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About me

Hello, I am an author with 8 years of extensive writing experience, specializing in romance and science fiction. I bring passion, creativity, and fantasy to my words in order to craft compelling and immersive story worlds. My writing career began many years ago when I first translated my imagination into words. Since then, I have been committed to continually improving my writing skills and creativity. My romance novels are filled with deep emotions, unforgettable characters, and mesmerizing love stories. Whether it's a modern urban romance, a passionate entanglement in a historical setting or a fantasy romance in a fantasy world, I excel at creating them all. On the other hand, my science fiction explores the possibilities of the future, sketching out the relationship between technology and humanity. I incorporate complex scientific concepts into intriguing plots to create works full of surprises and food for thought. The world of science fiction is a place for me to be creative and explore the unknown, and I love building amazing universes and characters within it. I am a firm believer that fiction is a medium that can touch the heart and convey emotions and ideas, and I hope that my work will entertain, inspire and reflect on readers. I am grateful for the support of my readers along the way, and I will continue to strive to create more mesmerizing stories. If you are interested in my work, please feel free to contact me or follow my writing progress on social media. I look forward to sharing more exciting stories with you!


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  • Author: yoogood
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 166
  • 7.5

"In the still of the night, shadows dance beneath the moonlight. As humanity slumbers in sweet dreams, an ancient legend quietly stirs—the werewolves, beasts hidden among mankind, once again bare their fangs. 'The Code of Werewolf Hunt' is a modern fantasy novel that weaves mystery, horror, and adventure into its fabric. Set in what seems to be a tranquil town, every full moon night brings an unexplainable fear among its inhabitants. For it is the time when the werewolves roam. The protagonist, Caitlin, is a brave huntress from a lineage tasked with safeguarding the town and hunting down werewolves. Yet, as the werewolves grow stronger, Caitlin realizes that mere hunting may no longer quell their menace. She must uncover the origin of the werewolves and unravel the secrets they hold to protect the town she dearly loves and her kin. In her quest for truth, Caitlin forms bonds with a group of like-minded allies, together constituting a wolf-hunting team. They not only confront the threat of the werewolves but also grapple with the escalating panic and disorder within the town. What shocks Caitlin even more is the discovery of an enigmatic connection she seems to share with the werewolves. 'The Code of Werewolf Hunt' leads readers into a mysterious and fantastical world through its tense, thrilling plot and intricate character dynamics. While unveiling the truth behind the werewolves, it delves into eternal themes of humanity, courage, love, and sacrifice. It's an irresistible, heart-pounding fantasy masterpiece."


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