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Zohara H. Khan

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The Mafia's Twins
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“Choose. Choose what you want.” “Like this is some ice-cream flavour to choose?” Agatha seethed, the gun in her hands that hung limply by her side. Gustav grinned like the psycho he was, finding excitement to see his own daughter quivering in fear. “Almost the same honey. Now choose. Will you save the man you love, or yourself?” Shutting her eyes, Agatha lifted the gun up, and the next time her eyes opened, they were burning with rage. “Fuck love.” _______________________________ The Mafia world is filled with all kinds of crime and sin, committed by their very own Lords. That’s right, just the Lords. But what if the most ruthless Italian Mafia fails to have a future Lord, and instead has two Lady’s? Who will it be, Agatha Russo, the cold hearted, cruel monster that values her own life above anything, and will do anything to stay in power, or Soralina Russo, the sweet, kind hearted angel, whose only sin was to be born as the daughter of the Lord of The Cross Sword Mafia?

Smeraldo [By: Aysha H. Khan & Zohara H. Khan]
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“I wish I could meet him, you know.” Xenia said with a shy smile, staring at the flowers around them. “Who?” Stefanos asked gruffly, picking up the flower crown he just made and placing it over Xenias head. Xenia rolled her eyes playfully, her scent turning sweeter, as she giggled at Stefanos flower crown. “The owner of the garden of course! I wish I could thank and tell him how grateful I’m for all the flowers he had gifted me.” “He didn’t gift you those, you basically stole them from his garden Xenia.” Stefanos replied with a grunt and begin walking away, until it hit him about what he just said. “I never told you I stole them, Adriano.” --- Alpha Stefanos was driven away by his own family. Now he lives in a dark tower by himself, (his only friend a dragon.)To keep him company, he grows flowers in his garden. One day a young omega shows up and steals some of the flowers. Enraged, Stefanos swears to punish whoever the thief is. His anger diminishes when he learns more about the Omega and who she really is. Her presence suddenly causes Stefanos ice cold heart to melt. But why is she there and what does she want? But what if his fate rest on his ability to make a special flower bloom, Will he be able to do it? Can he bloom a flower that can't be bloomed, in a dream that can't come true? ------ Inspired from an old Italian tale.


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