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  • Author: Tracy
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 62
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At the edge of the cliff, a black car was tilted on the slope, and the person inside was dangerously close to death. "You lunatic!" Allen struggled to squeeze out a sentence from his throat. She had been injected with a paralyzing nerve drug, and her body was now out of control. "Allen, don't blame Uncle Tom either. It's because you became the last stumbling block for me to swallow YS, so I'm sending you to reunite with your old man." The man sitting in the passenger seat was around fifty years old, dressed in a suit with leather shoes and gold-rimmed glasses, quite refined. "You will... definitely face retribution!" Allen regretted deeply. It was her hatred that blinded her, making her easily manipulated. When two parties fight, a third party profits. "Hahaha! Allen, you're still so naive. There is no retribution in this world. Look, now you're going to meet your dear father, and I'm going to live well in this world. Do you still think there will be retribution?" Tom adjusted his collar and opened the car door. "The Chairman and CEO of YS Group, Allen, unable to bear the company's bankruptcy, committed suicide." He finished speaking, bent over to release the handbrake, smiled, and stepped aside. The black metal box slid slowly forward, eventually falling into the surging sea. Water gradually filled in, but the person in the car sat resignedly, waiting until they were submerged by the icy seawater. Allen hadn't shed tears for a long time. At the last moment of her life, a tear slid from the corner of her eye. She had misunderstood people and sought revenge on the wrong person all along. Raising a tiger brought calamity, regretting her choices. If there were another life, Allen would very much like to ask Bob, on the day her father died, what did they talk about when they met? Why, knowing he regarded her as an enemy, didn't he offer any explanation? If there were a chance to start over, how wonderful that would be.


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