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A dark night with Mr. Reynolds

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Erin realised herself amongst a family she never dreamt to be part of. Despite being a powerful and wealthy household, she still didn't feel happy to be there. She made the decision to stay, for someone's sake. Her son. All she wanted to do was become that dominant woman and raise her son single-handedly. But then someone she'd tag as evil, showed up and ruined everything. Being married to Jayden Reynolds brought along adversaries in different sets. She was part of an aristocratic family now and her beloved son, being the successor to the family's acreages, was relatively susceptible. Amidst all these, fused with a loveless marriage. Will Erin Charlton blindly stay as Jayden's woman?

Chapter 1

Chapter one Crossing boundaries

HS Noble Hotel

"The rooms on the 15th and 16th floors will be refurbished into VIP rooms." Ronnie, Erin's older stepbrother and the vice president of HS announced and she furrowed my brows.

"Management team, take charge of the refurbishment and get the budget from the accounting team. You must get it done within two weeks." He instructed.

"But why?" Erin objected and all eyes fell on her. "Two floors became VIP floors recently."

"Are you questioning my orders?" Ronnie roared angrily.

"No, I'm not. I'm only demanding a solid reason why we should create additional VIP floors. Ten floors are now VIPs'. The average people will be at a disadvantage if we make this change." She said.

She could feel Ronnie's scorching glare. "How many of you are in support of what she just said?" He asked the other staffs and everyone raised their hands.

Ronnie suddenly banged the table with his fists and yelled. "Y'all want to get fired?!"

Their hands dropped immediately and they avoided his gaze. Ronnie could be intimidating, so they couldn't be blamed.

He sent her one more glare before barging out of the meeting room.

She sank into her seat in her office and closed her eyes. She regretted challenging Ronnie and she knew what was waiting for her at home. Maybe I should've just complied with his orders quietly. She thought.

She summoned up courage and got up the chair. She was heading to his office to apologize. That was the only thing she could do, even though that didn't mean the punishment would pass over her.

She saw him walk out of his office with an enraged look on - one she's the reason behind. She froze in her steps as she watched him walk towards her direction. He shot her a dreadful glare as he walked pass her. He was on a call, definitely with his mum. She was a hundred percent sure he was reporting her to his mum.

As she got into her car, Erin let out a big sigh before igniting the Porsche and driving off. Instead of turning right at the intersection, she drove straight. She had no intentions of going home early. No one was waiting for her anyways and she knew hell was awaiting her arrival.

She pulled over at RED STOP BAR. It was quite peaceful in there when she entered. People were doing their stuffs. Stuffing their selves with liquors, some folks were at a shady corner, doing drugs as far she she could see. She took her seat at the counter and ordered for a bottle of wine. Yes, wine was all she needed.

After gulping down the first glass healthily, she poured more into the cup. If her mother was alive, none of this would've happened. She thought. She'd probably be living peacefully with her somewhere. She dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a broken pendant.

She stared at it and sipped from the wine glass every ten seconds. Before she knew it, she was drunk. Then, she realized she had dropped four bottles of red wine. She didn't have a good tolerance for alcohol.

She let out a sigh drunkily and decided she couldn't drive home in that state. She might have been drunk but her senses weren't totally off.

After paying for the drinks, she grabbed her bag and walked out of the bar staggeringly, heading to the hotel that was right beside the bar.


After succeeding in dragging him along with them to a bar, the twins ordered different bottles of alcohol.

He was enjoying his little, unusual leisure time while resting when they barged in on him and pulled him out of his comfort zone.

He wasn't interested in drinking that night and he stood up and attempted to leave when Freddie, made him sit again. "Don't think of escaping fun tonight brother. We didn't bring you here for you to walk out on us."

"Yeah. And who knows? You might finally get to hook up with a pretty lady here. You've been single all your life, don't you think you should get a girlfriend?" Freya added.

He sent her a cold gaze and she looked away. Then he decided. It wasn't bad to drink today. It's been long. He grabbed a shot glass and the twins booed and cheered. Feeling lit, he smirked as he poured some alcohol into the glass.

After an hour of drinking excessively, they got besotted. And his head throbbed so much from drinking.

"I'm ready to go home." Freddie drunkily stated.

After watching the twins argue over a meaningless issue, Jayden picked up his phone and put a call to his mum.

"Listen carefully, you two. We aren't going home tonight. Unless you wanna die. You two should get separate rooms to rest in for the night." He instructed, not even sure if they understood or heard him.

After getting the card to room 204, as indicated in the blue card given, he unlocked the door and pushed it open then felt colour drain out of his face.

She laid on the bed and slept off for a few minutes. Then she suddenly woke up again. "Why is it so hot in here?" She questioned herself and started taking off her clothes, starting with her shoe. She pushed her skirt down and just then, the door flung open and a man came in view.

Erin fixed her gaze on him, and he reciprocated. When Jayden saw that he had been staring at her for some minutes, she appeared startled and dazed. Erin didn't try to hide her body because she was inebriated. She gave him a zombie-like stare. He was likely astonished to find a woman half-naked in his alleged bedroom.

The typical Jayden would apologize and go, but he couldn't help but be enthralled by her beauty. In a room with two air conditioners, they all of a sudden felt warm. He took his eyes off her and tried to walk away, but then he turned around. He suddenly shut the door behind him and walked over to her with lust-filled eyes.

Chapter 2

Chapter two Could it be more better?

Jayden sat on the couch a little distance from Erin's bed and observed her as she dozed off. He found himself grinning as he scrutinized her face in both directions. She appeared innocent, at least based on the soft morning sun that lit up her face among the white sheets. Her appearance really confused him.

She had lovely lips, long, thick lashes, a long, pointed nose, and well-groomed eyebrows. Since the previous evening, he had decided to wait until she woke up.

He sipped from the cup of hot coffee that the hotel room service had brought him before entering the shower.

His phone rang as he was walking into the room. "Theo" was identified on the caller ID.

Boss." He dialed. "Greetings, Theo. I have to cancel everything today since I'm so busy." He gave an instruction.

But just as Theodore started to object, Jayden interrupted him once more. "Theo, there is no but. For t


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