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I am a romance novel author from platforms, I write werewolf books and paranormal books.


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  • Author: Zellflyn
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10
  • 5.0

Logan and Jenna first met in the small town of Shadowbrook. Jenna had just moved to town a few months ago, and Logan had been living there his whole life. Logan was a mysterious and courageous werewolf, while Jenna was a curious and compassionate witch-werewolf hybrid. Jenna was walking down the street when she spotted a tall, mysterious figure standing at the end of the block. He was wearing a dark trench coat, and he was looking around cautiously. Jenna couldn’t help but feel like he was watching her. She quickly averted her gaze and continued walking. The figure suddenly started walking in her direction. Jenna’s heart began to race, and she started to panic. She tried to think of a way to get away, but the figure was getting closer. Suddenly, he stopped right in front of her and looked at her straight in the eyes. Jenna felt a combination of surprise, fear, and curiosity when Logan revealed that he was a werewolf. She had heard rumors about werewolves in the town, but she had never expected to meet one in person. She was also intrigued by Logan's mysterious nature, and felt a connection to him. She wanted to learn more about him and his story. Logan felt a sense of relief when Jenna didn't run away, and he was able to tell her the truth about his identity. He was also surprised by how understanding she was, and he felt a strong connection to her. He realized that he could trust her, and that she could be a valuable ally in his mission to keep his true identity a secret. Logan and Jenna are forced apart when Logan is chosen to lead a mission outside of Shadowbrook. Jenna is devastated when Logan leaves, but she knows that he must go and serve his pack. She struggles to cope with his absence, but she finds comfort in the fact that he will soon come back to her. Logan is torn between his duty to his pack and his feelings for Jenna. He wants to stay with her, but he knows that he must go and complete the mission. He promises Jenna that he will return as soon as he can, and she promises to wait for him. The weeks pass and Logan still hasn't returned. Jenna starts to worry that something has happened to him, and she begins to question whether or not he still cares for her. She spends her days walking around Shadowbrook, searching for any sign of him, but all she finds is disappointment.


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