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Fated to meet again
  • Author: Veracious
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 350
  • 7.5

Beatrice Alexander was forced to get into a contract marriage with Brandon Emerson. She didn't agree at first but her weakness was used against her. They both despised each other and it was hard living together not until sparks fly. Brandon wasn't ready to confess his love to her, he had ego. But everything changed when Beatrice almost took her life. He suddenly told her about his feelings, he didn't want to loose her. Fortunately, the feeling was mutual. They decided to begin afresh and live happily. He abandoned his Playboy lifestyle, quit doing some things because of the love he had for her. They went to places together, had fun and shared good memories, not until something drastic happened and he had to let go of the love of his life cause she broke his heart to pieces. Unknowingly to him, everything was planned. And just like that he lost her. Will he ever get a chance to meet her again? Or he has lost her forever.


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