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A Deal and A Billionaire

A Deal and A Billionaire

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Millicent Whitlock likes the simple things of life. She likes to listen to the rain, drink coffee at her local coffee shop and go on dates with Theodore— her boyfriend. But, most importantly, she loves her job as a cosmetic chemist. She loves visiting the franchise stores and asking the customers what they like about the products. She loves creating products people really need. One morning, everything seems to fall apart. Theodore releases pictures of her in the company's website and group chats. Now, she's the whore of Forest Skin. Overwhelmed by the situation, she tries to jump from the company’s building roof. When Logan Forest receives a project proposal, he will do anything to work with the person who wrote it. Including cleaning up the mess that her good-for-nothing boyfriend created. A friendly cosmetics chemist who is always lending a helping hand. A cold CEO who thinks profit and quality are at the fore front. A deal between an unlikely pair. What starts out as a business deal becomes something unexpected. Something filled with passion. Something they’ve both never felt before. Will Millicent and Logan be able to start something admist the chaos and drama that comes with them being together? What happens when real lovers come into the picture and a kid that Logan never knew existed? Can the relationship despite all the problems?

Chapter 1

THEODORE JACKSON KISSED Millicent Whitlock under the warm glow of the street light. It was quick, short, and he pulled away before she could react properly. Millicent held unto his hand as he stepped back from her. They both had work tomorrow but, she didn’t want the night to come to an end so quickly. Not yet, though.

“Are you free tomorrow?” She asked, tilting her head and bouncing slightly on her heels. She was still giddy from their date tonight at a candle lit restaurant where they had Italian wine and excellent garlic bread. She had loved the drive home too.

A look passed Theodore’s face. “Millie...” he started, exasperated, pulling his hand from hers. Millie almost shrunk, missing the warmth of his hand.

Her face fell and she looked at his shoes. “You don’t have to.” She said, trying to sound like she wasn’t disappointed. She didn’t want Theodore to get mad and think she was being needy.

“We just went on a date today,” he reminded her. As if she could forget.

She had been surprised, she wouldn't lie, when he called her. She was usually the ones making the plans in their relationship, the one trying to make things work.

“It’s our one thousandth.” Millie said, quietly, kicking a pebble away.

“Our what?” Theodore asked, already tired.

“Our 1000th day, since we started seeing each other.” she said, looking up. “I wanted us to do something together, tomorrow.”

Theodore gave her the smile that had won her over all these years. He pushed the blonde strands of hair falling into his face away. “You’re really cute for remembering things like that. But, don’t worry, I have a wonderful surprise planned.” Mischief danced in his dark eyes, “You’ll be shocked.”

He closed the distance between them and captured her lips again, long enough this time, causing her head to spin. She soon forgot to ask what the surprise would be, and when she would get it, distracted by his kiss.

As Theodore walked back to his car, he looked at her, “you’ll know when you see it.” his thin lips quirked up.

And then, he was gone, zooming off down the street and into the night. As Millie unlocked the door to her home, she couldn’t help but smile.

Finally, it seemed, Theodore was starting to see their relationship in a new light, he was starting to put in the work. It was all the motivation she needed to start working on completing the project and freeing up her day tomorrow.


LOGAN FOREST ADJUSTED the tie around his neck and proceeded to yank the thing off. He downed the rest of the whiskey in his glass and returned the bottle to his mother’s kitchen. His mother — Delilah Forest— descended the stairs, a glass of red wine in her right hand and the rest of her silk gown was gathered in the other. Her dark hair cascaded, in shiny waves, down her shoulder and back. It was the one thing Logan loved about his mother. It was one of the many resemblances between the two.

She smiled, a small smile that made her look younger, when she saw Logan. “Darling...” she called, her voice steady but her eyes unclear. Logan was sure that this wasn't her first or second glass.

He walked over to the bottom of the stairs and grabbed her hand, leading her to the living room, just incase. “What’s the occasion?”

“Oh, this?” she raised the glass and brought it to her lips, “I thought of a certain man with beautiful brown eyes.”

Logan surpressed a cringe. There it was. She was thinking about the same man from fifteen years ago. The same man who had broken her heart after she found out that he had a family.

“Why did you call me?” Logan asked instead, taking a seat on the couch by his mother’s right.He was having an issue at work. None of his employees had managed come up with a suitable product line for the organic concept he was looking for. To think that he pays them good money…

“The Minister’s daughter is in the state, I want you to meet her.” Delilah looked into her glass and twirled it, acting like she hadn’t just set up a date for her grown son.

“Mother...” Logan groaned, dropping his head back.

“She’s a nice girl. Sweet manners, pretty, well endowed.” she said that last part looking at Logan before she laughed. “You too would make pretty babies.”

Logan ignored the last part. “A well endowed woman is good, mother, but it isn't what I am looking for.” he told her, long enough before he realised what his statement meant.

“So you are looking.” Delilah said, catching on.

“Not at the moment, no. Work keeps me busy.” he tried to fix his mistake before his mother got any funny ideas.

“Hogwash,” she giggled after she said this. “You might be the CEO, but I think the head offices can survive if you're gone for a few hours or days.”

“Apparently, not.” He got up and grabbed his suit jacket, circling around the couch to go behind his mother.

“Are you leaving?” Delilah asked, tilting her head to follow his movement.

“I’m going home,” he simply said, kissing her cheek.

“Your room is clean, you can stay.” She turned on her seat to look at him, a childlike look on her face.

“And risk spending the night playing cards, listening to gossip and drinking with you? No, thanks.” He smiled earning a delighted scoff from Delilah. “Besides, I have a couple emails and documents on my desk that needs attention.”

Logan began the walk to the expanse double doors.

“Go on, then. I won’t keep you. Just ensure that you see the Minister's daughter.” she downed the last of the wine.

“I won't,” he called out as he left.

“Then, I’ll send her to you!” Delilah yelled. Logan shut the door.

He didn't doubt her. His mother would do anything she put her mind to. After all, she was the one who started Forest Skin despite the difficulties.

His phone buzzed and he looked down at the unknown number. The message brought a frown to his face.

Chapter 2

MILLICENT sat up in her chair and hit snooze on her alarm clock again. She yawned loudly, bringing her head back to the desk. A relieved sigh escaped her lips as she lulled herself back to sleep.

Just a few more minutes, she thought. She would get ready for work.

With a start, she bolted upright and looked at the clock. She was late! She rushed into the bathroom with speed rivalling that of lightning and prepared herself for work.

Once she was dressed, she went over to her desk and grabbed the project papers, arranging them into her bag. She pushed her feet into her pumps and proceeded to run out the door and into the street. It was a miracle that she was able to run in her heels without falling.

She smoothed down her hair with one hand while putting on her coat with the other. A file fell from her bag and she bent to pick it up, running for the bus stop.a

As she neared her local coffee shop, she thought about stopping to get herself a cup of the black


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