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A Billionaire In Disguise

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After being set up with multiple men by her father, Audrey got tired of trying to explain to her dad that she doesn't want to get into an arranged marriage, she only wants to marry for love, but her dad wasn't having any of that, he was only concerned about their company and he'll do anything to keep the wealth flowing, including sacrificing his own daughter's happiness. Seeing her father won't listen to her no matter what she says, Audrey decides to go with the only option she's got left, and that's to run away from home. She ran away from home to start life afresh in a new city, but she knows her father will find her no matter where she runs to, after all, he was a billionaire and someone powerful, so tracking her down will be a piece of cake, and the only way to prevent this is to change her identity, she'll have to change everything about herself and live a different life, she'll have to live in.... DISGUISE. She decides to change her identity and live as a man. Along the line, she crossed part with Juan Miguel , a billionaire with the looks of a greek god, he's had an awful past with women which made him hate them and thinks all women are nothing but betrayers, she somehow finds herself working as his manservant, but things are about to get messy when he finds himself slowly falling for a man, he's not a gay, so how will he explain his feelings, why is he falling for this guy and his innocent nature, different thoughts ran through his mind and he's even more confused about his whole attraction. New problems are brought into Audrey's life with the sudden appearance of Miguel's mother, trouble looms in the air with danger waiting at every corner.

Chapter 1



"Dad!, dad!." Audrey yelled as she stormed into her father's office with nothing but pure rage.

Her father raised his hand up in a sign that she should hold on since he was on a very important call.

"Alright Mr Michael, there's no problem, we can reschedule the meeting." He said with a smile, then he hanged up.

"Audrey, what is it you want this time?." He sighed, rubbing his temple.

"How many times do i have to say this dad, i don't want to get married, stop trying to set me up with different men, I'm not getting into an arranged marriage." She fumed.

Her father sighed as he stood up, then he walked to where she stood.

"Audrey, how many times do I have to explain to you that you'll have to do this for the company, and besides, this is for your own good, it's not like I'm setting you up with a monster, those men are of decent and wealthy homes, if you agree to marrying one of them, it'll help the company greatly." He said, and she looked at him in utter disbelieve.

"My good you say, my good?." She scoffed.

"We both know too well dad, you ain't doing this for my good, this is all for your own selfish reasons, all you care about is your company and making more money, that's all you care about, what about me huh, i have the right to decide who I want to marry and what kind of marriage I want to get into, I want to marry someone I'm in love with, not get into an arranged marriage." She said, her father laughed.

"Love you say, there's no such thing like that Audrey, you're only fooling yourself, there's no such thing like love, it doesn't exist, and fine, if you want to marry someone you love, why not pick one of those men, I'm sure you'll fall in love with them as time goes by."

"I can't believe what you're saying dad, I'm your only child and is this how you should treat me, you don't care about my feelings or my opinion, don't forget dad, it's my life, and I alone have the right to decide how to live it, you have no right to do what you're doing, i won't get married to any of those men, and that's final." She said, a note of finality in her voice.

"There's nothing you can do about this girl, there's no need acting stubborn, you'll get married, like it or not, I've been patient with you enough, and this is the limit, in a week time, you'll be getting married." He retorted.

"What?." She muttered in shock.

"You know what dad, sometimes I ask myself one question, have you ever truly loved me, or my mother, the way you treat both of us is so bad, you've never truly cared for us, the only person you care about is yourself and your wealth, how could you be this bad dad, how could you be so selfish and heartless, you're the real monster here dad." She said with teary eyes.

Her father sighed deeply, not knowing what to do.

"Audrey...". He was saying when she cut him off.

"No, i don't want to hear anything from you dad, if you're going to be stubborn about this and keep doing what you want, I'll also have to stand up for myself and do what is best for me, know one thing dad."

"I will not succumb to your wishes." She said, then she stormed out of there in anger.

Her father picked up the vase on his table and smashed it in anger, he doesn't know why Audrey is being so stubborn, she keeps saying she wants to marry for love, but there's no such thing as love, the only thing one should care about is survival, not some stupid love, and Audrey will have to learn this the hard way, she'll have to get married, no matter what, and he's got the perfect person in mind, this thought was enough to bring a smile to his face.


"Where would you love me to take you ma'am?." Her driver asked.

"Let's go home." Audrey replied.

She sighed as she shut her eyes, she was trying to relax and keep calm, but that's proving to be so difficult, she knows her father will do anything to have his way, and she can't let that happen, but what will she do, how will she escape from this, she doesn't want to get married, but her selfish father is being to stubborn, she'll have to find a way, she'll have to find a way to escape from this or else her whole life will be ruined for good.


The car finally pulled up at her house, then Audrey came down, she hurried inside and was on her way to her room when her mother stopped her.

"Audrey." She called.

"Yes mom." Audrey replied, turning to face her.

"Where have you been my dear?, and what's wrong?, why do you look so sad?." Her mother said in concern as she walked up to her.

"It's nothing mom, you don't have to worry about me, I'm fine." She assured.

"No dear, do not forget, I'm your mother and I can see through your lies, tell me what's wrong, please, or i won't stop worrying about you." She said, Audrey sighed.

"Fine mom, but can we please go to my room, we can talk about it there."

"Sure dear."

"What!." Christina half yelled.

"Yes mom, dad is at it again, i don't get it, why is he so selfish, i don't want to get married mom, I don't want to get married." Audrey cried, Christina sighed.

"I'm so sorry dear, this is all my fault, as your mother, I should be able to fight for my daughter's right, but I'm just useless." Christina said sadly.

"No mom, please don't say that, i know you've been doing everything possible to help me, you've been trying your best to change father's decision, but we both know he's being so stubborn, we both know the kind of man he is mom, he only cares about himself and his wealth, we don't matter to him, i don't matter to him, he treats me like an item, and thinks he can just sell me off to who ever he wants and whenever he wants to."

"But no mother, i won't put up with father's maltreatment anymore, i won't put with this, i will never agree to his demands and i will be forced into a marriage that I don't want."

"But what can we do my child?, what can we do?, your father has given his final decision and i don't think there's anything we can do to stop him or change his mind." Christine said, Audrey smiled.

"No mother, there's only one way to stop this, there's only one way to prevent my life from being ruined forever." She said.

"And what could that be." Christine said, Audrey sighed.

She really don't know if she should tell this to her mother, and she also don't know if her mother will agree to her plans, but this is to only way she can think of.

"Come on Audrey, speak to me, tell me." Christine urged.

"Please mom, you'll have to agree to this, this is the only way." Audrey said worriedly.

"Something tells me i might not like whatever you're trying to say." Christine said.

"Please mom." Audrey pleaded.

"Fine, go ahead and tell me." She sighed.

"I'll have to leave home and go someone very far, far away from dad, somewhere he won't be able to find me." Audrey said, Christine jaw dropped in shock.

"No, no Audrey, have you gone mad, don't even think of it, there's no way I'm letting you leave, i won't let you go, there's got to be another way, you can't leave Audrey, no!." She refused.

"Please mom, please, this is the only way I can think of, this is the only way."

"No Audrey, I won't let you leave, don't worry, I'll talk to your father, I'll plead with him to reconsider his decision, I'm sure he'll listen." Christine said.

"No mom". Audrey yelled as she stood up in anger.

"How many times will you keep doing this, we both know what his answer will be, you've tried countless of times to change his mind, but yet nothing has ever worked, don't do this mom, it's useless, it won't work, there's no point in trying knowing it'll only fail." She cried.

"But what can I do, what do you expect me to do Audrey." Her mother said as she stood up, then she turned Audrey to face her.

"You're my only child, and I'm about to loose you, what can I do Audrey, you're my source of joy, you're my happiness, my life will be meaningless without your Audrey, I can't loose my child like this." She cried.

"Mom, you're not loosing me, please don't say that, you'll never loose me mom, but you know there's nothing else we can do, the only option is for me to leave mom, otherwise, I'll leave the rest of my life in regret is father succeeds in marrying me off to whomever he wants to."

"Audrey." Christine called as she hugged her daughter tightly, both of them sobbing so hard.

"I'm sorry my love, I'm so sorry, i can't protect my own daughter and her happiness, I'm so sorry my child."

"No mom, you've done everything you could, you've done so much mom, you're the only one that's ever showed me true love, you're the only one that's ever cared for me and i appreciate everything you've done for me mother, you're the best and I've never for once regret you being my mom, I'll choose you as my mom over and over again, thank you mother, for everything." She said, and her words only made Christine cried the more.

"My daughter is all grown up now." Christine said as she pulled away from the hug to stare at Audrey's face.

"You're so beautiful, and I'm proud of the woman you've grown up to be." She smiled.

"Why don't you come along with me mom, let's leave this place together, let's go somewhere far and Start life afresh, just the two of us." Audrey suggested, Christine smiled sadly.

"No child, i won't be able to do that, your father will find us, and you know that, it'll be difficult If the both of us were to leave here together, you don't need to worry about me dear, I'll be fine knowing my daughter is safe wherever you are, but you'll have to make me a promise Audrey." She said seriously.

"What's it mom, tell me anything."

"You must survive, we know your father will come for you, you'll have to be strong child, promise me you'll do everything to survive and i pray you get the happiness you deserve." She said.

"Mom." Audrey called as she hugged her once more.

"I promise you mom, I'll survive, i promise I'll leave a good life and I'll be strong for you mom." She promised.

"And you'll also have to promise me that'll you'll be okay." She said, pulling away from the hug.

"I'll be fine dear, I promise." Christine smiled.

"When do you want to leave?."

"Tonight mom, I'll have to leave tonight".

"So soon." Christine said sadly.

"Why not stay for a while."

"No mom, we don't know when dad will suddenly change his mind and who knows, he might shift the date to something sooner than expected, so I'll have to leave as soon as possible mom, I'll have to leave tonight."

"But where will you go to, what about money."

"Don't worry about money mom, I've got a personal account which dad doesn't knows about, and I've got millions of cash in it, I've been keeping it, and it'll be more than enough to get me started with a new life." She smiled.

Yeah, she's f*ck*ng rich on her own, she doesn't need her father's wealth, she's got her own dollars.

"And a location?."

"Uhmm." She muttered, scratching the back of her hair nervously.

"What's it?, this is New York, so you can pick a town."

"Actually mom, I've got another place in mind."

"And where's that?." She questioned, Audrey sighed.

"Mexico City."


Chapter 2



"What!." Christine yelled.

"No no no, there's no possible way I'm letting you go that far Audrey, Mexico City, that's miles away from here, it's too far Audrey, i can't let you go, no." She said sternly.

"Mom please, you know if I stay within new york, dad will find me, I'll need to go somewhere far away from here, somewhere he won't be able to reach easily, please mom, you'll have to understand, I beg you." She pleaded.

"But it's too far Audrey." She sighed.

"I know mom, but we've got no other option."

"You don't even know anybody there, how will you survive?." Christine pointed out worriedly.

"Come on mom, it's not like I'm a kid or something, I'm not a child mom, I'll be able to take care of myself, I'll survive mom, i promise." She ass


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