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Zhen Xin Xin

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About me

Hi, everyone! Thanks for reading my books. I am a proud non binary writer who loves to write romance stories.


His Last Wish
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Raymond Cooper—a former police detective at Morozov, decided to resign from his job and move to Cirillo to reinvestigate the murder case of his late friend, Arnold Walter, after the police decided it was a failed robbery attempt that led to the murder. With a piece of paper that he found in his friend's hand, he searched for clues leading him to a girl named Amanda Chloe. All the investigations he carried out in Cirillo led him to the trauma and old wounds he had received from his past. Will he be able to deal with his trauma and find the answer to his friend's murder?

The Dark Side of His Mates
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  • 5.0

Ashley Roderick is the alpha of the Roderick clan and always thinks humans are below werewolves. Secretly, Ashley has feelings for Professor Harold Garfield, who is also an alpha werewolf with an aura that is hard to resist. One day, he meets a transfer student named Aiden Connor, who tries to stop Ashley from bullying humans and offers himself to be his target bully in exchange for Michael's freedom. As he spends more time with Aiden, Ashley learns Professor Garfield shares the same feelings, making it difficult for him to choose between Aiden and his professor. However, little did he know that Aiden and Professor Garfield have secrets they keep from anyone at all costs, including him. Will Ashley's feelings for Aiden remain the same, or will he start to become attracted to Professor Garfield's dark side?

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As far as now, Raphael Lockwood, a mixed-blood witch—a human and a witch—has relied on the potions created by his father to live, which unfortunately began to lose their effectiveness. He's afraid he will die. At the same time, Isaac Kanon, his childhood friend who happens to be the ruler of the kingdom he lives in, confesses his love to him. Isaac is a human, and he is not willing to give up his feelings for Raphael. Even though Raphael rejects his love confession. But Raphael's condition begins to worsen, so he is forced to agree with the dragon, Daniel Krauss. The payment for his request is that he has to give up Raphael to be Daniel's fiance for a month. Will Isaac be able to get Raphael back to his side?


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