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Wilson Gomes

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About me

Hello lovely readers, I wanna use this opportunity to say thank you a million times for reading my books. You all are truly amazing. Okay. Below, is my biography and by reading it, you'll get to know me better. As an author specializing in werewolf romance novels, I immerse readers in a world where love intertwines with the primal allure of the wolf. Through my words, I paint a canvas of passion, suspense, and the irresistible pull of the moonlit night. Each story is a journey into the depths of desire and the complexities of human and lupine hearts colliding. With every turn of the page, I invite readers to explore the intricate dance between love and the wild, where werewolves roam and romance ignites under the shimmering glow of the moon.


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  • 👁 104
  • 7.5

A slight frown creased Damion's face as he addressed Karen, "Karen, I don't mean to be blunt, but you are mistaken. I have already marked someone else as my Luna" He kept his distance from her, confused by her behavior. "Hold on a minute. What are you trying to say? I'm not making up stories..." Karen ran her hand through her hair, at a loss for words. "The truth is, my wolf has scented you. What else could that mean, if not that you are my mate? Yet, you deny it?" she asked, her expression a mix of confusion and disbelief. ****** ****** Karen Adams Van Brunt, a formidable hybrid of the Blood Moon Pack, was secretly trained by her parents to master her powers. On her eighteenth birthday, she had her first contact with the outside world. That night, she met her mate, Damion Creek, a powerful alpha of the Golden Paw Pack, where she genuinely confessed her feelings to him. Unfortunately, he rejected her, revealing that he had already marked Luna, who turned out to be her elder sister, Charlotte. That same night, Charlotte's body was found in the woods, with all signs pointing to Karen who had an appointment with her before her death. Alpha Damion Creek refused to believe that marking Charlotte was a mistake. Instead, he displayed various hostile behaviors towards Karen, accusing her of killing her sister out of jealousy. To avenge Luna's death, he imprisoned Karen behind silver bars. After suffering in prison without Damion's knowledge, Karen was finally granted release. However, her freedom came with a dangerous condition – accepting Damion's life-threatening ultimatum. Would she be able to keep this illusive deal, or would failure cause her to seal fate with Damion over an inescapable life-bonding punishment?


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