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Ana arrives in the mountain town to study psychology at the local university. As she settles into her new home, Ana hears stories of werewolves that have roamed the mountains for years. She is fascinated by these stories, but her brother Lucas does not take them seriously and asks her to be careful. At Ana's college, she meets a boy named Daniel. An attractive young man with very strange behavior and also happens to live in the mountains, Ana feels a strange connection to him and soon they fall in love. However, when Lucas learns of their relationship, he is determined to separate them and convinces Ana that Daniel is dangerous. Ana discovers the truth behind the existence of werewolves and realizes that Daniel is one of them. However she doesn't accept it until he tells her. When the werewolf council learns that Ana has discovered their existence, they kidnap her and hold her captive to protect their secret. For during the red moon which occurs every 1000 years they can lose their power and become human if the right artifacts are used. Daniel, along with Lucas and some local friends, must join forces to rescue her and prevent the council from getting away with it. Ending: After saving Ana, Daniel reveals his true identity to everyone and together they convince the werewolf council that they are not a threat to humanity. Ana and Daniel can finally be together, while Lucas accepts the existence of werewolves and learns to appreciate their culture and way of life.


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