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Torry smith

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Alpha's Unexpected Luna
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After the death of his father, the great Alpha King, his son is filled with anger and pain, losing faith in worshipping and serving the moon goddess. Gonzalo Hemming, Alpha Prince of Poldark pack, is caught between a rock and a hard place when he mistakenly gets married to a slave girl, Ashina Diego, instead of his supposed mate. He hates this slave with every fiber of his being and would give anything to see her spend her entire life in misery. He has accused her of treason and vowed to take revenge on her, as her father murdered the great Alpha King. According to the tradition, the subjects and rulers of Poldark are not allowed to divorce. What will become of his supposed Luna? Will the prince's mate fight for her rights or allow destiny to solve the puzzle? Could this be a mistake by the moon goddess or was fate playing a quick one on him?"


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