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Liu Xing stood at the entrance of the 'Big Elephant Western Restaurant,' toothpick in mouth, wearing slippers. Dressed in a black casual shirt with his hands in his pockets, he squinted slightly, his messy hair giving him the appearance of someone who had just woken up. Bored, he looked around; it was said that there were many beautiful women at the entrance of Western restaurants, but he saw none that caught his eye on the street or nearby. "Boring!" Liu Xing sighed to himself, feeling as if all the beautiful women had suddenly disappeared. Nowadays, women would rather cry in a Mercedes than laugh on the back of a bicycle; it was hard to find even a moderately attractive one. It seemed as if beautiful women now came with a 'Rich People Only' label. Occasionally, a few attractive women would appear, obviously thinking themselves superior. To attract attention, they adhered to a 'prone to wardrobe malfunctions' dressing style, barely covering themselves with a large, sheer, translucent top. The slight breeze made them appear semi-visible, flaunting the low limits of decency. But one shouldn't be fooled by such women; they were usually not decent people, and after a moment of passion, they would often extend their hand for money. They were no different from those who sold themselves, perhaps even less direct than prostitutes. "Ah!" Liu Xing sighed deeply. When would a female Bole discover him, a stallion among thousands? Being single was painful, and even more so over time. He had even started finding a female pig attractive!


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