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Victor Sunday

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I SLEEP, DREAM OF STORIES, AND BRING THEM TO LIFE WITH MY PEN. Message me on WhatsApp: +2349017325814


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  • 👁 1.3K
  • 7.5

“I don't want to love you Darren. But I find myself lovin' you. Those people you killed—no I can't love you,” “You were prophecy to be the only person who could restore my humanity. I've lived through countless lifetimes, waiting for the day I'll kill you. But now that I have you in my grasp. I can't. Why?” Staring deep into my eyes with his golden orbs, he asked. ••••••••••••••• Desperate to secure money for her father's cancer treatment, Emily Hart entered a million-dollar contract to serve as the surrogate mother for a billionaire she met by fate. Unbeknownst to her, she unknowingly surrendered her life as she later discovered that the billionaire, Darren Kain, is a ruthless six-century-old vampire who had planned on feasting on her after she delivered—just like all his victims he had have intercourse with. However, everything took a dark-bright turn when Darren's humanity started to manifest after being poisoned. His heart began to beat again after half a millennium, and witnessing Emily's genuine care for him, he began to harbor feelings for her. But little did he know that Emily had initially been pretending to care inorder to kill him as his murderous lifestyle, supernatural identity and previous intentions were revealed to her by an instigator. So, how will Darren feel when he finds out about Emily's betrayal? Who is this instigator and how did they know about Darren's identity? Will Emily and Darren have an happy ending? Find out now.


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