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Xylia Aurora

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  • 6.2
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The Billionaire's Highway Encounter
  • 👁 6
  • 5.0

After being cheated on by her superstar boyfriend, Lula Lopez decides to go on a solo road trip to clear her mind. She wasn’t anticipating this in any way given that she was the talk of the town for every idol, or so she thought. Lula is faced with the shocking revelation and having to manage a bad press like this is not on her to-do list. Javier Lorenzo the charming entertainment industry CEO who just recently got out of a choking relationship, decided to take a solo road trip as well not knowing he couldn’t focus on work after just ending a relationship himself. What happens when their paths collides? Will it be a scandal that would ruin their relationship or a love that can stand the test of time itself?

  • 👁 172
  • 7.5

Kenzy is a journalist who had just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with their neighbor. Angrily, she calls off her engagement with her ex boyfriend Raymond and leaves the house. In a bid to get the horrible thoughts in her mind, she gets drunk and sends a message to the wrong person. Dylan is a werewolf, he had found out his secret and moved out to stay with his pack member. An unexpected thing happens when he receives a message from Kenzy, his long time friend and he doesn't resist telling her he was in town and they could meet up. Kenzy discovers something about Dylan had changed over the time. Now, she is determined to find out what happened the day he flew into the woods covered in blood. Will Dylan take this as a threat or will he reveal his identity to her? Will a werewolf fall in love with a human? Forsaken his mate to be with her?


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