh and turned to leave. She was dressed in a red BodyCon dress which fit her petite body shape and clear skin perfectly, she also wore 3-inches black sandal heels. 

They were gotten for her by her uncle Freddie. Over her dress was a blue graduation gown that extended down to her ankles. 

Her full, wavy, golden-brown hair was roughly tucked in her graduation hat so that it could fit. 

She hung a black tote bag on her shoulder, and in this bag were books from her locker, some handouts, novels, and even the scroll that was given to her by the vice-chancellor. 

The weight of her bag was pretty much for her, but who could she complain to? 

Uncle Freddie had already told her that he wasn’t going to be attending her graduation party nor pick her up because of some important work at the office, so she had no choice than to trudge the streets of Bluehills home. 

After ten minutes of walking alone, she got to Cooper's huge mansion. She knitted her brows as she noticed something strange in the mansion. The lights of every room in the mansion were out and the curtains were down. 

“That is weird,” She mumbled to herself as she walked in through the gate, into the compound. She dragged her feet on the paved compound floor, carefully observing everything around her. 

Everything seemed too peaceful, and this got her scared. ‘Did everyone leave the house?’ 

She expected the exterior and interior lights to illuminate everywhere as it has always been, but this time, she got disappointed. 

She got to the large main door and turned to look around again. Her heart was beating very fast. 

“Amelia, it’s nothing. It’s probably just a blackout.” She encouraged herself and reached for the doorknob slowly. 

She applied pressure on it and pushed the door open unhurriedly. She walked into the dark living room, she could see absolutely nothing.

A drop of sweat rolled down from her neck into the beautiful margin that separates her breasts. 

Before her eyes could adjust to the darkness, the light came on all of a sudden, and the people chorused with cheering, “Happy Graduation, Amelia!” 

Amelia’s bag dropped from her shoulder in fright, and she leaned on the door for support. Her feet grew weak out of shock. 

She looked around the living room, and her jaw dropped. There was a large banner that hung down from the tall ceiling which had “HAPPY GRADUATION AMELIA” written boldly on it. 

There were colorful balloons tied on both sides of the banner. On the windows, and even at the edges of the stairs. 

There was a large cake on the right side of the living room, on top of the cake was an image of a graduation hat and a wrapped scroll. 

The sofas and center tables in the living room were replaced with tables that had bouquets and glasses of wine on them. Around the tables stood different people of great caliber, looking classy and expensive. 

Amelia was too stunned to speak or move after realizing what happened to her. She couldn’t believe that Uncle Freddie would go to the extent of throwing her a surprise graduation party. 

Freddie approached her with a glass of wine in his hand, his outfits were shining under the lights. 

“Congratulations, Amelia.” He divulged a cheerful smile. Amelie’s throat tightened as she looked at him. 

She grew emotional and tears heated her eyes in a few seconds. “You didn’t have to do this, Uncle,”  She mumbled and embraced him very tightly. 

“You know I would do anything to make you happy. I’m sorry I missed your graduation party. This is me making up for it.” He kissed her head, and she giggled.

“I’m so happy.” 

She raised her head from his chest and looked at him. He smiled and lifted his glass, looking at everyone that watched them.  

“Let’s celebrate! Today is a good day!” He announced, and they all clapped. 

They started chatting, some started drinking, while some started vibing to the solemn music that was played. 

“You should go and change. Your dress is in your room. I hope you’ll love it,” He said to her, and she bounced her head. 

“I love it already.” She chuckled. 

“Great! Hurry and change now. The party isn’t complete until the celebrant is ready.” He tapped her shoulder softly, and she reached for her bag.

 She hurried to the stairs and climbed up. She took a few minutes to explore the decorations again. She felt blessed. 

‘Truly, he loves me so much.’ She thought in excitement. 

She got to the top floor and was about to run to her room when her cousins, Ava and Hudson crossed her path. 

The excitement in Amelia washed down her body instantly, and her smile faded away quickly. There was no time she was in contact with them, she was always very scared. 

Ava moved closer to her and grabbed her arm firmly, while Hudson looked around to see if anyone was coming.

“Ava, you are hurting me.” Amelia closed her eyes and muttered in pain. 

“That is exactly what I want. Now come with me,” Ava uttered with gritted teeth and pulled her to her room. 

She flung the door open and pushed Amelia into the room, making her stagger backward. 

Amelia was breathing very fast and hard in panic, her hands began to tremble as she gazed at Ava. 

“You are happy, aren’t you?! My father throws such a big party for you and you dare smile, hun?!” She lifted her hand and smacked Amelia’s face very hard. 

Amelia’s head faced the floor and her graduation hat fell off, making her hair fall loose. “Now, I want you to get this into your thick ugly head…” She poked Amelia’s head with her index finger. 

“My father isn’t your father! We would never see you as our sister, and we will keep torturing you until you leave this house!” Ava yelled and was about to hit her again when Hudson stopped her. 

“Father is coming, we need to leave!” 

“Go to hell,” Ava whispered to Amelia’s ear before rushing out of the room. 

Amelia clenched her jaw as tears streamed out of her eyes. She rubbed her cheek, trying to subside the throbbing pain she felt. 

“Amelia, have you tried the dress?” Freddie asked as he entered her room. 

Amelia quickly covered her cheek with her hair and put on a smile. “No, I’ll do that now. It’s so beautiful.” She looked at her bed and saw a blue ball gown laid neatly on it. 

Freddie furrowed his brows after noticing the tears on Amelia’s face. He moved closer and raised her jaw. 

“Why are you crying?” He asked, and she smiled and shook her head. 

“It’s nothing, Uncle. The surprise made me too emotional.” She lied. 

Freddie giggled and embraced her tightly. “I’ll do anything to make you happy. You are my daughter too.” 

He kissed her head again, and she bounced her head. She clasped her lips tight so that she wouldn’t burst into tears in front of him.

He let go of her and looked into her teary eyes. “After the party, I have a special present for you,” He said, and her face brightened. 

“Special present?” she asked, and he bounced his head. 

“It is one thing your late parents had always wanted you to have. I'll give you this present after the party.” He brushed her hair, and she nodded nervously. 

‘What could this present be?’ 

Stolen kiss

Amelia finished applying her light makeup, and she looked at her face in her large mirror. Her blue ball gown covered the baby shoes she wore, and was sweeping the floor. 

The gown slightly exposed the upper part of her breasts and her back was bare and exposed. She had straightened her hair, and they weren’t as wavy as they were initially. 

She faintly applied her black eyeliner which made her almond-shaped eyes look more elegant. Her alluring blue eyes glittered under the bright lights that hung on the top edges of her mirror. 

Her Cupid bow lips were masked with a colorless lip gloss that helped showcase how pink her lips were. 

She let out a sad sigh and lowered her head. She picked up the portrait of her parents that was on the table in front of her and stared at their faces. 

She ran her finger on the picture and said, “I wish you two were here with me today. I made you proud again. I am one of the best graduating students in my faculty and depart


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