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Will Smith

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About me

Will Smith, a Chinese web novelist, has harbored a profound interest in literature from a young age. Despite sharing a name with the famous Hollywood actor, he has carved out a niche for himself within the web literature community. Will Smith is proficient in a variety of online literary genres, including but not limited to fantasy, urban, science fiction, and romance. His works are known for their rich imagination, gripping plots, and accessible language, winning over a wide readership. Having engaged in web novel writing for years, Will Smith has gradually established his unique style and reputation in the online literature world. His stories often revolve around complex characters and meticulously crafted worldviews. Through online platforms, his works have spread rapidly and garnered a loyal fan base. Will Smith also actively participates in various web literature exchange activities, committed to promoting the development and internationalization of Chinese web literature.


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  • 👁 810
  • 7.5

Beneath the hustle of the metropolis unfolds the intricate tale of Yunxue Yao and Jiang Lingxiao. Yunxue Yao, a woman who dedicated thirteen years of her youth to a love that bore no fruit, ultimately chose to stand strong and wave goodbye after a profound awakening. She didn't just part with a fruitless relationship but resolutely called off an engagement. Her words scornfully judged her past: "Pathetic men are as common as strays; it's time to let go and move on!" This statement painted not only her stance on that relationship but also declared the beginning of her new life. In the workplace, Yunxue Yao seemed transformed. She shed her former vulnerability, emerging assertive and decisive. With exceptional talent and hard work, she earned the admiration of everyone around her. However, as she embarked on this new chapter of her life, her old love, Jiang Lingxiao, started to pursue her with a near-maddening obsession. Jiang Lingxiao, the man who had once easily set her aside, suddenly became relentless in his attempts to win her back. Each of his appearances came with an almost feverish persistence: "Yao Yao, would you marry me?" His words seemed to carry a magic, penetrating with deep regret and longing. But Yunxue Yao's heart was no longer there, and her answer was laced with sarcasm and disdain: "Mr. Xiao, how have you become the very thing you despise?" The turning point in this relationship arrived when Jiang Lingxiao realized that his hatred for Yunxue Yao paled in comparison to the fear of losing her. He began to soften his stance, gradually lowering his demands: "Yao Yao, I only ask for reconciliation, not marriage." "Yao Yao, I only ask for marriage, not for you to have children." "Yao Yao, let's just have one child; I won’t ask for more..." Yet, each concession seemed to inexorably draw them closer together. And when Yunxue Yao discovered she was carrying their third child, her patience and rationality reached their limits. She confronted Jiang Lingxiao with fury: "Jiang Lingxiao, you despicable man!" Yet he defused her anger with a tender and cunning response: "Yao Yao, the 'little one' is in your belly, and I am your dear." This is a story about love and hate, letting go and holding on. When Yunxue Yao thought she could start anew, how does the shadow of the past return to her life in an unexpected way? Can Jiang Lingxiao’s persistence resolve the misunderstandings and hurt between them? Is Yunxue Yao's independence and strength enough to guide her through this complex emotional journey? The novel delves into the process of personal growth and the complexity of human emotions. It tells us that sometimes, true courage is not just about letting go but also about the persistence that comes after. Readers, prepare to follow Yunxue Yao and Jiang Lingxiao through this whirlwind of emotions.


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