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Verity Nyle

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About me

Hey there, So, I took the Reedsy test to find out who I write out and it turns out that I write like Jane Austen. Not the first time I've taken a test like this that turns out to give the same result. Well, I'm flattered because I love her works but I'm hoping to grow into my own distinct style as I try my hand at Romance, Mystery and a bit of YA. Sometimes, Fantasy fascinates me but I'm yet to pick up the pen and fight with the dragons that prevent me from writing Fantasy. As to my personal life, there isn't much to say because this is a pen name for a much more mysterious author. (Sshh. If I told you who she is, you'd have to live in the dungeon forever). So, join me on this journey where I transcribe what the voices in my head say and what my fictional friends do.


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  • 👁 6.2K
  • 7.5

Elaine Johnson has one plan: Don't get fired. Losing her job means returning to the town where her wicked aunt would work her to death. She is forced to propose a book deal to the billionaire family, the Swernbachs, and an accidental run in with their second son, Andrew, who acts as CEO of the families corporation, puts her in the direct part of Melvin, his older brother, who desperately wants a relationship with her. He could be her secret to success if Andrew wasn't in the way of both her heart and her job. Will she be able to fight her attraction to Andrew and deliver on the job? Andrew Swernbach knows something fishy going on between his brother and Elaine Johnson. His sworn duty is to protect the family's wealth and that includes keeping gold diggers away from reckless Melvin. Elaine Johnson is trouble and not just because she has caught his brother's eyes with her luscious lips and secret fiery temper. So, he sets his target on keeping them apart. Sure that he will succeed because he never ever misses a target. No matter how attractive she appears. Melvin Swernbach's only hope at inheriting anything from his grandfather is finding a bride before the man's 70th birthday. Life seems to smile on him when he comes in contact with Elaine Johnson, a woman he is sure that his grandparents will love. He is determined to wed her because his inheritance and a chance with the love of his life rests on the success of his marriage. And he is willing to do anything to reach his goal.


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