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Vendite Johnson

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About me

I found my love for writing by reading. After finishing my first ever trilogy which is The Hunger Games, I began drafting my very own spin of a dystopian world. It wasn't a success at first and I thought it was easy to write something so delicate, however, it was the moment that I fell in love with writing. When I was writing my debut novel, I stumbled upon a lot of problems that I never ever imagined before. It turns out that I should plan things first before actually writing and I wasn't a planner for starters. I slowly found my way out and once I got there, I found it fun and immersive in many ways. It took me four years before I managed to complete my debut novel. I started drafting it during my last year in high school and eventually continued it through college. Writing was just a hobby initially and it's my little way of escape from the harsh world. I'm an over-thinker and I also have an insomnia which really sucks and writing became the solution to that. I published my debut novel during the height of the pandemic. It felt great to finally put out my hard work for the entire world to see. It won a writing contest which was a big help for me at that time. I have no job because of the pandemic but the cash prize from winning first place helped me buy a computer set that eventually allowed me to write more novels. As of now, four years being in the business, I have since wrote and published seven novels. One trilogy and four standalone novels.



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